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Odens and Siberia by the roll.

What's in your pipe?



  • n9inchnailsn9inchnails Moderator
    Escudo in my Peterson Darwin Premiere
  • MouseMouse Member
    GLP Montgomery in a Tsuge Natural bent apple
  • bobbob Member
    I wish it was foxes bankers cause that blend is freaking awesome (side not do not smoke it in a corncob, cobs are awesome but some tobaccos do not give full flavor in a pipe) but it's going to be my chocolate flake (which is a really decent blend but far from my favorite.
  • bobbob Member
    and it's going to be in my awesome churchwarden meerschaum. Got it cheap cause there are some noticable scratches on it. Love high end products because they have to be perfect. Like if I paid full price and saw the little little scratches on it I'd be pissed but at less then half price who gives a flying fox.
  • SnuffSnifferSnuffSniffer Member
    edited May 2012 PM
  • Just popped open a tin of hearth and home's Armada.
     I just want to stuff my face in it .lots of smokiness and spice, constantly good down to the fine ash, very cool smoke.I'll be getting more of this
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • S. Gawith "Best Brown Flake" in an Ascorti bulldog.
  • JinderJinder Member
    Samuel Gawith's Sam's Flake in my Compass Cardinal Bulldog.

    I must say, this is the first SG I've tried that I dislike. It tastes like cardboard that's been soaked in stale coffee then rubbed gently on a dead Baboon's arse.
  • n9inchnailsn9inchnails Moderator
    @Jinder I'm not a fan of Sam's Flake either, but its still better than Firedance.
  • @Jinder, how do YOU know what tobacco tastes like that was rubbed on a dead baboon's arse?!!!


    Smoking Escudo in a Pete 80s now, will have some Blue Mountain in a Davidoff Dublin later tonight.

  • I love Sam's Flake. 
  • SG Kendal Plug in my Peterson Cap'n Pete XL21
  • JinderJinder Member
    currently smoking SG Chocolate Flake in a Medico Medallist Apple...delicious!

    @n9inchnails what do you dislike about Firedance? it seems to be a real opinion divider!

    @pieterclaassen don't ask! lol
  • JinderJinder Member
    GH Rum Flake in my Thorburn Clark Bent Bulldog...yum!
  • Butternut Burley in a cob.  Perfect pair for doing yard work.
  • JinderJinder Member
    Last smoke of the day, Nightcap in a Baby Bent basket pipe.

    @juxtaposer please tell me what I'm missing with Sam's Flake. I really want to get into it and figure it out. How do you prep it? I rubbed it out thoroughly and dried it for 30mins. It lit and burned well, but didn't get tasty until the last 1/4 of the bowl, the first 3/4 being hot (even when sipped), steamy and unpleasantly sour...I know the Turkish element is savoury, but this was beyond that.

    I was so disappointed, I've loved all the SGs I've owned so far, even (and especially) the much denigrated Westmorland Mixture. I really wanted to enjoy Sam's Flake. Any prep tips or ideas on pipe selection/smoking technique for it would be great.

    It could, of course, be that my taste is out of whack-I've had food poisoning for the last 48hrs which I'm getting over now. Having said that, Rum Flake, Choc Flake and Nightcap tasted pretty good tonight.
  • G&H Sliced Black twist in a Tonni Nielsen bent.
  • Escudo Navy De Luxe in a Dr. Grabow Omega, sans filter.
  • Blackwood flake gravity feed into a K&P Dublin #68 closest thing I have to a house pipe. Bowl opening 7/8 inch bowl height 1 15/16.  I call it my gurgular   much larger then my 307 and shorter then the XL305  but that one is dedicated to aros 
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • n9inchnailsn9inchnails Moderator
    edited May 2012 PM

    UF in my Peterson Rosslare 80s

  • @Jinder  It sound like you only smoked it once. Try it again, maybe in a different pipe. It might be the pipe that is sour. You don't have to like it but it shouldn't really qualify getting near a baboons butt. Prep like any other flake. In my opinion, it fits right in with the other SG flake offerings (FVF, BBF, etc).
  • Dunhill Standard Mixture Medium in a Grenci Lovat.
  • @PieterClassen what is Blue Mountain?

    This morning london burley in a cob, SG Commomwealth this afternoon in a Bjarne freehand, and Irish flake tonight in a Peterson Donegal Rocky 106 straight billiard. The Peterson was my first pipe and have discovered it is great smoking flakes out of. My GBD off eBay is sensitive to burleys. Heats up way too fast. I smoke an oriental blend like Cairo in it and it's beauty. It's funny how different pipes can suit a particular tobacco so well. I can see why pipe collections can get so large so quick. When you find a perfect pipe for a specific blend it's a great experience. I have 3 briars and 4 cobs and would have many more if I could.
  • JinderJinder Member
    @juxtaposer good plan, I will try a different pipe, maybe my Meer-lined Billiard, that always gives a super-neutral smoke and just lets the tobacco be what it is. I smoked it in a straight Bulldog which I haven't picked up for a while, so you could well be right about the pipe. It's a pipe I've previously smoked several Lat-forward blends in, so maybe it's incompatibly ghosted.

    I also have a great saddle-stem billiard which I normally smoke straight VAs like FVF and Bright CR Flake in, maybe that would be a good choice if the Meer doesn't work out.

    Thanks for your advice!
  • JinderJinder Member
    Dunhill DLNR with some freshly ground aged Columbian Java...good smoke and good coffee!
  • @Sly3409, Blue Mountain is a McClellands blend, pure English with just the right amount of latakia. It's a bit pricy for me, otherwise I would have smoked it day and night.  Current exchance rate is R8.28 for $1.00 which makes Blue Mountain R107.00 for a 50g tin, excluding shipping.  I can't/won't pay that for a tin of tobacco, so I will have to stick to Presbyterian Blend which I buy locally for much less money.

    Smoking 5100 Red Cake in an Italian made (Gasporetti?) olive wood bend billiard.  Sweet as honey on my tongue, I just LOVE this baccy!

  • MouseMouse Member
    C&D Three Friars in a Stevenson pot
  • JinderJinder Member
    Last night's smoke was Mellow Virginia in my W.E. Bryant Dublin.

    This has got to be one of the best OTC smokes in the UK. Not complicated or boutiquey, but a fine smoke.
  • JinderJinder Member
    Currently smoking Sam's Flake in my Meer-lined Dr. Plumb Billiard.

    @juxtaposer you were right, it was the pipe-SF is totally different in my Meer, delicious stuff! Thanks for encouraging me to give it a second chance.
  • MouseMouse Member
    MacB VA#1 in a little Stevenson apple.
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