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 Two new Fine Border snuffs.

Bubble Gum ?

kurtsnosekurtsnose Member
edited September 2012 in Types of Snuff
Is Wilsons Bubble Gum  the same as Buzz Bubble Gum ?


  • I have to try this. Bubble-gum....
  • n9inchnailsn9inchnails Moderator
    edited July 2012 PM
    Is Wilsons Bubble Gum  the same as Buzz Bubble Gum ?

    Most likely since they came out at around the same time, or they could be different tobacco bases with the same bubblegum flavouring.
  • Is Wilsons Bubble Gum  the same as Buzz Bubble Gum ?

    Most likely since they came out at around the same time, or they could be different tobacco bases with the same bubblegum flavouring.
    Buzz Bubble Gum ? WTF ? Enlight me please. Is this another new snuff ?
  • A new one being sold by Mr. Snuff.  Cannot say more since have not tried.
  • I saw the WoS sampler pack with bubble gum and thought it must be a joke or something. Has anybody tried either of these? I put the buzz bubble gum in my cart since it sounds interesting and it's reasonably priced.
  • willcwillc Member
    I too am curious if anyone has tried this.
    This sounds too interesting to pass up, on my next order I plan on getting the small tin for the sake of experiencing it.
  • Well, i mean we speak about WoS here. I am totally looking forward to try this
  • edited July 2012 PM
    Its in my mail box. I will post a review as soon as customs are done playing with it. I place the order June 30 .so it should be here any day now.I only order the Buzz it may be the same as WoS. I don't see WoS bubble gum offered at Mr.snuff. And buzz is made for Mr.snuff so I am thinking they are the same . Buzz is listed as an american snuff, I will be a happy camper if Mr Snuff starts importing to the american market.Like Rodrick did with silver dollar and Dholakia did with fubar.  
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • @basement_shaman noted on the Mr. Snuff web site listed on page 2 of the 5 g tins there is a 12 pack sampler that lists 2 each of bubble gum, chocolate, clove, lemonlime, guarana boost and cool guarana.   A curious mix to be sure.
  • @stogie that's what I was referring to. I really wonder about that pack and why none of those are available individually. It must be collectible or something.
  • Or maybe a trial pack just to introduce 'newer stuff' to the market.  To me it is a fairly peculiar grouping @TomStrasbourg
  • At the german they have WoS Bubblegum solo
  • Same at
  • @stogie what I find the most peculiar is that WoS isn't releasing the strange flavors under a contract brand. I can see WoS clove or chocolate but WoS guarana or bubble gum? I'm almost tempted to pick up the pack just to see traditional WoS tins with such non traditional flavors. One way or another bubble gum will be in my next order.
  • Can you blow a bubble with it outta your nose?  Sweet!
  • It was in my Mr.Snuff order that I recived on friday I would love to tell you what it was like BUT after dozens and dozens of orders from Mr.Snuff this is the first one I've received totaly destroyed courtesy of the postal service. What I got was 300g of diffrent snuffs mixed together and 3 crushed Mr.Snuff snuff boxes. How can you crush one of those boxes? I ran over one that I still use. Anyway after a long talk with my postman I realized it is cheaper to just reorder than report it. But what I can tell you is it does not mix well with violet,peppermint,banana,toffee,gin&tonic and blue crest scented.

  • ScurvyScurvy Member
    edited July 2012 PM
    @kurtsnose that's ridiculous! I'd "go postal" if my packages arrived that way! I'm not unreasonable and I understand accidents can happen, but action should always be taken to remedy the situation for the end user. I recall several times when my postman failed to pick up my outgoing mail... Once, while I was standing in the road putting my mortgage payment in my box and he just drove right past me. Irritating, to say the least.
  • Oh that's just sad.....
  • edited July 2012 PM
    First off I am disappointed ; It the same tin as WoS so I put an empty WoS bottom half of tin on the triple beam scale.It weight 11.5 grams the i remove it and opened the buzz bubble gum removing the red tape & lid ,and placed it on the scale it weight 28 grams. now subtract 11.5 from 28 =16.5 grams. I order the 25 gram can, I am 8.5 grams short .WTF

    Now for a review it is fresh with the ammonia scent. so I will have to get past that first. Well it not bazooka Joe.It more like fruit strip gum and not the bubble gum variety.    

    That been said, The grind is fine,the moisture level is medium low, The color is medium light reddish brown. The scent is slightly non -descriptive fruity. Has a slight burn but very mild. I just did 5 heaping stainless steel spoons up both nostrils [one gram total] ;and my nose is only moist and can inhale normally. I haven't got a throat drip and should had with that much snuff. Just like the fruit stripe gum the flavor or scent did not last long. In fact I feel like I didn't even have any. This is a very beginner friendly snuff. It not a bad snuff and I would recommend it to a newbie. Well I tried it and won't be ordering more. 

    EDIT: under revisiting this BubbleGum I may had been snuff blind or tainted ,I had been using Dholakia white mixes that week this may had effected my judgement for the effect of this snuff. I find it to be a nice snuff well worth trying.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • @basement_shaman Thanks my friend that changes my reorder.
  • kurtsnosekurtsnose Member
    edited September 2012 PM
    @basement_shaman you maybe right check this out  .   For years the only thing I used to flavor my tobacco was smoke, and living in the Pacific Northwest Alder wood has been my favorite for salmon and tobacco , But for a while now I've been useing Candy Oils and it seems funny that every time a new candy oil flavor comes out there's a new snuff flavor . Also check out the Tobacco flavors they make vary good lollypops. LorAnn Oils has a new flavor out Cotton Candy can't wait for the snuff , And a new "Natural Banana" flavor. So there could be a Toque Banana.   @mouse another site to look at
  • @kurtsnose thanks that is a great link to bookmark. The bubble gum snuff isn't bad ,It is just not what I feel the scent should had been. I tried it using the box car method and the scent is a little more pronounced but still short lived.It may need special treatment like warming it up to body temperature to bring out it's full potential. I am seriously thinking of getting a essential oil distiller to have the real scents on hand.Not planning to make a fortune with it; may be just enough for it to pay for it self.  
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Finally got a tin of Buzz Bubble Gum and I liked it . It's a memory snuff for me , Reminds me of going shopping with my mother and grand mother when I was a little kid . They would always buy me Gumballs from this one Gumball machine everytime we went . When the Bubble Gum flavor is gone your left with this really nice sweet tobacco taste , Nice , Try it with a little S.G Banna and S.G. Plum I think it's nice and no perfume solvent aftertaste Way better than I thought it would be .
  • I think they should of named it juicy reminds me of Wrigleys gum more than bubble gum.its a fun flavor its ok but i wont by anymore of this.
  • I'm looking forward to getting a little tin of buzz sometime this week hopefully ( and realistically),.
  • I used to love fruit stripe gum as a kid, but I'm not into novelty snuffs, thanks for the reviews.
  • bobbob Member
    I really like the smell of gum more then the taste of gum. So I've been craving a gum snuff for long before one exsisted.
  • Mine has now improved with bit of age and is getting better.out of tin and now in a box seems more flavors coming through.Nice.

  • Swisher-Railroad Mills : Checkerberry snuff is lite Teaberry like Bemans pepsin gum from the 30s 40s and 50s I think its a form of Winter green. Please correct me if im wrong .
  • Finally tried buzz bubble gum. It is rather like a gum ball to me and tin looks exactly like WoS with a different label obviously. There was also red tape around the opening much like the red tape on my tin of Fredrick tranter Cotswold, another contract brand snuff from WoS.
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