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Navy Sweet

AbraxasAbraxas Member
edited April 2012 in Types of Snuff
Love at first pinch. I don't usually go for sweet snuffs and I have only tried a handful of US snuffs but this is gorgeous. The snuff comes in a pasteboard tube which holds about 30g - good utilitarian packaging, easy to spoon into a snuffbox or just pinch from the can. The snuff is a light, golden brown and has the texture and appearance of a High Dried Toast. It is very light and penetrating so if you have not got your pinching technique mastered you need to go very, very carefully. Even after taking snuff for getting on for 40 years, the first pinch shot straight to the back of my throat; but even as I was picking myself off the ground I knew I had found a snuff that will be part of my rotation for many years. I can not think of anything bad or even neutral about this snuff - it is gorgeous. Straight away you get an amazing honey/syrup flavour backed up by a very satisfying does of nicotine. Of course, finely ground snuff will always deliver on the nicotine front because of the sheer surface area in a product like this, but nonetheless it hits the spot. Like all very fine, dry snuffs it is a great head clearer without the re-bound congestion that a menthol or medicated snuff gives - this type of snuff is great for if you have a head-cold.

All in all I would say this a superb snuff, nothing fancy in either itself or it's packaging, but a real working man's pick me up. Because of its grind it will quickly show the deficiencies in any snuff box - because it will find any weak point in the closure and leak out. What you need is something like a Pat Collins box with a perfect seal, which is how I am using mine. 10 out of 10.


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