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American Snuffs



  • Railroad Mills Maccoboy is definitely coarse. Square and Dental are more coarse than say Bruton or Standard.
  • Just bought some Tops and Red Seal today. Tops is so close to Square, almost indistinguishable. Red Seal smells exactly like Carhart's.
  • Either I got old Tops or you got old Square. Square smelt like I was standing down wind of a roaring bon fire. Top's Mild has a mild smoke scent to me. Square has more of a slap you in the face smoke
  • bobbob Member
    See this is why I don't try american snuffs. When I use smokey snuffs I spend too much time trying to see where the fire is. And man when I still smell it after the wind shifts I think oh fudge.
  • I hear that Food Lion carries a large variety of snuffs.


  • I ended up picking up a fresh pocket tin of W.E. Garrett Sweet... cracked it open this morning and took a couple pinches.. good stuff to be sure!
  • Just picked up a can of Society today for the first time and I really think it's an underappreciated snuff. It's a sweet snuff, but less so that even Tube Rose and very mellow. Very light tan in color, like khaki pants tan. There's some other scent in there that I can't quite place, something different, but it's a really great snuff in my opinion. Anyone else tried it?
  • Yes, Its not less sweet than Tube Rose, which surely must be the least sweet of the sweets. Society is probably the sweetest or one of the sweetest. I don't care for it. Its rather sickly sweet. Tube Rose is about the only one I tolerate at all anymore.
  • The sweetest? I must have an off can because mine is certainly not as sweet as that.
  • Hmm, looking at my own reviews I think I did call it "complex", and it looks like I may have rated Buttercup as sweeter.
  • To me,actually,the favorite américan Scotch Strong will be W.E.Garrett.Anyway for the moment this subject has got virgin virginians tobaccos waiting to be discovereds.
  • Just got a can of Navy plain yesterday, it still has a sweet component to it of some kind. I wasn't prepared for that but was surprised at how pleasant it was. Had to see what the fuss Snuffster has been making about it. The three cans of Starr got shipped separately so looking forward to that soon.
  • @hooked Yeah the Navy Plain sweetness may take a bit to get used to. It's not overly sweet but it is still there. At first I was not really liking it, but after a while I've come to "understand" it.
  • tom502tom502 Member
    I like Bruton. But I do think the differences are minimal between the brands.
  • jpb123jpb123 Member
    Just picked up a can of Society today for the first time and I really think it's an underappreciated snuff. It's a sweet snuff, but less so that even Tube Rose and very mellow. Very light tan in color, like khaki pants tan. There's some other scent in there that I can't quite place, something different, but it's a really great snuff in my opinion. Anyone else tried it?
    I think SOCIETY is awesome!!! It ha a black pepper thing to it!!!
  • XanderXander Member
    block quotes hurt my eyes. light grey on bright white, ow
  • I love the smokey goodness of Square. It is very common here in NC
  • tom502tom502 Member

    I remember thinking Superior was very good.

    I traded it off a while back.

    I like the Swisher snuffs, but they arn't found locally.

    The ones I see locally is Bruton, Red Seal, Honest, WE Garret, regular and sweet.


    I don't much care for the sweet snuffs for nose sniffin, they just add sweetener for oral use.

  • BoomerBoomer Member
    I have tried only rr mills sweet and us smokeless carhart sweet. I like rr mills more for the sweet cocoa scent and more of a nic hit. IMO.
  • @SnuffSniffer

    Worked in Florida for a year and went to a grocery store in Indiantown that stocked 20+ types of American dry snuff.
    Totally amazed. Attribute this to the large number of S. Americans working the orange groves.
    Stayed at the Seminole Inn which appeared in "Smokey and the Bandit" Not that I am a fan it was just close to work.
  • TobeTobe Member
    edited March 2016 PM
    I just found a cigar shop in Lemoyne, PA while online looking for Society brand snuff. They say they have all manner of American brands in stock. I'll have to arrange to stop in when I'm going to be in the area. Just sharing in case anyone lives near there or has experience with the shop.

    UPDATE: Just got off the line with a rep at the American Snuff Company who told me that Sam's Club should have most of their brands in stock after I asked where I could find the Dental brand. I'm guessing she was referring to Southern stores, as I know of none in the Philadelphia, PA area that do. She also told me to try Food Lion, which we already know. Here's hoping.
  • Hawaiian_RyanHawaiian_Ryan Member, Moderator
    Hello can someone help me get some Society,WE Garrett reg.&sweet,Red Seal,Dixie Sweet,Strawberry sweet & Navy plain.I hope someone [-O< can help me out.I'm willing to pay$$ or trade.
  • I have about 15 American snuffs, some fresh and new, others vintage and quite old. While I like them all, they are however, in my opinion, all very similar in grind and flavor. The sweets are are in varying degrees of sweetness, the scotches vary in degrees of smokiness. In fact, when I run low on one, I mix it in with another and the result is pretty much the same. I don't dip it, only sniff it. As I have mentioned before, if one looks on eBay, there are usually a few to be found, in varying degrees of age, condition, and price. I've seen some nice ones for $5-10, others, based on I don't what what, are selling for $35, up to $100 for an old, rusty tin of Skinner's, a long discontinued scotch snuff. If you want to do some looking around, go there. I can't get any American snuffs in my area, Colorado. Only Toque and Silver Dollar at the local smokeshop.
  • WE Garrett regular and sweet are the only snuffs available for me locally. Of the two, I like the regular. Looks like it's just me, but I don't get the smoke bbq smell; it's more like a bookstore that's buried in a crypt...not actually unpleasant though. BUT the drip I get is the worst from any snuff I have tried. Can anyone recommend something to mix it with because I'm a little burned out on the taste and not sure what would even go with such a unique flavour. Waiting on an order from Roderick. So for the moment WEG is all I the we garrett blues! ;
  • TobeTobe Member
    @mrmanos I've seen various discontinued or otherwise difficult/impossible to find snuffs on eBay, but the idea of buying a thirty year old, previously opened tin makes me hesitant to say the least. If that's the only way I'll ever get to try Society or Dental snuffs, then I guess I never will. Who knows what the effects of sniffing that stuff might be? It strikes me as rather risky.
  • I would NOT recommend trading with Hawaiian Ryan. Go on my profile and click discussions to see my warning post about him.
  • Z_2KZ_2K Member
    I live in Melbourne FL area. The only American plain snuffs I can find are RR Mills Sweet (not for me) and Navy plain , both sold at Winn Dixie, which I may have to resort to when my dwindling stash of RR Mill plain, Square, and 3 Thistle expires. 
  • Z2k, Navy and rr mills plain have identical chemical compositions, do they have a scent difference? How much does win Dixie charge for them?

    I might use my next vacation as a chance to buy a lifetime supply:)
  • @Tobe I think with my inexperienced nose the scotches are all quite similar. I do smell the difference between honey bee and buttercup I find buttercup a bit less sweet and honey and I do smell some butter. The society sweet is in my opinion a bit less sweet than peach sweet but very much a like. But good thing is I like them all !
  • TobeTobe Member
    @Marielle32 That's why I said that I think you can just get one scotch and be fine, since they are mostly very similar. I've got a lifetime supply of various scotches, so it's a good thing I like them so much!
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