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How many snuff boxes do you carry around with you?

LadySnuffLadySnuff Member
edited July 2012 in Snuff Accessories
I seem to have developed the need to carry around with me ( at last count) 7 snuff boxes & 4 snuff bullets.I think perhaps this is excessive, but I really like taking different varieties throughout the day. Perhaps because I can slip them in my bag easily, it's ok & they are not heavy. But well, my lovely husband only carries one box around with him and laughs at my portable stash collection.
What about you guys, do you stick to one type , one box all day? Is it just me that has loads of little boxes in my bag? :-)
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Bill Watterson


  • I actually got a man purse to carry around as many different ones as you, but when I don't use that I carry anywhere from 1-5 in my pockets (1 if I'm going to the gym or on a run. Then I only need my trusty scotch box)
  • xhoztxhozt Member
    Yikes ... I just have my lil turn tin and a bullet or 2 .
  • I don't always leave the house with snuff, but when I do I usually carry at most three. They are usually in a steel flip-top, one of my two rosewoods and a bullet. I'll sometimes leave the rosewood behind if I decide to carry a tap-box.
  • 3-4 in pockets
  • No more than two but usually one.
  • One. I only ever use one snuff as well. I'm a bit OCD about snuff:)
  • Usually one, sometimes 2.
  • I'm a bit of an exception because I sell snuff at the Tobacco shop at which I work; I keep a lot around so I can sample some of the varieties to customers and so I can introduce it to new potential customers. That being said I typically have no less than 20 snuffs on me at any time. When I'm not going to work or somewhere where I think I might find some new converts/customers I carry between 2 and 5 varieties on me.
  • SlideSlide Member
    Most of the time one. On occasion two.

    When traveling I carry a variety in amber bottle in my backpack to replenish my snuff box every morning.
  • JustinJustin Moderator
    Usually one, unless I have a bag with me in which case I might carry one or two more!
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  • edited July 2012 PM
    Always one box and two bullets, the box for the coarser snuffs and the bullets for the rest! this on a daily basis, if travelling away from the stash for more than a day, well... still haven´t travelled that far since started snuffing so I don´t know :>
  • So it appears that I am not the only one, but one of the minority :-)
    Thanks Guys
    God put me on this earth to accomplish a certain number of things. Right now I am so far behind that I will never die.
    Bill Watterson
  • bobbob Member
    Well I have one snuff box and it's for natural snuffs cause that's the kind I realize I can't go without. Carry 2-5 tins with me depending on what I'am doing if I'am going for a stroll or to the store it's box and two tins if I'am hanging out it's more like box and five. Cause it sucks when you think man I could really go for something floral or medicated but I left that one at home. Plus if you drop one down a gutter at least you still have enough snuff.
  • SlideSlide Member
    I used to carry around 6 -7. Now I don't
  • kougykougy Member
    I don't have snuff boxes at all until now but I have 3 bullets which I carry with me when I am out with 3 different snuff.
  • Only one, but I don't really leave my house for much longer than just going to work.
  • It all depends on how long I'm going away for. When I was first getting into snuff i'd fill a Crown Royal bag with a dozen tins and boxes just to go downstairs to watch a movie.
    Usually I have one or two when going out but when I try to decide what to take, I sometimes go back to the snuff drawer three or four times before I leave, all whilst hearing a female voice near the door crying "Aren't you ready yet?! What are you doing up there?"
  • exactly what xander said. i remember having all those snuffs sitting on the end table while watching a movie. and why is my wife nagging you too?!

    the exception would be chess nights. i keep a nice variety in my chess bag for friends to sample, along with my flask of bourbon.
  • minimum 5 boxes, I need variety
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  • I typically carry 2 to work with me and keep 5 on my end table by my recliner.
  • Around the house and town, just a smash box of Viking Dark. To work, at least 10-20 different types.
  • I like to carry around two minimum, although I frequently find myself with only one in my pockets at a time. This of course changes based on which job I'm working at the time; when cleaning I only carry one, construction I'll have two (one in the pocket, one in the tool box), coffee shop I have three. And I'm always paranoid about running out, so I always have a tin of scotch in my van.
  • I carry, AT MOST, 3 large heartwood snuffboxes.
  • One, sometimes 2 boxes.

  • Carry 2-3 but sitting here I just took a peek.....less than 1 foot away there are lets see.... 23, and within a 10 foot radius are another 58. Never know when the spirit might speak....
  • @stogie -- How do you keep track of it all?
    A nice, labeled, pigeon hole system maybe?
  • Loads - I think nicotine robs you of the ability to decide which snuff you want to get your hit from. It's usually Molens Pompadour & Bon Bon, WoS Royal George, Lemon Grove, Best Dark, Brunswick, Cinnamon, sometimes IHT No.22 and sometimes an SP of some kind, SnuffStores Cafe Noir, Dean Swift Camelopard, and sometimes their Specific. Might take GH Irish D as well, as I'm still trying to work out if I like it. Probably won't know until it's all gone!
  • Depending on my mood, I carry between 2 and 6 each day.
  • sldtsldt Member
    edited February 2013 PM
    I carry the snuffhouse box, a toque 10g tin filled with whatever I want for the day and 1 bullet.
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