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 Two new Fine Border snuffs. Philip Morris

AlexAlex Member
edited May 2012 in Snuffhouse Archives
I remember the time, when there was a little information on snuff boxes at An inquiry showed me, that for about 20,000 US$ I could get this nice domain. After having a look at the Whois, Philip Morris owns the domain now. Is snuff becoming big business now? Having a look at their website, they state, that they entered the smokeless tobacco sector in terms of "Future Business Growth". Mainly snus they say. is also unavailable, but the Whois entry is made anonymous.

Let's see what the future brings.


  • Recently I tried to get a sample of the marlboro snus but they said it's only available in Texas at this time. Of course they get all your information first and then tell you.
  • edited January 2008 PM
    PM has a history of buying up tobacco related domains. Could be that just trying to stifle any potential competition. According to a recent post on Snufftalk; Marlboro snus is DOA anyway.
  • Well, they got the money to simply buy such domains, but they could at least redirect them here as long as they don't use them. :D
  • Ahhh, it's only snus anyway.
  • "they could at least redirect them here as long as they don't use them" and more people would quit cigarettes for snuff. Can't have that.
  • AlexAlex Member
    edited January 2008 PM
    Know what? I just asked them. Even though the answer will be "no", let's see how kind they phrase it. I'm a bit bored at the moment, as you might guess. It's quite late over here in Germany and I refuse to go to bed. :)
  • So is the subliminal message on the box of camel smokes geared for women as well?????
  • TroutstrokerTroutstroker Member
    edited January 2008 PM
    They actually had an art contest that ran for awhile for just about every line of smokes they have. I belong to the camel club just for the freebies & the coupons I give to a friend of mine. They kept sending me all these empty boxes with the new art and you had to cast a vote. Did get a couple free zippo's & ashtrays for doing that.

    They still have 1 art contest going on right now for their Signature Blends. If your interested you should check it out.
  • "Unfortunately", they are not able to redirect it. "That doesn’t reflect on the quality of your offer; it’s a matter of company policy." Quite nice and VERY fast.
  • They're just watching their p's and q's in case they decide to manufacture nasal snuff.
    I heard that the marlboro snus are horrible but the camel are pretty good and even manufactured like the swedish snus (pasteurized) and need to be refrigerated.
  • The gas station down the street here keeps all the moist snuff & loose leaf chew in the cooler next to the beer. The freezer works great for all moist snuff (oral tobacco). Really keeps it fresh for a long time. Also a dip straight out of the freezer taste so much better, nice cold tobacco seems to bring all the flavors out. So much better than the warm tobacco thats been in your pocket all day.
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