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Robby's Top Mint Snuff To Be Discontinued?

NoseBagNoseBag Member
edited May 2012 in Types of Snuff
Just had a phone call from my supplier and I've been told that Robby's Top Mint Snuff is being discontinued.

Robby's is a Radford snuff made under licence by Poschl and distributed in the UK by Gawith Hoggarth.

I don't know whether it's just being discontinued for sale in the UK, so maybe it will still be available in Germany.

Seems a shame that during a time of snuff revival, this blend may be on the way out...


  • I'll have to order a couple of tins just to have on hand. I've never tried the stuff though. Is it any good?
  • Satyr - I wouldn't say that it's a hugely popular snuff (which may be the reason it's being discontinued!) but it does have a regular user base.

    Filek - I think it's orginally a Radford (UK) blend, produced under licence by Poschl.
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