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Snuffhouse Terms of Service

cstokes4cstokes4 Administrator
edited February 2015 in General
Snuffhouse Administrators and Moderators:

@cstokes4 (solely in a support role)


Any problems or complaints do not hesitate to contact any of the above. Your issue will be discussed by the team and action taken if this is necessary. Membership of Snuffhouse is conditional upon acceptance of the Terms of Service posted below.

Terms of Service

Snuffhouse membership is limited to registrants aged 18 years and older. While Snuffhouse
attempts to create an environment free of restrictions on speech, there are certain subjects that Snuffhouse has deemed inappropriate to discuss on the Snuffhouse forum. These discussions include anything pertaining to religion, politics, illegal drug use, or other topics describing illegal activities. Furthermore, no comments with any type of hate speech, racial epithets, sexist undertones, violent speech, threatening, or discriminatory based on someone’s gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, or other defining characteristic are allowed. Please aim to keep discussions civil and within social norms.

Membership to the Snuffhouse forum is voluntary and may be terminated at will by the moderation staff. Furthermore, any threads that are in violation of the TOS will be closed and deleted with a warning issued.

When using the Buy-Sell-Trade area of the site, please keep in mind that Snuffhouse is not responsible for any lost goods or funds. Please buy, sell, and trade with discretion as it is at your own risk.

Snuffhouse does not condone the use of tobacco products by minors. This web forum is for the use of consenting adults in an adult atmosphere.

Any advertisements on Snuffhouse are just that: advertisements. These are not endorsements for any product or service offered on such websites.


  • XanderXander Member
    edited February 2013 PM
    Additionally, all membership applications are read by the moderation team; i.e. Real People.
    Applications with no content, gibberish, that are vague, or give nonsensical reasons for wanting to join the forum will be rejected.
    Also, this is a forum for the discussion nasal snuff, not a online shop for its purchase. Applicants looking to "buy snuff" should look elsewhere. Applications that read something to that effect will also be rejected.
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