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Toque New Flavours

RoderickRoderick Member
edited April 2012 in General
Rather than keep these a big secret I have decided to work more openly with, indirectly our customers and directly with snuffhouse members. Samples will be going out to the tasting panel at the end of May. These are the flavours we have been working on and we would be very grateful for any opinions shared.

1. Almond Toast (wonderful scent)
2. Ginger (very unusual)
3. Strawberry
4. C&C Coarse (Clove & Camphor) 
5. Coltsfoot coarse (traditional Dandelion & Aniseed) 


  • Looking forward to the Strawberry and the Almond Toast especially. Is the Coltsfoot anything to do with dandelion and burdock the traditional drink?
  • snuffbrantsnuffbrant Member
    edited April 2012 PM
    Woohoo!  Excellent!  Almond Toast!  Nice, Roderick!  and the C&C sounds good too ... prolly gonna have to try Ginger to say I did ... can't wait.  
  • I would assume it's coltsfoot rock. A classic English confectionary. Made by stockleys in lancashire.
  • The top two and my new Dragun should all compliment each other. Dragun has almond and ginger in it: maybe the UK will start a spiced snuff genre.

    I don't know why these ingredients have been missing from snuff in the past; they are ideal for it.

    Can't wait to try the new Toques.
  • ooooo almond toast????
    Sounds like a new favorite! wait.... it doesn't have cyanide in it does it? ;)
  • Mine does - that way I only have to make one batch.
  • @snuffster I agree.  WHen I tried the Molen's gingerbread it was almost a PERFECT snuff IMHO if there is one.  Besides your Abraxas of course!  I've been taking lots of Cerise as of late as well!
  • I am particularly interested in the C&C Course and Coltsfoot Course but they all sound good, I have enjoyed most of the Toque's thus far, keep up the good work.
  • JustinJustin Moderator
    I'd also be very interested in the C&C Coarse. I have tried many different Toques and enjoyed the flavours but can't cope with the grind!
    "Reality," sa molesworth 2, "is so unspeakably sordid it make me shudder."
  • Thanks for sharing! I look forward to trying them all!
  • RODERICK I LOVE YOOOOOOUUUUUUU!!!!!!! Sounds like an excellent line-up.


  • Wow can't wait to try that strawberry snuff.
  • Looks like another ten for nine bundle will be purchased in the near future.
  • That Almond Toast sounds like a winner.  Got to try that one for sure.
  • I love me some ginger!  Clove and Camphor sounds awesome as well, two of my favorite scents!  Thanks Rod!
  • I'm in for the Coltsfoot and Ginger types.
  • They all sound good to me.
  • Those sound great Roderick, particularly the Ginger and Almond Toast. Those just seem right up my alley. I'm sure I'd buy a tin of Coltsfoot too. Keep up the good work!
  • With the Almond Toast I'll just save myself an extra order and go ahead and get it in bulk
  • What? No sequal to Cheese and Bacon? I fully expected Boiled Egg and Sardine snuff.
  • They all sound great, but I'll be looking forward most to the Almond Toast.

    Keep raising the bar!!!!  I believe that the 'old guard' is hearing your footsteps!

  • @Harlequin i am heartbroken not to see my suggestion, marmite, on the list! XD
  • Coltsfoot sounds interesting, love dandelion wine and leaf in my salad. I really like Lilac though, just saying.

  • So, when would actual production begin?
  • Depending on the results from the tasting panel, should be in production very shortly. If we get them out to the tasting panel by 20th May we could be looking at 1st of June.
  • The 2 coarse ones sound about my speed... I'll also try the Ginger (love the smell of ginger).
  • thinking about that  C.C makes me drool :P I been wondering that ginger hasn't been used much in snuff ..can be quite spicy? but looking forward on that one too! Coltsfoot coarse... sounds good Roderick! =D
  • To pair with ginger, we need a Sesame seed and Wasabi toast!
  • @Roderick:  Do the two new coarse snuffs use the same base as Berwick Brown, or another base altogether?  I must say the C&C sounds heavenly, but I imagine I will try them all sooner or later...
  • I want them all! Almond Toast sounds good :D
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