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6 Photo Medicated No. 66 - Opinions?

shikitohnoshikitohno Member
edited February 2012 in General
I got my free sample in, and I have to say I'm quite happy with this one.  Typical of the other 6 Photo snuffs I've tried, this little container was absolutely filled to bursting.  Mine is a medium brown, rather moist snuff, though I saw someone else on here call it reddish.  Now, upon my first pinch, I've got to say this reminds me a great deal of an Indian O&G.  It's got that same camphor and menthol scent to it on top, but after it sits in your nose for a minute, it gives way to some complex blend of spices typical of the more scented Indian offerings.

So, who else has tried this?  I know there's a hundred-odd people who got a sample.  What do you guys think of this one?  May well be one of my favorite Indian snuffs, as many of them do menthol in a way that just doesn't agree with my nose.  Dholakia White, Super Chetak, and now the 6 Photo Medicated No. 66 are some of the few I can take, enjoy, and not have my nose running like crazy right away.  May have to grab one of those 200g drums in my next order.


  • I haven't received my free sample of 6 PM No. 66 yet, it's on the way but thanks for the description, I have tried the 6 Photo Natural and really like it a lot.
  • I had some before it came out - very nice camphor flavour, takes me right back to buying little cans of OandG when I was 16 up North.
  • thorgrimnrthorgrimnr Member
    edited February 2012 PM
    I got my free sample the other day and wrote a review.  I think it's lovely! It's my first Indian Snuff and I've been fairly hooked on it since it arrived. I think I can detect patchouli and maybe some sandlewood. I think it also contains a large percentage of sun cured tobacco, because when I took a double bump( two baked bean sized heaps in each nostril ), I got spins pretty easily.
  • It's quite nice--some back-flavour I can't put my finger on, but that's nothing new for me.  I doubt I'd buy it, though.  I like my menthols plain and my flavoured snuffs unmentholated.
  • Medicated no. 66 is my favorite offering from 6 Photo, and is also one of three that I use all day, every day.  I have much love for this one.

  • I think it's great!  At first all I got was menthol but after snuffing on it for a while I definitely got some sandlewood and camphor.  It's got a pretty good nic hit too.
  • I like it very much indeed, it does remind me of an Indian O&G, it is as easy to take as O&G and the herbal flavour that comes out after the initial burst of camphor/menthol is very pleasant.
  • gandalfgandalf Member
    edited March 2012 PM
    I like a lot this all new n°66 straight from India, a nice background very frutty.More that I find it's a stratégic begining for a 6 photos session.
  • Thanks for the inputs guys, I appreciate your comments.
    Please let me know if menthol content is ok or needs to be increased further.
    Normally we don't use too much menthol in traditional Indian snuffs
  • bobbob Member
    this snuff is perfect as is. one of my favorites.
  • This stuff is great but I would say it is much, much more similar to Medicated 99 than it is to O&G in fact 66 is just an upside-down 99
  • Agreed @n9inchnails I find 99 to be a finer grind, and 66 to be more complex w/scents, but they are very similar.
  • I got mine in the mail on Tuesday and I'm quite impressed.  Its a whole lot of menthol kick.  I mixed it down a little with Quit and I'm enjoying that.
  • @SIX PHOTO I'm perfectly content with the menthol at the current level. There's only a handful of menthols I can take at all, as sometimes even just a touch of it is enough to set off my nose. It's nice having a couple I can reliably take a pinch of every now and then without worrying about it.
  • What is the difference between 6 Photo Medicated and 6 Photo Medicated No. 66?
  • 6 Photo Medicated is finely ground, slightly lighter on the "medication", fairly dry, and a little "musky".

    6 Photo Medicated No66 is a very similar to J&H 99- medium grind, moist, heavily medicated- w/the addtion of some complexities.

  • @SIX PHOTO I love the menthol just as it is. Some menthols tend to be heavily mentholated to the point of nearly causing a sinus headache, so I appreciate the amounts you have. I wouldn't change a thing.
  • @ Pot Poe:  Thanks for those very precise and concise descriptions.  I'll probably try both eventually, but now I know which one to order first.
  • SnuffSnifferSnuffSniffer Member
    edited March 2012 PM
    I finally got some 66, the free sample I was suppose to receive showed up as Natural, so I ordered a 45g "tin", man this stuff is good, not your typical menthol (it's got that Indian flair), i like it a lot.
  • My only fault w/it is the hideous throat drip.
  • I have finally tried the Medicated 66. It has a great woody herbal camphor and menthol entry but it turns into something else that sticks around a bit longer than I would like. 
  • My wife, who hates anything to do with tobacco, has started taking near-homeopathic hits of 66 on occasion when her sinuses are bothering her and claims it works better than otc meds.
  • bobbob Member
    this is why you drink coffee before getting on snuffhouse. Mouse I had to read that post twice because the first time your wife was taking near homophobic hits...... I'am glad that's not a real thing cuase I still have not figured out what it could mean.
  • AbraxasAbraxas Member
    edited March 2012 PM
    I think he meant taking tiny amounts Bob. Homeopathy is a pseudo science from the 1700's where they distilled the ingredients of the medicine down so much that none of the original ingredients were still present, just distilled water. They have some theory that an ingredient that produces the symptoms of the illness (like a certain plant producing heart failure type symptoms) will cure the illness diluted millions of times - apparent;y it's the water retaining a 'memory' of the ingredient. The other name for homeopathy is placebo of course.
  • Mr_OMr_O Member
    Apparently the official current theory is to trigger the body's response, like to make the body aware of a condition so it adjusts. Some of it yes could be quackery, other parts of the theory may actually work- I think echinacea may be considered in that sort of family, it's supposed to trigger one's immune system. But this isn't a medical forum...
  • you are dead right. Apologies to any one who is homeopathically inclined. Snuffhouse is not homopathicophobic. :D
  • Heh, I didn't mean to drag homeopathy into the fray, to each their own.... By near-homeopathic I meant about a quarter of an apple seed's worth in each nostril. My intent was actually to bring up the fact that the medicated snuff appears to work medicinally in a low-dose application for a non-snuff user, which I found surprising. As a side-benefit it has attenuated my wife's negative attitude towards my own snuff use.
  • I'm only kidding don't worry :))
  • bobbob Member
    and I just was saying add caffine to your water before you read. It helps.
  • Homeopathic snuff no.66??? !!!
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