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6 Photo Assorted. Get 15 different snuff tins in this selection.

What's In Your Mailbox #4



  • jbrentonivjbrentoniv Member
    edited November 2016 PM
    Unfortunately DK did not include my favorite recipe, Prins Regent,  in their final production so I had to go without.  I stocked up on a bit of F&T just in case the snuffpocalypse is long term.  I couldn't go without Santo's just so dang good and has become my Sunday snuff.
  • IMG_20161123_182437_1067_800
  • Quite a few bulk tubs of McChrystal's!
    600g S'nuff
    400g Mild Lemon
  • first of three orders coming in:

  • 12x 25g tins of Grand Cairo
  • 6P 200g Kailash
    6P 200g Special
    6P 150g Super Chetak

    41P 150g White Elephant

    WoS 10g SM Blue
    WoS 10g Primeminister
    WoS 10g CoC Extra
    WoS 10g Honey Menthol
    WoS  5g  Clove
  • 2nd order of three:

  • tlag77tlag77 Member
    edited December 2016 PM


    Just opened the mailbox. No better feeling than going to check the mail and seeing a snuff delivery in it!
  • One 15g each of all SWS offerings
  • JosephJames

    And no shittier feeling then going to mailbox and its empty lol I literally wait for the post man pacing by my windows lol I want my snuff!!! Lolol
  • order 3 of 3
    450 gr each of HDT and Old Paris. special Orders take 2 weeks to process, then it ships.
    Big labels basically say" this shit will kill you" and "don't feed to babies or feral animals"


  • 400g of Toque Original plus a 10g tin to replace my beat up one. And 25g of Whisky and Honey which was supposed to be Xmas Pudding. That's fine though because I know it will get sorted out quickly.

  • @alKindiSnuff I know the feeling. I have been anxiously checking daily for two Toque orders-the custom batch I went in with Aamon on and an order of a variety of Toque snuffs.
  • 20161216_224932
    This showed up tonight.
  • 4oz of Luxury Navy Flake

    and a 50g tin of Orlik Golden Sliced
  • GokulGokul Member
    edited December 2016 PM
    An assortment of six photo products. Can't wait to try them:;
  • 20 tins of Sam Gawith snuff. 8 each of blue crest and yellow crest, and 2 each of jockey club and bouquet from a UK retailer.

    Since receiving it and snuffing YC all day, I've placed another order for the remaining 8 tins they had in. They were all substantially reduced in price, and I would have been a fool not to.
  • 50ft_trad50ft_trad Member
    edited December 2016 PM
    Received the second consignment of Yellow Crest yesterday. The heavy discount meant this snuff was even cheaper than buying it in bulk, and if I ever get bored of it, it will be an ideal base for home scenting. I also received 25g of Condor Long Cut
  • My last Toque order arrived just in time for Christmas, with this I'm hitting the 5 Kg mark in my stash, one more order and I' ll be fine for a while. :-j

    Hey snuffageddon! come get me if you dare! :-h  


  • @wulfensteinsson when did you order?
  • @sonarman

    I placed my order on Dec 3rd, took a while to get to me but I blame spanish post for the delay, it is always overwhelmed in this time of the year; the order went to complete status in no time in the toque website.
  • 4x 25g WoS Dr. Rumney's Snuff Blue
  • I recieved a 50g bag of Toque berwick brown.
  • @Wulfensteinsson that is a great order. And yes you are right about the time for delivery. Toque dispatch very quickly 24hrs.

    Did I tell you the story of when I ordered direct from Toque at about 14:00 and my order arrived in my mailbox at 11:30 the next day! Admittedly I do only live ~40miles away Toque HQ, but it does clearly demonstrate that any delivery delays are down to shipping & postal handling, as Toque are super efficient for dispatch and I might add NO. 1 for Customer service.

    Another story I can tell about Toque was that I placed an order on their website and I must have pressed the confirm button twice or something silly like that and so that resulted in a double order. But before I even knew of my own finger pressing mistake, I recieved a phone call from Roderick himself explaining that only one order would charged and sent. I was very very impressed !!! Now that is Customer Service of the highest level.

  • the latest from Snuffstore UK


  • 20170110_153313-600x800

    The sharrow mentholated is very good and comparable in strength to no.99

    The Dr. Rumney's green seems to be relabeled aniseed extra, so it's good.
  • edited January 10 PM
    This should tied me over in the event availability becomes and issue

  • I got my first order from MR snuff. I ordered it on Dec. 31st and got it yesterday, but didn't retrieve it from the mailbox until I got off work this morning. I got:

    41 photo yellow lily natural
    Dholokia white
    F&T HDT, morlaix, and Santo Domingo
    Fubar Bohica
    GH English Rose
    Toque lavender
    Toque lime toast
    Toque rose
    Toque USA lime
    Toque violet

    I also ordered a few snuffs from my coworker that I converted to snuff.
  • A grip of American snuffs I didn't think I'd ever get my hands on.  Thanks Mr. Snuff!  
    SWISHER.. Strawberry, Society, Square, Starr, Lorillard, Buttercup, Wild Cherry, Dixie, Superior, and Three Thistles.  
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