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New Silver Dollar Flavours

Mr. NoseMr. Nose Member
edited June 2012 in Types of Snuff
I was just opening a package form one of our suppliers at the shop found this wonderful flier on the top.    Silver Dollar will now be available in 12 different flavors.  
Vanilla, Blueberry, Cinnamon, Coffee, Cola, Licorice, Spearmint, Raspberry, Original, Natural, Apricot & Cherry.

I get the feeling this is what Roderick was alluding to when he told us that American Toque fans had something to look forward to.  Thanks Roderick,  I promise I'll be getting some of these for our shop.  


  • SpamSpam Member
    Cinnamon sounds good! Wonder if he'll be making S.D. available through the Toque website at any point...
  • ;<)
  • SlideSlide Member
    edited June 2012 PM
    I was hoping to see Toque available in the US. 10 g and 25 g tins. Regardless, I will encourage my local shops to stock them.
  • I know before I started snuffing there was one place in the area that stocked WoS and Poschis, although not much variety. That was before the PACT act though. I'll have to see about them stocking silver dollar though. I'd love to see a snuff available locally, especially with so much of the toque line.
  • PACT was nothing to do with local retailers (ostensibly it was to benefit them); it had to do with restrictions on mail order.
  • @Roderick are these all going to be mentholated as well? 
  • No! These are to be non-mentholated answering popular demand.
  • US needs more NATURAL SCENTS!!!!!!!
  • edited June 2012 PM
    Why those tiny tap tins? Why not 25 gram size? We all know what Silver Dollar/Toque is. Give us what we want and take my paper  dollar it is worth less everyday.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • TakTak Member
    Hi! First post. Wonderful site, many helpful people and we all like snuff, far out. Where can I get some of these new Silver Dollar flavors? My local (smoke shop) only has 5 flavors, Original, Raspberry, Natural, Apricot & Cherry. I would VERY much like to get some Cinnamon, Licorice, and Spearmint. Cinnamon and Licorice sound excellent. I don't' know anything about mailing, etc. excpet what I read on this site and that I can't order from people I get pipe tobacco from, sucks. I live in the Phoenix valley if that helps. Thanks much, Tak
  • Supposedly the new flavors will be available by mid-August. Talk to your local tobacconist then, they should be able to get them in easily.
  • Mr_OMr_O Member
    Any peppermint ones in the future?
  • I recently located a small smoke shop that carried only one snuff; Silver Dollar Apricot but is it mentholated. I am looking forward to the non mentholated. Hope they get to my area soon.
  • It is very lightly Mentholated and wonderful, but then I would say that.;<)
  • I have had the SD Original, Apricot, and Raspberry... I really enjoyed them all and I have never been a big fan of menthol. It's not overpowering at all and kind of refreshing.
  • Thanks Scurvy.
  • Thank YOU for making awesome snuff! I haven't found a Toque I don't love (although, I am a little nervous to try Cheese and Bacon :P)

    I also think being part of a community that allows you to casually converse with the faces of the products really aids in the enjoyment. It's great to see the passion behind a product and know it's not just emotionlessly cranked out of factories to be shoved down our throats at the local Walmart.
  • MouseMouse Member
    Adding my Thanks!, Roderick and Patrick Collins and Dave and Mr. 6Photo. Your support, information, and general participation really adds value to this site. I've noticed on the various pipe lists there is little participation other than merchandizing, Snuffhouse is unique and much appreciated.
  • @Scurvy You are wise to avoid the Cheese & Bacon: keep avoiding!

    Well, still no sign of Silver Dollar locally -so be it, but I've tried all the Touqes! I know good things are coming from both, so I'm still excited!
  • I couldn't agree more, it's the one snuff in our range I've tried to love but just can't. I thought C&B was just a curiosity, but it's consistently in the top 10, so somebody loves it. Ok, a lot of sombodies love it!
  • @Scurvy You are wise to avoid the Cheese & Bacon: keep avoiding!
    Yes, keep avoiding the C&B and leave it for me. I actually really enjoy it. It is interesting and a little unusual, but works really well. It's medium to fine flour but very moist. A great snuff for Sunday morning breakfast.

  • bobbob Member
    I think C&B is an interesting illustration of market trends. What I mean is I think the reason it's in the top 10 isn't because it's that popular I really don't. I believe it's because it's so one of a kind. Menthol cherry menthol, orginal, etc you can get something similar somewhere else so why not mix it up. There is no wilsons bacon though. :)
  • [...] There is no wilsons bacon though. :)
    Oh yeah?


  • bobbob Member
    and it protects my table! can cheese and bacon do that?
  • @Xander I would like to try it eventually for the novelty... but I can't say I'm in a big hurry to get some.

    @Roderick Will there be any other way for us to get some SD? In my area, the snuff market is pretty pathetic :(
  • Scurvy,

    Kretek International (Philips and King) are the distributors and they would love to hear from anyone who has B&M stores in their area who don't yet stock SD. It is currently in 11,000 stores in the US and the plan is to get it into gas stations next, which will make it even easier to get. I am aware that some states have lots and others only a little. Hopefully this will balance out in time.

    Rebecca Campbell – Assistant Sales Manager for P&K (
  • Awesome! I would love to be able to get it so easily... 4 of the 5 tobacco/smoke shops I found in my area said they that they no longer carry any snuff because no one ever bought it. The 5th store had a couple flavors of SD, but it looked like I may have been the only person to ever buy it, so I don't know how willing they would be to carry more flavors. Couldn't hurt to ask, though... Makes me want to open my own store and sell whatever I want! :P
  • Silver Dollar Natural is, well...just lovely. My hat's off to you, Roderick.
  • xhoztxhozt Member
    No SD here or ANYthing for that matter other then the small stockpile of square i just got .. I did email rebecca hopefully we can get this snuff drought down here fixed ..
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