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Note to all long term members

XanderXander Member
edited August 2012 in General
Dear members,
Many of you who have transitioned with us from our previous format to Vanilla may have noticed that members with two part names cannot be notified via an @ symbol. Since on Vanilla, all new members have been limited to one word names, or put a space between their names.
For instance once "PieterClaassen" was "Pieter Claassen", but saying, "hello @Pieter Claassen" would notify only a dead link, so he had his name changed to know when somone was talking to him.
If any members would like their names modified so that they can recieve personal notifications @yourname, please let me know. I can either do it as a combined name or insert a blank instead of the space like "Pieter_Claassen"
I will not modify any names other than those two ways, and I will not modify them without you requesting it. You may request either in this thread publicly or by personal message.


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