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F.U.B.A.R. Grunt

nuuskunuusku Member
edited July 2012 in Types of Snuff
my first USA snuff and surprise it comes in camouflage and american flag decorated cheap looking plastic box. buy two and get a free handgun?

snuff looks nice, medium grind, nice moistness colour of mildly toasted coffee. querilla kick but somehow I find chlorine flavour from it!? can trigger your inner militant?

strangely I can't find that HC tobacco scent from this. I thought I would. chlorine and and images of weapons fills my mind with this Grunt ..and sockjuice?

can't recommend I'll give 2/10


  • WhalenWhalen Member
    edited April 2012 PM
    After reading the unfortunate review for what I consider on of my favorite snuffs, I thought it deserves some sort of a counterpoint. There is a slight complication in that there has been at least three batches with little consistency from batch to batch, although the batch available as of this writing comes as close to the original as possible. Tasty tobacco with substantial nicotine. The only USA component is the cheesy marketing with a popular military acronym. This is a premium Indian snuff from the superb Sparrow line tobacco. The hint of coconut I get from this one is an old comfort for me along with the endorphin rush from the dependable nicotine uptake burn that always fades to a rich mellow afterglow. And always a little cigarish in the finish. I will always defend and recommend this one strongly.
  • I initially gave FUBAR a pretty bad review which I am ashamed to say was down to my prejudice against contract brands, ie made for a retailer with no mention of where it really comes from. That was wrong of me and Dave Anderson actually asked me to re-review with an open mind, which I did. That was when FUBAR came on the market and the damn stuff has now become one of my all time favourite brands - I despair of myself sometimes. Oh well, I've never claimed to be perfect.

    I love FUBAR Grunt, it really is a great snuff in my view: strong, plain, not too fine; a real working man's nose food. A couple of days ago I got a large bulk jar of grunt and sat down to re-evaluate as I had not had the grunt for awhile (that sounds like a disease;)) The first thing I noticed is that whilst all the properties that I love are still there the fabled 'ghost' coconut flavour was absent. Now, as I understand it the coconut was only ever an 'inferred' flavour, in the sense that Dholakia do not actually put that flavouring in it. Whalen still gets that taste so I wonder what is going on with it and if it has undergone some more development. Whatever, it is a truly exceptional snuff and I have no problem admitting that I was wildly off base to begin with.
  • khalidkhalid Member
    FUBAR for me was one that I had to live with before I got it, it was a slow grower. It's part of my regular rotation now. I can see why it would offend on first sniff, the sour musky scent was a suprise to me. I recently put a teensy little bit of Elmos Reserve in with some Grunt and the Tonka/Musk sat together very nicely indeed.
  • I took some pinches of this for the third time and I'm liking it more too. The first time I tried it I wasn't impressed with anything but the nicotine and the second time I liked the scent a bit more, but got an irritating drip. Right now it's sitting in my nose and I'm starting to get a feel for it. If it gets better every time I take it then I'll have to replace this 25g box with a 50g one
  • BigNoseBigNose Member
    edited June 2012 PM
    FUBAR for me was one that I had to live with before I got it, it was a slow grower. It's part of my regular rotation now. I can see why it would offend on first sniff, the sour musky scent was a suprise to me. I recently put a teensy little bit of Elmos Reserve in with some Grunt and the Tonka/Musk sat together very nicely indeed.
    I agree totally with this assessment.  My first try had me smelling sweaty socks and i was pretty unimpressed other than the strength of it.  Subsequent snuffs have been better and it does grow on you.  That being siad, i doubt this will grow to be a favourite, but who knows.
  • willcwillc Member
    I am currently going through the try everything I can mode and Grunt has really impressed me.
    For an Indian snuff it is very plain which is a nice change at times.
    Even though it is pretty strong I find it easier to take than scotches, I think because of the courser grind.
    The name and packaging are a bit silly almost bordering on camp but that is a minor fault.
    Once this small tin is gone I will definitely reup with a larger size.
    Good snuff.
  • During my first shopping venture, Grunt did not jump out at me or even seem to warrant a second glance. After seeing it mentioned many times and some positive reviews, I decided to add some to my order. My first pinch was unpleasant, to say the least. Bad taste, terrible drip, and made my nose run furiously. I couldn't see what all the buzz was about, but I was determined to enjoy it. I stated mixing it with other snuffs I like just for the nicotine...

    Now, I have moved on to snuffing Grunt on it's own and it is definitely one of my favorites. The flavor grows on you and I seem to have developed a tolerance and immunity to any unpleasant side-effects. Love me some Grunt with a cup of coffee to wake up with. 
  • It's not a judgment of valor,but I maintain that Grunt,as everybody knows Dholakia origins,is a blend between Sparrow and Swiss Chocolate.

    It's like DR Justice of F&Treyer a blend of two others .Personaly my actual favourite in Fubar would be Shot of Rum.

  • dawood84dawood84 Member
    edited August 2017 PM
    Grunt review. . . This is a top notch snuff.. I would say the flavour
    and feeling of it is very special.  It's the first FUBAR snuff i've tried. There seemed to be an interesting kind of candy or sweet flavour to start with. Upon heavier snuffing, i began to notice a nicely burnt tobacco flavour, which is nice. The smell of it is noticeable immediately within close proximity, and is warm. Ignore the hype, this is an excellent snuff!

  • Grunt is in my top 2 snuffs only getting beat by F&T HDT , with that said I would dearly hate to have to choose between the two snuffs. G'Day
    If It Ain't Broke Don't Fix It!
  • My long love affair with the original batch has continued.
  • I still have about 40 grams of the original. I guard it with my life.
  • Don't really ever use GRUNT but have a bulk amount of the very first batch of this. Also several other first batches of the Fubar. All are located in my "Bug Out Bag" next to old school American snuff.
    Meant to outlast the cockroach.
  • grunt was the first snuff i bought in bulk. it was only 50g though but i had just started snuffing and when you are new, that seems like a huge amount! i had never noticed the sparrow in it until i just read this thread. there has been more than a few review threads that made me notice scents i hadn't before
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