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Odens and Siberia by the roll.

Does anyone else love Molens Macuba?

NuuskaNuuska Member
edited August 2013 in Types of Snuff
I really do enjoy Molens Macuba! It's such a noble snuff with the cognaq aroma. A masterpiece by the 'Windmill Wizard' in the Netherlands! I prefer to buy it from MrSnuff because they have the freshest Molens snuff and also they sell it in bulk.


  • I remember a box with a Macuba truly saturated of Cognac,delicious...
  • Yes, but I call it Kralingse Macuba.
  • I got a little sample baggy of it, and found it VERY enjoyable!
  • Agreed. It is a master piece. Try Prins Regent for the complete picture. Prins Regent is Macouba with bergamot and lemon added. 
  • Thank you all for sharing your thoughts on this matter! To Juxtaposer: I have already tried the Prins Regent and I found it to be very nice with the lemon touch.
  • Macouba and Prins Regent were my first two loves of the snuff world....beautiful scent.  When I first discovered these I thought to myself that this is what I had always expected snuff to be like.  I had a couple of pinches of Macouba last night..the only downside for me is the runny nose that quickly follows.
  • Thank you BigSnoot McSnuff! That was like fine poetry over fantastic snuffs, he he! The Virginia tobacco in these snuffs is absolutely the best there is. I don't get the runny nose, though. I am a new member of this community and I already feel like I'm home, thank you all snuffers out there!
  • Couldn't agree more with everyone else's statements. Really great snuff. Now I want to try Prins Regent. One time I put a pinch of Macuba in one nostril and a pinch of Gingerbread in my other nostril. I can highly recommend trying that.
  • Ha ha, that was a new way of blending snuffs, TomStrasbourg! I just had to try it immediately so I sniffed some Spanish Gem in one nostril and a good pinch of Macuba in the other. Mmm, quite pleasant and interesting but a little confusing at the same time...
  • This is very interesting. I just couldn't get on with this snuff at all--way too much going on for my taste.  Just shows how much tastes differ.
  • My memory is rubbish, I apologise, which DeKralingse has clove in it?


  • Pompadour
  • It's a beautiful snuff - but tends to dry-out quickly in the plastic boxed they use.

    Fribourg's Macouba is an interesting alternative - also a beautiful snuff - but in a different style.
  • That's the one, cheers @Xander.



  • Yes, Fretless! But if you put it in a screw top tin it will hold better. I also keep my 100g tub of Macuba in the refrigerator and just fill my tin when I need to. It's the only snuff I store that way. I would like to try F&T Macouba as well but I'm scared off by the heavy perfume in most of the F&T:s.
  • I hear ya @Nuuska on the heavy perfume in some of the F&T line.  It's actually for that reason  I will search out my tin of Macouba. It's so heavy in perfume it can deliver a physical effect. I can only describe it as fizzing in the nose..if that makes any sense. I have yet to try the Molens but look forward to it.
  • Then Thorgrimnr you are up to a delightful expierience I promise you. The De Kralingse Macuba is intoxicating in the nose.
  • I haven't yet tried any molens after princ regent and metajar. I found the coarse dry snuff not to my liking. If macuba is any different id give it a try.
  • Hey @Fretless ;)
    I want a fretless bass.... and some Macuba
    I love Virginia tab
  • i very much like the macuba and it continues to grow on me--to the point, i can't see being without it. being the nut i am, i like to give it a buzz or two in the grinder and mix it with toque quit to give it a N boost. something like 2M to 1Q.
  • bambam Member
    Just received this in my order and what a wonderful snuff the scent lingers for such a long time and is constantly changing in the nose. Highly recommend this one
  • @ all: Thank you, thank you!

    Jaap Bes
  • Hartelijk Dank to You Our own Windmill Wizard!! I have tried others of Your creations too f.ex A/P and Oranjesnuif and they are Outstanding too!!:-D :-D
  • @ Nuuska: Graag gedaan, more is comming up shortly.

    Jaap Bes
  • That sounds fantastic- Jaap! What does Graag gedaan mean?
  • @Nuuska It means 'You're welcome".
  • @Talljim: right you are

    Jaap Bes
  • Hartelijk Dank @Talljim and @snuffmiller Jaap Bes!!(Y)
  • Too bad Jaap went under. This is the only Molen's I didn't buy a big tub of. I'm missing it a  lot. Pompador is a close second to me, and I still have 1/2 a 100g tub in the fridge.
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