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What's In Your Mailbox #4

cstokes4cstokes4 Administrator
edited August 2012 in General
New thread.


  • n9inchnailsn9inchnails Moderator
    edited August 2012 PM
    My Mr.Snuff order just came in I got:

    FUBAR 30g - SNAFU plain, SNAFU medicated
    SG 25g - Cola, Chocolate, Peach, Cob Dark
    Wow Coffee Bite 25g
    WoS Best Dark 25g
    Viking Blonde 25g
    Buzz Bubble Gum 10g
    Paul Gotard Grape 7g
    6 Photo Motia 8g
    Snuffhouse Snuffbox race car green
  • Waiting for a heartwood box to be sent when in comes back in stock from Mr Snuff

    And also just ordered Dholakia Sandalwood and GH Sandalwood.
    God put me on this earth to accomplish a certain number of things. Right now I am so far behind that I will never die.
    Bill Watterson
  • Wilsons: Apricot, Apple, Crumbs of Comfort, Jockey Club and Tom Buck
    Samuel Gawaith: Special M, Otterhound, Jockey Club, Bouquet, X Blend, Apple, Honey, Apricot and Banana
    McChrystals: Anisette, Mild Lemon and Supermint
    Viking Blonde
    Dholakia Super Strong Toast.....
  • SG Scotch Black, Viking Dark, G&H Kendal Brown.
    Germain's Rich Dark Flake, SG Bracken Flake, G&H Coniston Cut Plug.
  • 3 x Ntsu Black 15g
    1 x Dholakia African 25g
    1 x Samuel Gawith Full Virginia Flake
    1 x Fribourg & Treyer Dr.JR Justice 25g
    12 x Swedish Match Taxi Red 25g
    9 x Ntsu Green 15g
    2 x FUBAR Snafu Plain 30g
    1 x Titanium Bottle
    1 x Samuel Gawith London Brown 25g
    1 x Gawith Hoggarth Sea Breezes 25g
    1 x Fribourg & Treyer Princes Special 25g
  • 1960's Parker Super Bruyere bulldog smoking pipe bought from Nathan Mattia :))
  • 3.75lbs of American Virgina, 1.25lbs of Yedidje Oriental, .25lbs of Brightleaf smooth, .25lbs of Brightleaf sweet. Time to process.
  • A Krups GX600050 conical burr grinder, this should make snuff making MUCH easier
  • A Krups GX600050 conical burr grinder, this should make snuff making MUCH easier
    Nice one!! I've also got one like that. I find it easier to put the tobacco through the mill twice; first time on coarse and then on fine.

    I know you will enjoy using this grinder.

  • Two lbs of firedance flake
    It's not the having, it's the getting. Elizabeth Taylor

  • Hopefully tomorrow I'll receive
    3 tins of Maccoboy and 3x25G tins of
    Taxi Red... Hopefully.
  • Hopefully tomorrow I'll receive
    3 tins of Maccoboy and 3x25G tins of
    Taxi Red... Hopefully.
    Good luck getting the Maccoboy. I ordered some, it was listed as in stock, but when my order arrived it was crossed off the packing list. I wrote asking about it but got no response. It is still listed as in stock.
  • @mouse yeah I ordered it with my last order but it didn't arrive. It was still on the invoice tho. I contacted Mr Snuff a few times and I think we have it worked out now. Fingers crossed

  • some more unburnt offerings to the pipe gods. Balkan & Navy Flake
    It's not the having, it's the getting. Elizabeth Taylor

  • @basement_shaman how large are those?
  • @stogie 250 grams or five 50 gram tins worth or you mean the flakes? flakes are about 6 inches x 1-1/8 wide
    It's not the having, it's the getting. Elizabeth Taylor

