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Perfecting The Pinch

HarlequinHarlequin Member
edited May 2012 in Snufftaking
Since I've finally gotten the pinch method down to where I don't make a total mess, I've come to really see that something that sounds so simple can be very complicated, especially with very fine ground snuff. So, I thought I'd ask the people of Snuff House....How long did it take you to really get it down? Are you still working on it? Any tips or variations?


  • Still working on if lol
  • MrColcannonMrColcannon Member
    edited February 2012 PM
    My pinch method is fairly consistent, despite a once broken nose that creates anatomical challenges. My only problem is when switching from pinch to spoon and back again, the adjustment is still not comfortable. I really only use toasts and scotches for the majority of my snuffing.  Trial and error has been my only avenue. Yes, it is still a work in progress for me even after three months of use, but I am getting very close to getting it right.

    Btw, I do kind of roll my fingers together and open them very slightly against my nostril while pinching to slowly release the tobacco and warm it. It looks like I am making the sign of "money in hand" or just rolling a booger.

  • I still prefer different methods for different snuffs, it just seems to depend on the personality of each.  Some snuffs I enjoy taking with the pinch, spoon, hand, bullet, and even some with a rolled up bill in a line.  For me I try all my different methods on a snuff to see which one gives me the best placement and scent experience.

    The snuffs that I like best in a line I don't tend to take to work.
  • JuxtaposerJuxtaposer Member
    edited February 2012 PM
    It took me a while to get my little pinky finger to comfortably stick up especially while using the back of the hand method. I never realized how important this was but it has significantly increased the enjoyment of insufflating. This also cues onlookers to the regal nature of my actions humbling those not knowing what they are missing. (a curious psychological aspect of the pinch}
  • I find that if I wear dress socks and high heels I get the perfect angle of attack and the right center of gravity for the perfect back of the hand. The dress socks are for wind resistance.
  • I definitely haven't perfected my pinching yet, I do it the same way every time, but I still end up screwing up on occasion and getting hit in the back of the throat.
  • And Johnny just won the thread.....
  • That was random and entirely awesome.
  • I notice more and more ways in which to improve my pinch everyday. Usauly little things but still it's always fun to learn and snuff provides many opritunities for learning.

  • I really love the mess ;-)
  • Oh JohnnyFriday, you are not suppose to make public your weekend trends!!  :P
  • I thought juxtaposer was being facetious, so I thought Id take it a step further... I guess I read too much into it.
  • I got pinching down pretty quickly for the medium moisture & grind like many English varieties. The hard part came when I started trying to use toasts and scotches. For whatever reason, they pinch differently for me than moister snuffs.

    The best are schmalzlers. I could never understand how anyone could make enough of any snuff get to the right spot in the nose until I started with schmalzlers. They are so clumpy, it's so much easier to take a pinch and just set it inside my nose.
  • AbraxasAbraxas Member
    edited February 2012 PM
    1. Quadruple the size of your pinch. 2. Insert the pinch slightly into the nose. 3. Take a short, sharp but gentle inhalation.

    Most people who try this discover snuff taking as opposed to learning how to tolerate it.
  • for me it's the other way round a bunch of tiny pinches layered ontop of each other is what leaves my nose happy. Big pinches piss my nose off really badly. Odd but true.
  • datahopdatahop Member
    edited February 2012 PM
    @Snuffter, I have to say that you changed my life. Tried your method with F&T Princes and loved it!!! burned as hell, but the flavor was so different. 
    PS: Still burning :P
  • I've got a question about pinching for those that do it, when you pinch do you sniff everything that you pinched?  If not, what do you do with it?  It seems like a waste to drop it, but also kinda unsanitary to put back in the box.  What's everyone doing?



  • I rub the fingers that still have snuff on them together holding them under my nose and sniffing. Sometimes you have to rub them together pretty hard.
  • It all goes up. Make them big ones or you'll never get what snuff is.
  • After 2 years, I'm half way there! Any day now...
  • I feel that there is very little that can go wrong with the pinch. Snuff it with a hearty gusto. 
  • Mr_OMr_O Member
    I just have issue when I get a "snuffstache"  or a snuffy shirtfront, or if it goes too far back in the throat.
  • I've been learning the pleasures of the boxcar method and also scooping it onto my thumbnail or fingernail, after watching the German snuff championship on another thread. Both methods make it much easier for me to take large pinches. Enjoying snuffing even more.
  • I just tried the thumbnail thing on some Medic. I feel like I just lost a nasal version of the cinnamon challenge.
  • Just don't think about it too much, I think investing it with any notion of skill is unhelpful - there is absolutely no skill involved in taking a pinch of snuff. I am one of the most clumsy, uncoordinated oafs imaginable, if I can do it a chimp can. Maybe it gets mixed up with the sensation itself, which does take a while to learn to really enjoy, and maybe the thought develops that the pinch itself is to blame for that? I had been snuffing for years before I discovered the mega-pinch was a more pleasant and a less irritating experience.
  • bobbob Member
    Everyone has a diffrent nose things go in diffrent. I think however your best shot is to just keep doing it and you'll naturaly gravitate towards the best way for you to take snuff oddly spoons work really well for me.
  • i find if i dont touch my nose with my fingers i get better results it goes where its suppose to regardless of the grind i can use the same power of sniff on any grid without it hitting my sinuses it goes sexactly where its supposed to and i end up with a better nasal coverage and it goes where its supposed to. i think i have finally perfected the pinch heres how i do it

    1. take a pinch out of the can
    2. blow the excess off
    3 bring my fingers to where the tip is just before touching
    4 spread my fingers
    5 breath in like i would normally breath
    6. wipe the excess off on the inner edge of my can

    dont have to wipe my nose just my fingers

  • im still practicing with it but i think ive about got it perfected have to breathe a little lighter with the fin snuffs
  • The pinch is effective, and the backhand snuffing is ok as long as There's no wind.But if you really want a way to truly injoy the beauty of your favorite snuff then go Balls to the wall and cut you n half a straw make yourself a decent rail don't be a pany ass with the size of that line as soon as you've finished making you're line don't think about just do it lightly but with relish snort that mathafucka yes it's going to sting but you'll be so nict up you won't even notice and once you've done this you'll have become more attuned to wat is the real nature of snuff no shitt Word of caution not be done regularly cuz the buzz is fun unless you have a shitt load of money for snuff but it should be done at least two to three time's every 6 month's so that you stay close and get to know more of the spirit of snuff it'll teach you thing's for me a lot about myself and if I really even truly like this brand,flavor,ect of fucking snuff or not.
  • Just keep pinching using all different grinds and dry/moist snuffs - and the pinch can be perfected within a week. 
    What I mostly use is a combo of pinching and plugging - Dont know if I will be effective in describing it. 
    I take a pinch of snuff and press it a little to make it stick on forefinger and thumb, then place forefinger beneath one nostril and thumb beneath another at the same time and while alternating taking my finger on and off from the rim of the base of the nose, breathing in gently, the snuff is in the nose in no time. 
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