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what are you mixing?

distainddistaind Member
edited August 2012 in Types of Snuff
Right now I have 1.roughly 50/50 6 photo special - jubilaums prise its like anarkalis 2nd cousin
2. 60/40 grand Cairo - toque vanilla its amazing just like a creamsicle and 3. Snuffstores cafe noir - Samuel gawith hazelnut not sure on the ratios as I just mixed one batch but its prob close to 50/50
I am aware of the toque mix page
But didn't see an intersnuff mix page


  • SG Celtic talisman with tiger cherry energy snuff. My first mix of tobacco and non tobacco snuff. It looks really weird kinda like when F&T tins get little white flecks in em except all over. Gave it a good nother shake and it's more homogenized now. Just took my first pinch and WOW. New favorite cherry snuff right here.
  • Right now I got a 50/50 mix of 6 Photo Natural and 6 Photo Medicated 66, worked out pretty good
  • This week I been mixing D white & taxi red[ white donkey ] also blast whisky honey & temptation lime and lemony [whiskey sour] both great nic hits. And for desert SG raspberry & SG chocolate. Great Ideas here.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • I call this one [petting zoo] 75% Cheeta 25% Taxi blue.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • I just mixed about a gram of QSnuff Ice Cool with the German Schmalzer scooping technique. Good times were had.
  • I just need to say...

    I mixed some WoS Tom Buck with Frederick Tranter Irish High Dry Toast, and it's fabulous...

    Proportions are very near 50/50, may do a little more toast on the next batch.
  • TomStrasbourgTomStrasbourg Member
    edited August 2012 PM
    Well since the smell of Celtic talisman doesn't seem to want to vacate the box anytime soon, I made a mix of it with WoS sandalwood about 2/3 talisman. I thought the strong smell of Celtic talisman would overpower the 1/3 of sandalwood but turns out they can go blow for blow and make an excellent snuff.
  • 6 photo mix. 50% natural 25% cheeta 25% anarkali
  • Spiced Oatmeal (around equal proportions of De Kralingse Gingerbread, Toque Ginger, Strawberry, Toffee, Almond Toast, WoS Chocolate Orange, and Abraxas Connoisseur Cerise)
  • Right now I am doing a nice fifty fifty mix of Toque Lime Toast and Cafe Noir.
    I was wondering how everybody else settles on a final mix.
    I normally just do successive mini pinches and basically all my test mixing is in my nose.
  • edited March 2013 PM
    @willc When mixing I think of what I want to achieve whether its for nicotine content, moisture adjustment, or like a mix drink develop a unique scent with effect. 25% Abraxas cerise and 75% Dholakia white

    A 1/1 mix of dholakia white & black = dholakia grey
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • distainddistaind Member
    edited August 2012 PM
    When trying out a new mix instead of doing a mix in the nose I use my free mrsnuff spoon and do a little spoonful at a time into a small plastic 1oz paint pot, stir it up, try it and go from there
  • oilmasteroilmaster Member
    edited August 2012 PM
    I've been in an experimental mood today, I guess. Here's another thick mix. A hefty amount of De Kralingse Pompadour, with almost equal parts WoS Thyme and Lemon, Toque Lime Toast, Ginger, Camphor and Clove, and Coltsfoot.

    @willc, I usually go for the mix drink effect. I rarely ever worry about nicotine level being I like to keep my tolerance level low. I don't know, I just get in these moods of throwing everything under the kitchen sink in, and seeing how it comes out. Albeit, I usually choose snuffs I feel would work well together. Whether it be for a sweet effect or a spicy-sweet, or garden-y. I was actually thinking of throwing in some F&T Seville into this mixture, being what I have is very Seville-esque but then figured the Lemon and Lime were citrus-y enough.

    Both of these mixtures I made today are very thick, but all the different scents shine through in an interesting way. Like with the first, I was able to smell the strawberry long after everything else subsided, maybe a good 10 min later.

    @distaind, jinx.... >:)
  • distainddistaind Member
    edited August 2012 PM
    I just mixed up a small amount of McC stammheimer hopfen schnupf and grand Cairo at about 80/20 and it turned out pretty good I'm going to have to mix up a bigger batch right after i order a large tin of the McC hops. For some reason it keeps disappearing pretty quick :-? :D
  • 1 part Torque Quit, 1 part F&T Bureau. I call it the Department of Quitters. It's a ex cigarette smoker thing.
  • @WVDAVE sounds like a good mix, I might have to try that out to take to work tonight...
  • 2 parts tiger cherry, 2 parts Celtic talisman, and 1 part temptation purple passion (it's more like grunt with a passion fruit flavor than a fruit snuff). My new favorite cherry mix just got more interesting.
  • Toque peanut butter and Dholakia Swiss chocolate and Samuel Gawith chocolate 60/30/10
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • distainddistaind Member
    edited August 2012 PM
    These all sound good looks like its time to place another order so I can try all of these mixes. Keep em coming. @tomstrasbourg is the temptation line similar to blast and fubar?
  • @distaind I haven't tried blast and purple passion is the only one of the temptation line I've tried, but you can tell its the same base tobacco as grunt even with the added passion fruit flavor.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Grunt and Elmo's Reserve. Just a pinch of Elmo's in a snuffbox full of Grunt. Wonderful combination to my nose.
  • Toque Whiskey & Honey and Grunt.
  • WoS Apple... Sort of disappointing. having to really stretch to smell apple..... will try again later, probably just hasty.
  • Samuel Gawith : Apple , Samuel Gawith : Banana
  • SG Black Coffee & G&H Kendal Dark in a rollie.
  • @Mr.Nose when I read your post I imagine a lit rollie sticking out your nose :))
  • WoS Black Coffee with Poschl Lowen-Prise....'iced, spiced Coffee!'
  • McC's Anisette with Viking Dark and SG Black Rapee
  • More F&T HDT this time with Taxi Green 7/1
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
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