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Toque Launches "Toque USA" !

RoderickRoderick Member
edited August 2012 in General
The big secret is finally out. Today Toque and Kretek launch "Toque USA" at the IPCPR in Orlando.
12 new flavours for the USA in our new full thread 10g tins with the stay fresh seal.

Black Cherry - Chocolate - Citrus - Espresso - Kentucky Bourbon - Lime
Peach - Rum & Cola - Spanish Brandy - Spearmint - Wild Berry - Whiskey & Honey

Some old favourites and some completely new.


  • Nice! So, Kentucky Bourbon is Toque Bourbon and Lime is Lime Toast, yes? Now is Spanish Brandy new - or Spanish Gem? Rum and Cola is new, yes?

    wait ... where's Coffee? is Espresso the Coffee? Is Coffee a new Silver Dollar flavor? i am confused ... there are two US Toque threads and in one you reference new SD versus Toque ... sooooo .... These Toques, in this thread, are now available in the US ... and the aforementioned Silver Dollar, still available, with added flavors such as Coffee? Sorry to be so daft ... you were mentioning in the other thread that some of these are Toque's we already know, and some are new.
  • One thread was started by Roderick to announce the new Toque varieties, which are different than the already offered and newly offered SD snuffs. So, The espresso is part of the "new" US Toque line where the coffee is a new SD.
  • Oilmaster, thanks your spot on. The second batch of 6 SD are:

    Vanilla very close to Toque Vanilla, Blueberry is slightly stronger in flavour, Cinnamon completely new, Coffee is creamy smooth and completely new, Cola is identical to Toque and Licorice is another new one.

    On the new Toques, Kentuky Bourbon is new and quite differant from the old Bourbon and I think we will upgrade the old Bourbon to Kentucky Bourbon. Lime is Lime Toast and Spanish Brandy is a very slightly tweaked SG.
  • excellent .. thank you both for the information. now ... to find the SD Coffee and Toque KY Bourbon ;)
  • I am looking forward to these. When should I expect to see these hitting stores in the states?
  • The show started today. I would guess over the next month or two. Keep pressure on you B&M store and tell them philips & King or Kretek International are the distributors.
  • For Europe keep an eye on MrSnuff, Dave and I have been talking about SD Europe for a Long time now and It's just around the corner.
  • You've got me in anticipation, Roderick!
  • Great news! Thanks Roderick & distributors!

    Is there any chance someone (distributors being the most obvious choice) will put up a web page with a directory of B&M stores carrying the new line?
  • I'm chasing them hard on this. They have the websites so it shouldn't be to much longer.
  • Congratulations, Roderick, and thanks for the hard work you've put in to make this happen.

    I especially hope that this move helps you overtake the world's largest snuff manufacturer that abandoned the US market in it's most desperate time of need!
  • @Roderick so any tobacco store that carries SD will be able to get the new toque as well right? I have a smoker friendly store right around the corner and they carry SD so I will go talk to them in the next couple days to find out.
  • Hmm, think I will check out the Citrus if I get the chance.
  • @ Roderick I will also do as @distaind has suggested and talk to the folks in myneck o the woods who also carry silver dollar. YAHOO!!!
  • Thanks Guys.
  • Roderick, thought this was worth a bit of a bump up.

    Question: Will there be an online source for Toque America? There are no real tobacco shops within 60 miles of my location, and I don't drive, so online ordering is kind of my only option.

    Also, what's a B. & M. store? pardon my ignorance.

    Thanks in advance. I'd like to get Toque, Silver Dollar and maybe try the new American range. Just don't know where to get them (aside from your home website from Tiptoe that name, really do...)

  • I went to my tobacco store that sells Silver Dollar and was told that the Torque US is only being test marketed in Illinois and not available in my area. She told me it would be 3 to 6 months before she could get it, if she could get it at all.
  • @Uncle_Squinty B M store stand for Brick and Mortar, like your neighborhood tobacconist.
  • The U.S. distributor has received their shipment of Toque and the new Silver Dollar flavors. My shop will start selling Toque as of today! Tell your tobacconists to order from Phillips & King Quentin. These should be available in every state.
    @WVDAVE: your tobacconists is either lazy or lying to you.
  • RoderickRoderick Member
    edited August 2012 PM
    Wvdave, That is probably a salesman stalling for time. The first shipment was completely sold out. We are working flat out to get more out to the States. Nice one Mr. Nose ;) And good luck with the sales I know you'll do your best.
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    Sold out isn't a bad thing.
  • I talked to the local shop today and they are looking into getting some in, so fingers crossed.
  • I'm still a little confused about the new line, are they in face equivalent to the regular toque snuffs? If so then I am really excited. I was not so fond of SD, and it costed a dollar a gram, I hope this 'Toque USA' really takes off. BTW are you guys doing commercials? My friend said he saw one on the outdoors channel but he cant remember what brand it was.
  • RoderickRoderick Member
    edited September 2012 PM

    Toque, Black Cherry (New) - Chocolate (Old Favourite) - Citrus (New - Twist, pardon the pun, on St Clements) - Espresso (Old Favourite) - Kentucky Bourbon (New) - Lime (Old Favourite) - Peach (Old Favourite) - Rum & Cola (New) - Spanish Brandy (Newish twist on SG) - Spearmint (New) - Wild Berry (New) - Whiskey & Honey (Old Favourite)

    Silver Dollar, Vanilla (New very close to Toque Vanilla) - Blueberry (New slightly stronger in flavour than Toque) - Cinnamon (completely new) - Coffee is creamy smooth (completely new) - Cola (Is identical to Toque Coke) - Licorice (completely new)
  • Vito445Vito445 Member
    edited August 2012 PM
    Oh boy, I gotta put in an order on your website soon. do you still do the 6 for 5 deal on 25g?

    nvm that question, I just went to the website, is there a spearmint one that perhaps has a funny name so I am not recognizing it? If you dont have one you should consider making one. Spearmint is one of my favorites. WOS makes a good one called 'Country Mint'
  • @Vito445 the new Toques are ONLY available at US B&M's, sucks I know
  • I received our shipment of the Toque today and I haven't been able to keep it out of my nose since. I expect these will do very well in the US market.
  • I second the store locator. Not sure if the local store will even bring em in cuz the silver dollar doesn't sell fast and the market for snuff around here isn't really what you'd call good
  • Our local said they'd try to get the new line, I'm in anticipation! I also think a peppermint would be most welcome in most any neighborhood, to me much more attractive than spearmint.
  • @Mr. O Think you could let me know if some shops in the cities get any? None of my locals want to carry it because they had such a low success rate with Silver Dollar
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