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What's In Your Mailbox #4



  • 2 Heartwood 3" snuff boxes from Mr. Snuff (e-bay store.)
  • I got a toast line up SG IDL ,GH ID,WoS #22#23,fubar snafu,Fubar medic, templation purple & grape.gotard rum. and a black rococco box. the SG was open before it left the warehouse red tape on tin. and the Irish D dusted the entire shipment.Oh and some viking blond just had to give her a go.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • @basement_shaman snuff to be used as pipe sprinkles would be handy in that tamper.
    @Juxtaposer are you talking about sprinkling snuff into your pipe bowl?

  • Thanks @Mrsnuff
    World record?
    7 days to northeast MI. amazing.
  • Seville
    Dr. JRJ
    Tom Buck
    Spanish Gem
  • @Juxtaposer I thought I was the only loon to try that. My conclusion was that it was not a good idea... but perhaps I was just using the wrong snuff.
  • Not sure where to post review but thanks @Roderick

    First time for Toque and the Spanish Gem went straight to my box and is in the pocket.

    Now... Bourbon.
    I do not like Bourbon as a drink (single malt on occasion) however!?
    This is a keeper. Believe both are going on the "A" list as regulars

    For you Bourbon drinkers...
    The one and only Bourbon I have ever liked is called Pappy Van Winkle.
    One of the very best liquors that have ever fallen into my throat.
    Prepare to pay the price .

    Again. Thanks Roderick. You did (do) a wonderful thing
  • @jpsavage click on the big black area that says click here for members snuff reviews .It's on the left hand side above our gracious sponsors.
    5:18AM Posts: 5,664
    Currently we are tidying up and expanding the review section. If you wish to add an review, please add your review to an existing review thread if there is one. If there is not one, you may start a new thread for that snuff, under the manufactuer's category.
    Ideally we'd like to have it arranged so that there is one thread per snuff, with everyone's reviews on that one snuff included.

    If you don't see the manufactuer listed, contact a moderator and we will create a category for it.

    If you had previously written reviews which were posted at the ill-fated, you can repost them here if you have copies. We were able to salavge a few reviews from that site before it went down, which is why some of the listings will look awkward, as they are a cut and paste job done by the moderator team. If any of those salvaged reviews are yours, you are encouraged to post them again so that your name will get credit for it, not one of ours.

    Feel free to post photos with your review, to either show the snuff itself or the packaging.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Dholakia Sparrow Cool
    Gletscher Prise
    Ozona President
    Kloster Andechs
  • some Wos & a dean swift SP
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • a good day--a new Tinsky pipe and a Toshiba 7.7" tablet pc
  • @basement_shaman where did you get all the pre health warning tins? Are they old?
  • GH Black Irish X 500g

    Brown Irish X 500g

    Brown #4 Finest Kendal Twist 16oz
  • @jpsavage I got you beat! 5 days to central kentucky! HOLY CRAP!! That was fast!
  • @joesnuffer - wow! I'm impressed, that IS fast! Airsure? I love your reviews - and if snuff in the mailbox results in more, should we be so lucky, I can't wait to see 'em!
  • Got my first Mr Snuff order today, along with a snuff bottle I bought on ebay! Here's a pic.
    Now.... which to open first?!
  • @Willymac I only use the regular shipping. That's why I was so impressed! Longest wait for a snuff order 45 days now the shortest 5 days. Awesome. Thanks for watching man, I appreciate it. I've got a mess of snuff to review but I'm procrastinating right now... *insert comment about excuses being like assholes*
  • Quite the contrary - you're a saint for doing them! Lots of us could, many should, and you're among the proud few who do - Kudos to ya, my man! It really spreads snuff awareness to a wider audience!

