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What Video Game(s) are You Playing?



  • PsickoPsicko Member
    edited November 2016 PM
    I've been playing world of warplanes, Armored warfare, and some insurgency.

    I'll have to check out WWII online and pride of nations.
  • Psicko, WW2 Online is a tough game but rewarding. My favorite part is there are no matches. You might have 100 people fighting over a town. Some attacks have five people and never get momentum. There is no limit on participants in attacks or defense.

    I have spawned in to defend towns under attack. It takes a moment to get your bearings and read the chat bar for what place needs help the most. The biggest disorienting thing is the absolute noise of bombs, air raid sirens, small arms fire, AAA guns, anti tank guns, etc. It really sounds like a war zone. You eventually learn the sound of a allied tanks versus a panzer, or the different types of small arms.

    If you play, try out aircraft and tanks on offline or on the training server. They take time to master but the guys who are good with them are really good. I usually play infantry hauling a rifle or smg.

    Pride of Nations is empire management. A lot going on. Takes place from 1850-1920. So.e scenarios feature some fairly obscure but important events in Europe. The main game features the world. Sort of an updated version of Imperialism.
  • @Joseph James thanks for the info. I'll check it out when I get a chance.
  • Forza 3,4,6 and battlefield 3 metro 24/7
  • The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition on PC
  • Twilight Princess HD on WiiU
  • About to check out Defiance on xbox 360. Anybody have opinions on this one?

  • AlKindiSnuffAlKindiSnuff Member
    edited December 2016 PM
    Modern Warfare Remastered (PS4)
    I don't like infinite Warfare futuristic one. I like in the now Warfare or the past WW2 etc. glad Modern Warfare Remastered came with Infinite Warfare. As I loath Infinite Warfare. I'd love to see COD World at War released in a upgrade or another WW2 game,battlefield 1 seems kool from what I've seen I may get that. Anyone's view on Battlefield 1? Will I like it being a COD fan?
  • dark souls 2 remastered on the ps4. I liked it better then 3 which was a good game but a little too easy for a dark souls game. Playing it again I beat the original version. This time I am playing as the deprived class (which is just the start with nothing so you can build the guy as you want) and doing a generalist build. Which is takes a while to get up to snuff, but it's a way fun way to play since you're equally good at all things so you can change your play style up which is more fun then crushing it in one way or the other.
  • Not playing it just yet but because it's still downloading (50gb!), But got a deal on PSN for the Witcher 3 and all dlc. Am excited to try it, waiting impatiently. Haven't played the first two or read the books. Heard it's a good fantasy style game though. Anyone played it yet? Am I gonna miss out on anything by starting from the 3rd game in the series?
  • Yes the Witcher 3 is amazing one of the best games in recent times. So much good about it. Jealous of your getting to play it for the first time.
  • oh and no not missing anything by not playing the others. It gets you up to speed fast about who is who.

  • I will be playing Battlefield 1 fairly soon. I cant wait!
  • @Aamon that games name in five years is going to make kids say I don't get why the first one plays newer then the other ones.
  • Axis just won campaign on Battleground Europe. 1940 starts over again. I might go Allied this time and try driving the Char B1s and Churchills.

    My hat is off to the developers. They just released new mobile spawn systems and continue to clean up the 15 year old code.

    If anyone tries the game, look for me if you need help. Joe121.
  • The Swapper on PS4

    Since I opened it for the first time ~1hr ago, I can't seem to stop playing it. And the Witcher 3 is waiting unplayed. But I just had to try this indie game I found on sale first... just to see what it's like...
  • @agentshags A lot of indie games are really good. I bought Verdun through Steam early on and it has been improving over time.
  • I'm really into Warframe right now, but I'm usually playing Destiny.
  • I just downloaded tiger knight from steam before I went to work. Haven't played it yet. It's an MMO that takes re-enacts the massive battles from China in 300bc. Looks like it might be fun.
  • Worms Armageddon on PS3. Very nostalgic
  • PoGo + Willie Pete.
  • @agents hags have you played ingress.
  • @AlKindiSnuff I have been playing battlefield 1 quite a bit recently. I'm a big fan of battlefield 1 they have recreated the maps scale for scale of certain battles. I find the main difference is that battlefield tends to steer the franchises to a much more realistic type of gameplay. For example they have realistic bullet drop, game mechanics and a bit more accurate in damage. I loved odern warefare though I love the realism of battlefield 1 especially online gameplay. Single player for battlefield 1 is incredible im not a fan of previous war story modes though battlefield 1 is worth buying just for this. Just be warned if you are used to futuristic technology and weapons you will get none of this in battlefield 1. I see the game as almost a WW1 game simulator.
    Though if you are still on the fence about buying the game try borrowing the game for a few days to give it a decent tryout. If you cant borrow it by all means buy it, if you're looking for a WW1 game I wouldnt look any further.
  • @psicko I have it but hadn't played it much, mostly used it to locate spawn points in PoGo lol
  • Miniclip 8pool level 88*
  • final fantasy XV and if you've thought maybe on it just do it. It's back to form for this one. It's pretty amazing.
  • Battleground Europe still. Axis (my team) won last campaign. Last night we took several towns. This is unusual. Normally, Allies are a steamroller, but the Americans and Sherman tanks haven't arrived yet.

    War Plan Orange. Just bought from Matrix Games. It's an older game using hexes like the old Avalon Hill board games. Japan vs. US/Britain/China/ANZAC in the 1920s. Sort of a what if with dreadnoughts, other inter war period units.

    Pride of Nations turned out to be terrible. Great game but it crashes a lot. I've tried running as administrator, changing graphics settings but nothing helps. I can play three turns and then it crashes. At least it auto saves.
  • I play Guild Wars 2. Real computer, no game box for me.
  • All those that play PC which setup do you run? I'm on next gen ps4 at the moment and wondering what kind of price we're looking at for a decent PC setup?
  • @Aamon I am using a circa 2008 Dell Inspiron 530. I installed a Nvidia video card (2Gig)(Battleground Europe won't work with integrated video cards) and beefed up the power supply.

    I manage to play a lot of stuff with no problems even with such an old machine. Buying or building a new machine is low on the priority list for me. Do you know how much snuff I could buy for the price of a new computer?! :)
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