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  • @dakotas check you messages
  • I have yet to try any Sweet scotchs myself.. and the only one that is available in the city I live in, Is the W&G sweet.. and its one of the large tins.. Don't know if I wanna pay into that much for something I may or may not like.
  • TheatreTheatre Member
    edited March 2012 PM
    I've only tried Honey Bee myself as I live in the UK and it's more difficult to get them, on MrSnuff they didn't have the singles and only the x3 packs so now I have a bit too much but it was worth it. Very sweet, a lot of burn, the flavour just like honey. I'm definitely going to try some more scotches.
  • I've tried Rooster without much success, as I haven't really taken to the smokiness and, especially, the vinegary aroma.  WE Garret I preferred, but wasn't crazy about--again too smokey.  I'll be down in NC this summer and plan to hit up a Food Lion to see what's available.  In the past I've seen Navy, Society and Tube Rose and the like there.
  • Navy Plain is my favorite.
  • The avatar knows best :)
  • Only tried rooster but it has really grown on me, the vinegar scent was a little difficult to get use to but I sometimes crave it now
  • I am a huge fan and user of american scotch snuff. At this very moment, i have in rotation: W.E.Garrett&Sons Scotch Snuff and their Sweet Mild Snuff. Both i fairly enjoy. I really like to take RED SEAL (maybe one of the best of all scotch snuffs), TOPS Sweet, Railroads Mills Plain, Helme´s Wild Cherry and the all famous Railroad Mills Maccoboy. I am looking forward for a bunch of others like Honey-Bee, Checkerberrys, Dixie, Lorrilard, etc. 
  • I bought them all because, let's face it, I'm crazy.  I even have two cans of Devoe Sweet that I'll likely never use.  I am not a particularly discriminating user of scotches--they are all fairly uniformly terrible and wonderful.  Using them nasally, you tend to make the same expression you would make it you just downed a shot of Old Grandad.  It's pain but it's effective.  I have no doubt some users grow to like it, but I think *most people* have to make a real effort to like it.  I think it has survived for so long because it's cheap. 

    If I had to pick one scotch it'd be Bruton because of the sheer nicotine power, and really it's not much worse than any of the others.  Three Thistles Strong is a runner-up though it's harder to find, even online.  Dental and Tops are a bit milder.  Superior, Standard, Square and Rooster are all kind of indistiguishable for me (though I do believe some people can tell them apart).  I think Superior has to get some marks for having such an old-timey label.

    For the sweets, I like Honey Bee and Three Thistle.  Devoe is actually pretty strong if you find an old can.  Society, Buttercup, Wild Cherry, Dixie and Strawberry are all kind of sickening.  Carhart's and Red Seal have more of a cocoa flavour than others.  As for Tube Rose--I don't smell anything but sugar and cocoa, but again my nose is not that great.

    For the odds and ends, I like the plains (RR Mills and Navy), which are more cocoa-favoured than hickory-flavoured.  Starr is awesome in its sheer plainness and for the glorious archaicness of its packaging--I think it may be a truly unflavoured tobacco product, which maybe endears it to more presbyterian tastes in certain snake-handling areas of the states.  Checkerberry is great and easy to snuff.  And, may I say, thank god I got the big bottle of RR Mills Maccoboy before Tom F. went out of business--it's a great nasal snuff with a nice, non-overpowering rose scent.

    I wouldn't be surprised if we lost 1 or 2 scotches/sweets/others per year. 

  • Mr_OMr_O Member
    Thank's that's a lot of good info! There are only a few more at the local shop where I found the WE Garret- wish I could find more around here...
  • Just found some RR Mills Maccoboy over in Columbus, GA. Was so happy to finally find some. Bought two of the 1.15oz cans for about $7. 
    I absolutely love scotches, mostly because they're cheap and fairly available, like Mike B. said. Hated them at first, but certainly grew on me. The nic-hit is great too.
  • Is rooster different enough from WE garrett to order it?
  • @dakotas ,It' saying that RR Mills Macoboy(witch I don't know yet),have something of F&T Macouba...

    However could you say me where(on web) it's actually possible to buy it.Thanks.