  • @basement_shaman, Thanks for the rapid response. I am just going to HAVE to get some. THANKS!!!!
  • SlideSlide Member
    edited August 2012 PM
    500 grams Samuel Gawith Full Virginia Flake
    250 grams Samual Gawith 1792 Flake
    8 ounces each of Stokkebye Luxury Navy Flake, Twist Flake and Bullseye Flake

    and picked up 4 ounces of Mac Baren Dark Twist at a pipe shop on Lafayette this afternoon. Helped pass the 3 hour drive back home
  • A couple pocket-sized @SnuffSniffer spoons! Very cool!
  • Ones I have waited a moment,they come from USA by Mr Snuff, not ,visibly, in exact adequation With English package.Insted or a bit in reason of having to wait I was happy to recieve my 3 Maccoboys,fine tobacco and disctet but well here roses exhalations,It's on cultural exeption on U.S snuffs all made by (good)whisky.
    In some days I should recieve 3 tins differents of the new Stock's range.
    I like recieving my "loving plant for hight nose" on several times,QTake things by the good way , it's one of the mean to not be anxious(in live sometimes here but for most time injustified),I speak of course for things of life not on direction for uniquity(another subject :)

    But what I'm waiting for, quitly, are samples of one snuff make by fine head,nose an very nice director of a Snuff mark,of my demand of new product( a bit my personal snuff after for the maker , in right positions.

    I will perhaps make explanation more late(if anyone is interested by a nice new product, more anycase of his nearest personal parasite(same for overwhelming majority: jealousy(for all,for nothing...Thinking in false vision that illusioned inferiority supposed can put one in superiority if , this bad,real, "sin" put them in personal mental jails:)
    I hope it will be very good,as that I would said to my litlle childrens i'm around the first steps of this first class snuff,I hope... -)
  • Frenchie clover rosewood snuff box! Score!
  • Very nice box, Scurvy. That would be hard to stay out of!
  • beautiful box @scurvy! May it serve you well. What you going to put in it to start?
  • @Scurvy I had my eye on that one. It ended today on ebay, so I guess its not technically in your mailbox yet.
    When I saw it was getting no bids, I decided to let it finish and see if the seller would relist it at a lower price. You must have gone in at the last minute.
  • Not in the mail, but from our pipe club swat meet. 2 pipes: a small carved Chacom and a Talamona (Italian). Then a couple of tins of Sutliff Old Vienna and Sutliff Man's Best Friend.
  • @Xander Yeah, not yet but in a week or so. I had been watching it to see if it got bids and when I got home from work this morning I was alerted it only had a couple hours left. I just threw in a bid for the heck of it and went to sleep... when I woke up, I had won it. Turned out I was the only bidder and got it for the listing price. I'm pretty happy with it, considering I typically see similar boxes listed at more than twice that price.

    @Mouse I've been on a bit of a Tom Buck kick, and I think some of that will do nicely... none of that sissy Queen's Extra 'round these parts.

  • And a sterling silver tamper.
  • I am expecting a delivery of the new 6 Photo medicated No.666 :-)
    Along with some president for hubby, and I decided to try Toque Lime Toast.
    God put me on this earth to accomplish a certain number of things. Right now I am so far behind that I will never die.
    Bill Watterson
  • Just got an MS order today, containing among other things:

    6 photo Kailash 6 gm. sample

    Arnold Andre's Rumney's Export 7 gram

    S.A. Rumney clone - 2 five gram earplug plastic boxes

    A Posh brass bullet

    A green handkerchief

    Oh, and a Zuka black b 10 gram sampler of 12 cans

    MCCrystal's sampler

    2 Paul Goddard Chocolate

    1 Paul Goddard Fruit Mix

  • Stupid editor... I meant a Wilson's of Sharrow 12 * 10 gram tins assortment

    Okay, maybe not stupid editor...maybe stupid contributor? Heh heh.

    Now fruitlessly attempting to open a 10 gram tin of Wilson's Princes. What? Did some Sheffield welder solder this thing shut? The strength of Samson, Hercules and my morning breath could not combine to open this little tin!

    It's a cruel joke, right?

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