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MOEDA - Brazilian snuff

PrismasterPrismaster Member
edited August 2012 in Types of Snuff
MOEDA... i have CRISTAL and MENTOLADO, both are really fine snuffs. Anyone else likes snuffs from MOEDA and got others ?


  • @Prismaster:  Can you give a short review of the Moeda snuffs?  I have a friend going to Brazil in a couple of months and has offered to bring me some snuffs back.  I'd like to get some ideas for what to tell him to look for.  Thanks.
  • Don't know why it should be a surprise but I did not even know that there was such a thing as Brazilian snuffs... I live in a snuff wasteland I think.....
  • On the same range there are Moeda or Guarany,two different places of production I imagine.I have nothing against Moeda in general but I was strongly amazing by Guarani Espécial and I was very surprised to feel more less the Moeda one.
  • @Mr. Nose 

    both i have come i neat metal tins. the grind is rather fine but not as fine as in scotch for example. both i have got a light brownish colour. the CRISTAL is awesome. it is refreshing but have other stuff going on. sorry, i am not good with words on snuff at all. it says: tabaco, imburana, mentol e canfora. i guess that the mentolado got the same just without the imburana.besides the rape moeda i have on from rape caratinga called imburana, which actually tastes like Xmas to me. the imburana (which seems to be a tree down there) creates this taste and i guess it is only used in brazilian snuffs. there is quite a range of them.

    maybe you google translator on that to get a better expression then my strange/bad english.

  • I agree @prismaster on the Moeda Cristal. Its the only one I have from Brazil. Imburana is such an exotic scent for here! Very good snuff.
  • I have just started using snuff (about 2 months now) and live in Brazil, so I cannot compare the Brazilian snuffs to the international brands. I tried the snuffs available her. Brazil has a long tradition in snuff, after all, snuff was reportedly invented in Brail. Brazil also has a very diverse and world-class tobacco production. Now that snuff has grown into disuse in Brazil due to the "cigarette revolution" it is considered here a habit for "old-timers". The production is now greatly reduced but there are still traditional companies manufacturing snuff. Snuff in Brazil is called "rapé". I bought two different tobacco snuffs. One is called Rapé Real and the other is called Rapé Imburana and both are manufactured in Guarani, Minas Gerais state, and that is the only information on the tins. I guess the company is called Guarani, after the town of manufacture. Remember, I am a novice, but I will give you my take on these snuffs. Rapé Real seems like it's pure tobacco, it finely ground and a dark brown. I feel it gives a very nice and strong tobacco hit. I love the smell and it doesn't have any perfumey additives. I really like it and it's my favorite of the two. Imburana has ground imburana in it. some say it's the wood and some say it's the seeds. I don't now. It seems more probable that it's the seeds from my research on the internet. This is a lighter snuff and has a kind of cooling sensation. It does not have that really strong nicotine hit. I like to think of it as a more suave afternoon snuff. It's kind of a "feel good" snuff, definately imburana is not some kind of strong drug - very suave. I wish some of you guys who are more connoisseurs would try these snuffs out for a better analyses. I definately am quite enamored of the Rapé Real. By the way, Guarani is the name of an Indian tribe. Umburana was probably one of the ingredients in ancient native pre-colombian snuffs. Greetings from Brazil.
  • bobbob Member
    @Brazilsnuffer you do realize that you could try almost any international snuff just by offering your local snuffs in trade. Brazilian snuffs are not widely available outside of brazil it seems.
  • OK I'll bite. Anybody want to trade some
    Guarani Rapé Real or Guarani Rape Imburana for some good snuff from up north?
  • @Brazilsnuffer‌ I would like to have a tin of both the snuffs I can offer you six photo snuffs in trade
  • I found a website from the UK that sells this snuff from Brazil. I think it's called Katukina.  They have all sorts of weird "powdered tobaccos", as well as the snuff described above. It's pretty expensive, like $5 for 5 grams, but it can't be found anywhere else, to my knowledge. I ordered one of each type. I'll try to post some informal reviews when I get them.

  • Interesting.....

    I look forward to the reviews :)
  • Believe it or not, my package was returned to England, because they mis-addressed it. But it's sorted out now, and I should get it within a couple weeks. Then I'll review them all. I think I ordered one of each type, but they are really expensive. It'll probably be a one time thing, unless they are really great. We shall see.
  • John_NailJohn_Nail Member
    edited December 2016 PM
    Hello all fellow snuffers, i am also from brazil, i have a few tins of imburana, some tins of Tupi menthol, some tins of Saira cristal snuff which is imburana, tobacco, menthol and camphor, really opens up the sinuses. I have imburana snuff, chocolate brazilian snuff, don't recall the brand, also cacitral which is non-tobacco and has imburana, menthol and camphor, some cinammon snuff, brazilian also. I am willing to give free samples.
  • Yes I got some from maya and they were brilliant. Anyone have a cheaper and reputable place to go I would be very glad to trade or buy
  • My Brazil snuffs are at the post office. I need to wait until it stops snowing before I make the dangerous, winding road trip 12 miles north to pick it up. When I do, I'll post a little review of them. They only come in tiny 5g tins, so that limits the amount. If interested, it is sold at also have little vials 5 or 7 grams, of mapacho, and some other interesting sounding tobaccos. I ordered a few of these as well, and will comment on them.
  • Okay, I'm not gonna review all of them now, but in general, here are my observations.
    They all have tobacco that ranges from medium to dark brown.
    They mostly have either imbruana, cinnamon, clove, a small amount of menthol, and come in the tiniest tins imaginable. You need to use a snuff spoon or they will be gone, or spill before you know it. As they were very expensive, and the vendor has a limit of one tin per type, per order, my final conclusion is that they are nice for an occasional spoonful, but I wouldn't use them all day, or every day, as I have plenty of other snuffs I like more. So, if you want to spend about $5/5gr, just for a lark, go ahead. They are interesting for sure. That Imbruana, whatever it is, has a really unusual ,floral/herbal type scent. The tobacco is good too, packed tightly, and it fluffs up nicely. If I get really motivated, I might actually list the names, and a brief description. But for now, I don't want to do it, as these are pretty oddball snuffs, and quite expensive too.
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