  • @JohnnyFriday - yes Rooster and Bruton are a good bit different in scent than WE Garrett.
  • @Slide thanks. I may have to get some rooster then.
  • @gandalf I haven't seen it anywhere on the internet. 
  • I just got a can of Dental, it is quite good also.
  • @dakotas ,I just read "over in Colombus",apologize my english...
  • @gandalf, sorry about that. Columbus, Georgia.
  • Walrus1985Walrus1985 Member
    edited April 2012 PM

    I know I'm going to piss on somebody's chips here, but hey ho. I've got a can each of, Rooster, Bruton's, Square, Navy, Honey Bee, Tube Rose,Stokers sweet and scotch and Ralph's, and obviously the sweets are sweet and the scotches are scotches, but IMO there is absolutely no difference between the different brands of the same style. Americans must have the best noses on the planet to tell the difference, I just can't. Maybe it's me, I've no idea but I couldn't tell the difference between scotches blindfolded, same goes for the sweets. I had a go yesterday, I just couldn't, I mean if employees of the manufacturers don't even know they produce snuff, who is anybody to say they don't all fill the different cans from one batch? I'd bet a lot that, that is what they do! Like I say it might be my nose that is wrong, no idea but just my 2p.


  • I am with you Walrus1985 ... better noses than mine can pick out the differences ... i mean there is gun smoke, fire pit smoke and barbecue smoke ... but it is all rather same same to me ... best scotch to me ... GH's Irish D!  Vinegar, warm toasty scent.  I could certainly discern Honey Bee from other sweets ... but the rest are the same sweet to me as well.

    Not to offend the fine noses here on the forum ... just showing how under developed my sense of smell is.  
  • I can see how they might all be the same. They are certainly all VERY similar. The only snuffs I own are scotches, save for some Maccoboy and a bit of old McChrystal's Supermint, so I've become familiar with a good majority of the scotches made here in the States. There's some definite grind and colour differences, as well as flavor.  Dental and W.E. Garrett have more of the wood smoke (IMO), whereas Bruton and Standard have more of the BBQ smoke. I know if someone handed me a scotch and asked me to figure out which one it was, I'd probably have a 75% chance of getting it right. But then again when scotches are your daily snuff, you have no choice but to get to know them real well... sometimes to the point where you get sick of them.
  • I got to give my vote to Garrett as scotches go. Milder in the smoke flavor than honest and not a bad flavor
  • I spent the day today sniffing the W.E. Garrett Sweet.. Had a nice strong burn and a pleasant scent.. But before I left for work today, I sniffed on the Railroad Mills Sweet and it definitely had some similarities but not so much that there wasn't some pretty serious differences..
    Btw, Thanks to Slider for hookin me up with these Scotch samples.
  • I agree with @dakotas Once you get to know them, they all have their personalities. I'm confident I can distinguish most of them in a blind test as well (the sweet ones notwithstanding). Only three or four of them are like carbon copies of each other. The difference between Starr and something like Square, is night and day.

    Tops Mild and Dental Mild are pretty close to each other, sadly I can't find either of those around here. I can find most of my other favorites though. I don't care for the sweets much, and sadly thats 2/3 or more of what is available.
    I know a few folks are waiting on me to make a snuff shopping trip too; don't worry guys, I haven't forgotten you.
  • My first SWEET scotch was Honey Bee.  I liked it alot.
    I'd say if I had to pick a scotch to take onto an island somewhere, it would probably be that.  Or Bruton to make sure I had plenty of NIC.

    My primary SNUFF selection comes from WILSONS I'm just an English Snuff kinda guy I guess.  Gimme a Wilson's SP and I'm happy.  Specifically GOLD LABEL.
    However HDT is VERY MUCH like a SCOTCH to me.
  • My favorites are tube rose and peach sweet.


  • Big fan of Red Seal- no smokyness, also good in the lip.

  • I really enjoy Square if you can get it fresh with all it's smokey goodness intact.  Unfortunately the last 2 purchases were a bit flat, which I attribute to sitting on the shelf too long.  Levi Garrett is another one I really enjoy, has a somewhat different almost complex scent for a scotch.  Hard to explain what it is about it but sits in my nose well.
  • Question for those that have tried a larger variety than me. I've noticed that while most scotches are babypowder fine, there are slight differences in the grind. Like, Superior seems to be finer than Square. So which american snuff has the most (relatively) coarse grind?
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