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Zuka Snuff Products

Poo-DiddyPoo-Diddy Member
edited May 2012 in Types of Snuff
I was googling snuff related topics a couple of weeks ago when I came across a link for zukaonline
That site provided a link to contact them which I used to e-mail them to enquire about thier snuff products and also to link them to my snuff review site. I recieved no reponse from them via E-mail but today I recieved a wonderful package which contained 2 samples each of their Zuka Black and Zuka Zee snuff products. The Zuka products come in a package about the size of a pack of cigarettes and contained 1 snuff bullet and 1 nice hanky. The Zuka Black is a tobacco snuff that has a nice menthol scent, while the Zuka Zee is a white snuff made almost entirely of sugar (it does claim to have about 1% tobacco in it) and has a sweet menthol taste that is supposed toprovide an energy boost.

Here are some pictures and I will most definately have full reviews of both of these snuffs at
thesnuffreview in the next day or 2.


image image

image image

image image

image image[/align]


  • Other than that promotional video I saw a while back & seeing them on NoseBags store, I haven't heard or seen anything else on these. And NoseBag said the bullets were not refillable but I imagine if you pulled the valve out, you could refill them with a small funnel. Thanks for the pics Poo-Diddy.
  • Sure thing Troutstroker. Havn't spent too much time with these yet, but if you like using a bullet I'd have to say this is one of the better ones on the market. It seems to have a nice sized portion to it. At first glance though it does not seem to be re-fillable. I tried to give the valve a tug to pull it out like you can do with every other bullet, but it didn't seem to have any give, and since it is still filled I don't want to break it, lol. Other than that I'd say a slow painstaking refill by turning the portion to the open position then droppping a small amount in and then turning it closed,then repeating again and again, ahhhhhh you get the idea. It's a nice bullet but not worth that hassle to preserve it.
  • Yeah you can play with the valve once its empty. Don't want to break it before its gone. But I'm sure it has to come out?
  • I've got a bullet of Zuka Black.

    Tried, liked it a lot.
    The bullet itself seems like a solid rock... But I'll take it apart someday.
    The snuff inside is great, it's refreshing, but I wouldn't say It's easy on your nose.
    Perhaps, It's my lack of skill with the bullets...

    But I found one major flaw.
    There's such a small amount of snuff in the bullet, it could hardly last two days of frequent snuffing.
    Nevertheless, a great snuff, one worth trying.

    P.S. Weeee, my first post. I've been reading this community for several months and, at last, decided to join.
  • Congrats on your first post trollfairy and welcome to the forum.
  • Thanks neil23uk for the link to zuka's new site tons of great info on their products there..

    I have recently posted my reviews of both zuka products at the snuff review

    Zuka Black Review
    Zuka Zee Review
  • It does seem very expensive for the amount of snuff you actually get? There is only 60 hits worth. It would be about 10-15 doses for me & only last a few hours at most. Thats at the rate of 2-3 shots from the bullet per side for each time I take a snuff. I think it would take the new record for the most expensive snuff in the world! And not being able to reuse the bullet, what's that about. The price would be a little better if you would at least be getting a reusable bullet from the purchase. Thats not very earth friendly, not to mention you have a packaging & shipping box to throw away. Just my observation, but if you buy 1 zuka you have 3 things you have to throw away. The only thing you get to reuse is the hanky!! LOL
  • bobbob Member
    edited February 2008 PM
    I agree. with you trout. My thoughts where that seems very expensive for a snuff that seems about average. I also really don't like bullets they always look like someone is useing cocaine to me. It will probably take of like crazy with half the young population thinking other snuffs are cheap knock offs. Though good luck to them doubt I'll drop the cash for what seems dramaticly over priced to me. I have to say that the pic in the bottom right corner looks darn shady to me. I really could see be pulled down to the station useing that one in a bar or at least kicked out of the premises.
  • Yeah white snuff in a bullet is pretty shady! Especially if any residue is left on the outer rim of nostril or any starts to run out the nose. LOL
  • Yes troutstroker, compared to other snuffs on the market, Zuka's prices are definately on the high end. I'm sure that comes from the packaging. Bullet, Handkerchief etc.

    On one hand eliminating the packaging and selling their product would most definately allow them to sell at a cheaper price.

    On the other I think the Zuka company is targeting the market which is used to paying the higher cigarette prices. And their packaging will be instrumental in hitting that market. In my opinion, this marketing strategy will probably work well in bringing former smokers into the world of snuff where those that develop a taste for nasal snuff will ultimately later find the cheaper more economical ways to get their nasal snuff fix. At that time, I think Zuka would be smart to offer their products in a multitude of more economical ways. I guess time will tell,if Zuka needs to alter their strategy or not.
  • Poo-DiddyPoo-Diddy Member
    edited February 2008 PM
    Bob - your concerns are not without merit. The label on the bullet itself is about the only thing that distinguishes it from something bought at a head shop and used to deliver cocaine. Lucky for me, I'm a police officer so I would most likely get the benefit of the doubt when giving the explanation to another officer of what it actually is.

    If I had never snuffed or heard of snuff like 99% of police officers out there. Finding a bullet like this on a person, especially without the label which can fall off would definately lead me to believe the worst. Here in Chicago that would lead to an unfortunate arrest, as 90% of the time we do not have access to field testing kits. Rather the arrest is made and the lab results follow before the court date.

