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Snuff Tubes

WingcamnutWingcamnut Member
edited April 2012 in Snuff Accessories
Fellow devotees of Snuff, can I ask the question Snuff Tubes, Good or Bad? I find it cleaner when in the office at work , but pinch at home.Does the delivery method really matter.Is it enhancing or spoiling my I missing out.For reference I find the hit better from the tube , but slightly less flavour/aroma.I have been snuffing for about 4-5 months now.


  • I really think you should go with whatever suits you; the only rules that count are the ones you make. You might get less flavour because you are snorting the snuff in effect, but if you are comfortable with it carry on. My preference has always been to pinch because when you can do it properly its neat, discreet and allows for a very fine level of control with maximum flavour. If you want to experiment try taking a baked bean size pinch, insert just within the nostril and inhale sharply but gently, using a very slight opening and closing motion with thumb and forefinger to release half of the snuff, then repeat for the other side. You need to get the timing right but for me this is the only way to enjoy snuff. Bigger pinches burn less and give more flavour and nicotine.
  • WingcamnutWingcamnut Member
    edited March 2012 PM
    I have also tried rolling the Thumb and forefinger as I inhale to open the pinch up, I tend to drop less this way.

  • For me, it just depends on the snuff.  if I use a tube on F&T HDT I get an entirely different palette of scents than I do if I gently get it into my nostril.  On dryer snuffs I enjoy a tube/bullet a lot more than pinching because I like the sensation that it gives me.  On more moist snuffs I tend to pinch because I find I get little, if any, drip.  Some of the drips can be quite acrid.

    I always vote for the method that gives you the most enjoyment out of any particular snuff.

    Tip:  I had tried a few different tubes and wasn't terribly happy with them.  Someone on here recommended a rolled up bill, and that works like a champ.  Once I found the best diameter for me I threw a bit of clear tape on it, and it's just perfect for me.  And it only cost me $1!
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