    Also- dang! That really is fast, then!
  • 8 oz Anniversary Kake
    2 tins Full Virginia Flake
    4 oz Seattle pipe club Mississippi River

    I haven't made a snuff order in months! My cart is full of snuff though, going to have to narrow my selections s bit.
  • SupervapeSupervape Member
    edited September 2012 PM
    Thanks @Mrsnuff
    World record?
    7 days to northeast MI. amazing.
    Nice! I am in Lansing so hope it is here soon! on day 5 lol

  • YES! Toque gift day for me! I just got these in the mail just now,, well I tried them all first over the last 15 minutes but yea ..
    a couple of them I got a couple days ago though :) I kinda go overboard and have 55 more cans of various stuff in the mail almost here :)

  • Gawith Hoggarth Kendal Brown 250g
    Gawith Hoggarth Scented Kendal Brown 250g
    Samuel Gawith Kendal Brown Special 250g
    Samuel Gawith SP No.1 High Mills 250g
    Samuel Gawith SP Scotch 250g
    Samuel Gawith Red Crest 250g
    Samuel Gawith Princes Gold 250g
  • XanderXander Member
    edited September 2012 PM
    @mouse whoa!
    Show us a drool-worthy pic!
    All good stuff too. All those snuffs are serious business!
  • pervisions from tiptoe farmhouse- 25 gram tins. w&h,coke,champagne,violet,AT,NT,T&M,LT,chocolate,vanilla, C&B,ST.Clements
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • 25g SG Elmo's Reserve from @crullers. He's a fair and honest trader.
  • @mouse whoa!
    Show us a drool-worthy pic!
    All good stuff too. All those snuffs are serious business!
    @Xander no pics, it's just a bunch of plastic bottles after all. Anyway, this was my second of three 'freeship' orders from mrsnuff. The nearest decent tobacconist is a 2 hour drive to Boston and there's no guarantee they even have snuff or, if they do, that it is anything resembling fresh. There's also no guarantee that the state(s) won't crack down on the shipping-from-outside-the-USA loophole that makes snuff accessible at all. I used to think the pics of folk's stash of kilos of snuff was borderline insane but have come around to view it as a 'prudent reserve'.

    Besides, the bulk snuffs are Fresh! I didn't realize what a difference it made.

  • 11 x 10g toques, plus 260g WoS rose- two separate orders both arrive in one day- be still my heart!
  • Small order arrival :)

    1 x Poschl Packard's Club 6.5g
    1 x Buzz Bubble Gum 25g
    1 x De Kralingse Chococreme-L 25g
    1 x Bernard Blue Handkerchief
    1 x De Kralingse Bon Bon 12.5g
    1 x De Kralingse Gingerbread 12.5g
    1 x Poschl Gawith Cola 10g
    1 x Wilsons Bubble Gum 10g
    1 x FUBAR Shot of Rum 25g
    1 x De Kralingse Chocomint 12.5g
    1 x 6 Photo Kailash 6g
    1 x Wow Fruit Cake 10g
    1 x Wow Apple Pie 10g
    1 x Temptation Purple Passion 10g
    1 x Bernard Magic Moments Black 10g
    1 x Tiger Cola 10g
    1 x Braniff Caribbean 10g
    1 x Abraxas Dragun 15g
    1 x Wow Coffee Bite 10g
    1 x Poschl Gawith Apricot 10g
    1 x Bernard Klostermischung 10g
    1 x Bernard Brasil Doppelt Fermentiert 10g
    1 x Bernard Zwiefacher 10g
    1 x Dholakia Swiss Chocolate 10g
    1 x Bernard Jubilaums 10g
    1 x De Kralingse Musino Tabak 12.5g
    1 x McChrystal's Original & Genuine Packet 3g
    1 x Supreme Pan Parag Gutkha 3g
    1 x Fribourg & Treyer Bordeaux 25g
    1 x Fribourg & Treyer Dr.JR Justice 25g
    1 x Fribourg & Treyer Seville 25g
    1 x Fribourg & Treyer High Dry Toast 50g
    1 x Wilsons Crumbs of Comfort 5g
  • Unfortunately still not in my mailbox, I ordered a heartwood cherry with maple box in July and still have not received it from MrSnuff, Andrea keeps nagging the warehouse, but for some reason they are not sending it out to me :-(
    Perhaps they like it so much they feel they can't possibly let it go?
    God put me on this earth to accomplish a certain number of things. Right now I am so far behind that I will never die.
    Bill Watterson
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