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How do you start snuff?

mcostamcosta Member
edited February 2008 in General
This should be an interesting topic. Just share stories of how you got into using snuff.
My friend introduced me to it.


  • I walked into the smoke shop to see if they happened to have any and they did and that's about it. My first snuff was Ozona President.
  • I meant to title this - How did you start snuff.
  • Yeah I also saw a box of tins at the smoke shop (great place too bad it doesn't exsist any longer) tried it at that point I was trying any form of tobacco around.
  • SatyrSatyr Member
    edited February 2008 PM
    I live in Chicago and knew the smoking ban was coming. I was searching high and low for alternatives or ways to help me quit. I tried the smokeless cigarettes, inhalers, gum, etc. None of them really did the trick for me. I have only dipped a few times in my life. I didn't really care much for it. Not wanting to give up tobacco entirely, but also not wanting the hassle of not being able to smoke in public, I was desperate for a suitable alternative. I remembered seeing part of a movie when I was younger (I wish I could remember the movie) and this German tourist guy was in this hole-in-the-wall bar. The bartender was this hard looking Native American dude. He saw the German guy using snuff and gave him a strange look. The German guy offered to share, took the Indian guys hand, and sprinkled on a small pile. The bartender just gave him a strange, disgusted look and wiped it off his hand, then walked away. The German looked a bit perplexed. I wondered what the hell it was the German was using. I thought it was something illegal. My step-father told me it was snuff tobacco. I was only a kid when I saw this on TV. I thought it was a bit strange and gave it no more thought. Until recently, that is.

    Thinking about what I saw on TV when I was younger and not remembering what it was called, I did a google search for "nasal tobacco". The first site I found was the first place I ordered from. They only had Ozona Cherry and Raspberry. I ordered one of each at $3.80 per. I realize now that I overpaid. Live and learn. It took some getting used to. I was not expecting menthol at all, so this almost put me off completely. However, I forced myself to use it. Afterall, I paid for it. Why waste it? It quickly replaced smoking for me and I began to enjoy it. I then did a search for other flavors. One thing led to another and I now have a snuff collection that rivals those of people who have been using snuff for years, lol. And I've only been at it for about 3 months now!
  • Poo-DiddyPoo-Diddy Member
    edited February 2008 PM
    I have been using American Oral tobaccos since 1990. I've tried every kind made, but basically I had a tin a day habit of Kodiak. Many times going into a tobacco store I would see a display of the american dry snuff tobaccos. One time in 1990 I purchased one thinking it was like all the other American moist snuffs. When I opened it and found this powder I tried to pinch a big old fat dip for my mouth and it just didn't work that way for me. So I disgarded it and never gave it a second thought until a few years ago when I was looking for an alternative to help me quit my dip habit.

    Went into the store on the way to a baseball game to get my usual can of kodiak but for the heck of it picked up a can of Honey Bee. Determined to give this a real try, as soon as I got in the car I took a big pinch of the Bee, brought it up to my nose and took a big harsh snort. It blasted by throat and I immediately went into a coughing fit the initial cough sent a portion of the powder all over my uniform. As I was dusting my jersey off something strange hit me. Although the coughing fit sucked, something good was going on in my nose. It was tingling, and the flavor wasn't all that bad. Well as soon as the game was over I raced home with my can of honeybee and sat down at my computer looking for instructions on how properly take snuff without having a coughing fit.

    My research first led me to the yahoo group snuffboxthenasalclub where I found a bunch of info on how to take snuff, and I soon realiized how many other types of snuffs and flavors were available. That night I placed an oreder from Mars cigars. Gawith Cola, and Chief Bull. When those arrived, wow I couldn't believe the flavors. Along with the sample of Prime Minister my nose was dancing. And they were so much easier to take than the honeybee. I started placing a ton of orders steadilly which has brought me to where I sit now with over 100 different snuffs at my disposal.

    Although I still partake in my Kodiak now and then throughout the day, I'm never without a supply of nasal snuff by my side. And I continue the good fight using snuff to hopefully oneday eliminate the Kodiak completely from my lifestyle.