    Is all of the above perfectly fair. Not really, but when using a snuff bullet, especially with a white powdered snuff like the Zuka Zee. You have to unfortunately weigh the risk of it being mistaken and what the potential consequences may be.
  • It's a bit too expensive for me. All this about being the equivilent of 20 cigarettes, the price or the tobacco? If you want a bullet use Toque IMHO
  • Yeah I've had officers look at my snuff and see it isn't anything they are looking for but if it was a white powder I think it would just look wrong. I hate to say I almost feel like the white snuff is almost like the legal highs sold in the back of High Times (i.e. can't get your weed BUY Super Buds made from prickly lettuce, can't get opium try OPM also made from prickley lettuce at least you can pretend you're getting high), not that I knew what kind of magazine it was before looking at it, I thought it was an old timey glossy.
  • I think it's the length of time you'll have the product. Considering on average a pinch of snuff last for about 20 minutes and a cigeratte lasts about an hour so yeah if you divide 60 by 3 you get 20 at least that is how I took the equivilent to a pack of cigerattes.
  • To give your nose cavities and bring on obesity which in turn leads to Type 2 diabetes! LOL.
  • Careful deficiency, if I remember correctly unChris had a bad run in with vick's inhalers.
  • I was unfortunate to have been born with a bad nose that was always stuffed, got that from my mom who herself is addicted to nose spray. And being born with a deviated septum on my right nostril. This makes the nostril very small & restricted and was almost always stuffed up. As a child I had chronic stuffy nose & myself was addicted to nasal spray for a while. It was the only way I could breathe through my nose and the only way I could have a good nights sleep. Before snuff, 90% of the time my right nostril was clogged and my left nostril was only open half the time. Used to get a lot of sinus infections and sinus headaches as a kid. But snuff has definitely helped a lot with my sinus problems keeping them clear and open. No more infections or headaches. Kicked the nose spray to the curb many years ago & now only use the saline spray. Whenever I get a little stuffed up now I just take a pinch of snuff & I'm good to go.
  • RoderickRoderick Member
    edited February 2008 PM
    Have you considered surgery? What with playing rugby and a stint in the army, I managed to break my nose a number of times and was finding it harder and harder to breathe. I eventually had to have surgery, as it was impairing on my job as a wine taster. The surgeons did a fantastic job, they drilled new holes and straightened my nose and I went back to work with an amazingly enhanced sense of smell. Sadly these days it’s the only thing on my body that doesn’t seam to have a problem. LOL!
  • NoseBagNoseBag Member
    edited February 2008 PM
    Hi All,

    The cartons with snuff handky in I think are aimed at venues with cigarette vending machines, so pubs and clubs don't have to sell it behind the bar. There is a single bullet option without the handkie which is cheaper. I have however been in a couple of clubs in London which are selling the cartons behind the bar.

    I have had a similar discussion with Zuka about price, amount of snuff in the bullet etc when giving them feedback on their product. Feedback from Snuff Store customers is similar to the positive comments above - in general people like Zuka snuff, but want it offered in different sizes and at a cheaper price.

    I think as snuff users we may have to accept that Zuka is aimed at a different market to traditional snuff retailing venues and is currently priced to this market. They are purposely targeting pubs and clubs to give them and their patrons an alternative (under the new 'smoking in enclosed public places laws' that are now in the UK and Europe) to having to leave the venue to spark up a cigarette and get a nicotine hit.

    I suppose the marketing is pretty clever. Pubs / clubs don't lose revenue due to having the tobacco using element of their patrons spending most of their time outside the venue smoking, instead of spending money in the bar on drinks.

    In my opinion Zuka is a welcome addition for several reasons.

    Any new brand of snuff is welcome.
    They are promoting snuff use and so perhaps the availabilty of snuff in venues such as pubs and clubs will be increased.
    More people become aware of snuff as an alternative.

  • Zuka price reduced!

    Hi all,

    As mentioned above, I have been negotiating with Zuka Snuff with regards to the pricing policy - which I suppose was specifically aimed at pubs and clubs, not for online sales, but I digress.

    I met Ronnie Menassa (who is the sales manager at Zuka) a couple of weeks ago and gave him mainly positive feedback on their new product. I gave negative feedback on the price and also suggested that Zuka look at offering their snuff in tins / or other packaging for sales in venues other than in pubs / clubs.

    Ronnie was very gracious on receiving my feedback and told me he would take it back to his board of directors and give me a answer when he had one. Ronnie is also aware of this forum thread - I pointed it out to him a couple of days ago when it first appeared...

    I have today had a email from Ronnie giving me permission to reduce the price of Zuka on Snuff Store, so as of now the price is £3.49 per bullet - which is a reduction of 50p or around $1.00 depending on your location.

    Cheers Ronnie and thanks for listening!

  • Cheers Ronnie, and welcome to Snuffhouse officially.
    If you sold tins, or bulk in bags(whatever) I would be more than welcome to purchase and try your snuff, but prices are a tad high for me since I have no need for a bullet, or a nice hanky to go with.(persuasion intended :) )
  • I agree with Yaz as I've never liked bullets much.
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