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What's in your pipe?



  • 1792 in a wait for it..... Falcon!
  • n9inchnailsn9inchnails Moderator
    Royal Yacht in my new Pete
  • darklydarkly Member
    MacBaren's Rollcake in my no name bent smooth bulldog... LOVE IT!
  • edited May 2012 PM
    Ivans ries 3 star blue -it was free with my new Peterson 999 blue for you.She's awesome 
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • PotPoePotPoe Member
    Revor plug in my Dr.G Omega(i'am really beating the crap out of this pipe).
  • JinderJinder Member
    @pieterclaassen @n9inchnails thanks gents!

    I found a little B&M nearby me the other day that has the entire Dunhill reissue range in stock, picked up some Nightcap and Deluxe Navy Rolls so my Escudo mission is on the back burner at the min, but I will order some from one of those sites soon. Great to see I can get Esoterica, C&D and GLP blends shipped internationally too, I definitely need to sell my car/soul/an internal organ so I can expand my cellar properly...anyone in the market for any of the above? Lol!
  • OGS in a Sav bulldog
  • AnselAnsel Member
    MacBaren Virginia Number One, in a Parker.
  • dazz34dazz34 Member
    sg raspberry pig tail twist  in a stanwell hca with its long stem fitted ,cool raspberry smoke it's so nice..
  • Orlick Golden Sliced in a Chubby Don Carlos billiard
  • GH Bright CR Flake ... this and PS Luxury Navy Flake are my go to smokes.
  • PS Proper English in a Italian basket pipe.
  • Skiff in a Sasieni Stamford
  • Grouse Moor in a Pete XL23
  • JinderJinder Member
    Nightcap (for the first time) in my Pete Shamrock 86S.

    I think I'm in love...this is one big, thick, heavy and beautiful smoke. So tasty! The Lat factor is huge but beautifully blended and the Perique really comes through for a spicy treat in the nose and on the lips.

  • DAN tabak London Blend 1000 in a Dunhill root billiard.....blissful Sunday evening!!
  • MouseMouse Member
    F&T Vintage Flake in a Stanwell army mount billiard
  • big 307 full of penzance to finish off the weekend. What a pleasure to be alive and smoking
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • 5100 in a Sav Florence bulldog
  • JinderJinder Member
    The decidedly stocky Nightcap in my '49 Peterson System Standard 314.

    Great tobacco in a great pipe...I smoked it on the long drive back home from London. Not sure how prudent it is to smoke a blend called 'Nightcap' whilst driving!
  • C&D Epiphany in a bent Bjarne freehand
  • MouseMouse Member
    McClelland Virginia No. 22 in a Ser Jacopo Picta Miro Dublin
  • MouseMouse Member
    Whoops, that post above is pretty enthusiastic. Sorry, while it is a nice pipe, I didn't mean to splash it all over the screen....
  • Bosun Cut Plug in a Comoy's apple
  • PotPoePotPoe Member
    Revor to treat myself after a 17hr work day, gotta make that snuff money!
  • @ Mouse Nice pipe!! Can't smoke in the office so am presently snuffing J&H Wilsons SP No. 1.
  • lemanleman Member
    Prince Albert for me. 
  • MouseMouse Member
    Heinrich's Delux Curly in a Pete army mount 120
  • JinderJinder Member
    More Nightcap, this time actually at night! I'm smoking it in a tiny rusticated Baby Bent, a £10 basket pipe I've had for longer than I can remember.

    Yesterday I smoked The 'Cap in my '49 Pete System 314 and I'm happy to report it's just as delicious in either pipe.

    I'm totally besotted with this blend. It's just exquisite, I've yet to smoke anything with an equal "WOW!" factor.
  • JinderJinder Member
    Just finished some very nice FVF in my modded Kaywoodie Drinkless Billiard.

    I've been reviewing some of my tobaccos and pipes on my blog if anyone fancies a read. You can find it at if you fancy a peruse.
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