    Here is a link to my very first snuff related post made the night I recieved my first mars order.
    LOL, I still have such vivid memories of the night of my great discovery.
  • I'd quit tobacco for about 3 years... I was committed to not smoking or dipping (chewing) tobacco because of the related health risks (lung cancer and tooth decay/gum disease). But, I was curious (and bored) one day as I contemplated the question of whether tobacco (the plant) was bad or was it the form it took (in its use). So I began reading articles on the internet and found a common theme regarding nasal snuff research; "no cases of nasal cancer have ever been documented", reading this made me comfortable with trying it. I found a can of W.E. Garrett Sweet & Mild snuff at a local corner store and bought it. My first pinch slapped one of the biggest smiles I've experienced on my face and I've enjoyed taking pinches of many different snuffs ever since.
  • NoseBagNoseBag Member
    edited February 2008 PM
    Hi All,

    I seem to be posting this story alot, but my first experience of snuff was Poschl's Red Bull about 10+ years ago.

    It was adopted by one of the rugby teams I used to play for. We used to take a sniff before playing to clear our noses - pretty similar I suppose but less messy, to football players (soccer) smearing vicks vapour rub on the front of their shirts.

    I worked at the time in a profession that 'frowned' upon it's employees smoking in the 'public eye', so snuff became an alternative means of obtaining a nicotine fix for me whilst at work. I then discovered a few of my work colleagues took snuff - mainly J & H Wilsons or Hedges as it was commonly available in the local newsagents / tobacconists.

    So we then had a 'snuff' circle at work - it was in the days just before the internet really took off, so we had severe restrictions on snuff brands / blends we could get hold of. It was always a joy when someone went to Germany on holiday as they'd come back loaded with goodies for us...
  • This is taken from my first post at snufftalk.org

    I'm a 37 yr old carpenter and live NW of Chicago. I first tried snuff as a preteen when a friend of mine (the same "friend" that introduced me to cigarettes when I was 10) got some at the tobacco shop in the mall where we would get our parents to drop us off to "hang out". It was Gawith Apricot and I see that the container looks the same after 25 yrs. I picked up the same snuff there several times after that until the tobacco shop disappeared and never tried any other type. I soon forgot about snuff and was content with a pack a day cigarette habit by the time I was 13 :cry: and continued until recently. The only time I didn't smoke cigarettes was a few years ago when I quit for a year (but cheated by smoking several cigars a day and chewing tobacco). So seven or eight weeks ago I decided to give up cigarettes and succeeded with use of the "patch" for 4 weeks. A have enjoyed 1 cigar each weekend for the past 3 weeks and asked the guy at the cigar shop if he had any nasal snuff. He didn't so I went to the internet. Low and behold I find this and other forums dedicated to nasal snuff! With a little investigation I decided that the best place to buy would be Mars. I ordered my old friend Gawith Apricot and about 10 others. I never imagined there were so many types out there. It arrived last week and its been great trying all this variety! I have learned alot perusing the sites and thought I should join up so I can contribute my 2 cents here and there and get some answers to my questions
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  • "does anyone else carry two handkerchiefs, one for blowing and a thinner one for ...uhm.. cleaning? ;)"

    Yes. Yes I do. In fact, I carry 2 of the same. One just doesn't do it for me. I've gotta have two. And if I only happen to have one on me, I blow in something disposable and clean with the hanky since the "cleaning" part is what chafes ya.
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  • I found an old tin in my Dad's workshop as a kid. Started dabbling at about 16 taking Hedges L260, really liked it but then got into the more socially acceptable cigarette smoking when I started to go to pubs and bars. Ive always snuffed on and off and slowly aquired a nice little collection (including some now unobtainable Smith's blends as I live an hour from the shop) as well as snuff boxes. With the UK ban, I decided to just use snuff as I was not prepared to quit tobacco because I enjoy it so much. Overall a pretty successful switch, with maybe 20 cigarettes since July 07. Dont use menthol anymore, apart from occasional pinches of Poschl which I tend to get as presents from my kids, main snuff these days is the one and only Tom Buck

    Talking of Smith's; did anyone else visit the 'old' shop? It changed hands a few years ago and the range went down. Although its still a pretty unique place, the old shop was like something from another world..
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  • Lore79Lore79 Member
    I was started just for fun when teenager, then I discovered a world and a culture besides snuff, and I continued to take it, nowadays I have tryied out more and more snuff. and I continue, proudly, to take it.
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