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cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
edited June 2013 in The Snuffhouse Bazaar
Welcome to the Snuffhouse Marketplace where you can buy, sell, or trade with other members of Snuffhouse.

The ground rules:

1. Buying, selling, or trading is done at your own risk; know who you are dealing with.
2. Posts over 60 days old will be deleted by a Moderator.
3. Please update original posts with pertinent information (please edit the post to keep things tidy)
4. Please private message (please do not whisper or post a response on this thread) the member that you are interested in dealing with.
5. Postings that are updated with: traded, gone, found a good home, etc. will be deleted
6. Please limit multiple postings, try to consolidate postings together to keep things neat and tidy, the oldest post will be deleted.
7. Happy buying, selling, or trading!


  • In addition to various cigars, I do have x11 tins of Pease sixpence with several years age and x10 tins of OGS with several years age. I would happily trade them for bulk snuff, or perhaps even bulk tobacco.
  • I am looking to part with:
    F&T Santo Domingo 25g
    SWS Latakia 15g
    WOS Best Dark 10g

    All have only had one tiny spoonful removed and were purchased around December 2019. They have all been re-sealed with electrical tape and kept inside an airtight Tupperware.

    I am looking to trade for SPs or most McChrystals to anyone in the US! Send me a PM if your are interested!
  • Hotak21Hotak21 Member
    @boiledonions , really wish I had something you were looking for to trade for the F&T Santo Domingo. It's one I've been wanting to try. Lol, I know it's unlikely, but would you be willing to trade for some 6 Photo Super Chetak?
  • Looking to try samples of dry toasts!

    I recently ordered a tin of high dry toast and field of junipers. All I can smell from them is manure/ammonia/ fermentation and would like to try some samples of the same toasts from others.

  • JohanoJohano Member
    edited May 30 PM
    About 20 grams of 6 Photo Cheeta Chhap Gul. Would be great to exchange for a few samples of random snuffs, or some good plain one :) pm me
  • DeezDeez Member
    I am looking for anything from 41 Photo.
  • dasrdasr Member
    edited June 6 PM
    Can I buy vintage snuff somewhere? Vintage unopened or empty british ones like the ones on ebay mcchrystals hedges wilsons
  • volungevolunge Member
    @dasr , search for "snuff" there.
  • I've got lots of different tinned pipe tobaccos I would love to trade for snuff. Gl pease sixpence, OGS, Solani aged burley flake, and some others. Pm me!
  • hey  im in california and am interested in buying some US snuffs from people who are lucky enough to be in the states were they are readily available. I really want to try peach sweet snuff its the first snuff i ever looked at and thought woah i need this. that was before i ever tried snuff. If anybody is willing to send me some id pay them for the snuff as well as shipping. And i would be VERY grateful. You guys are awesome love this forum.
  • GunnarGunnar Member
    @justinwizard707 I think my local tobacconist has this in stock, I'll check and let you know.
  • @Gunnar thanks man if they do dont pick it up right away message me and let me know then ill tell you when i have the funds to pick it up from you and plus a few extra bucks for your trouble
  • Zebra2374Zebra2374 Member
    edited July 7 PM
    Many tubs of NTSU Black available.

    Ive had them for about 9 months but I vacuum seal
    everything so theyre in perfect nick.

    Let me know. Min order of 4 tubs for 5GBP plus postage.

    Im UK based.

  • JimJim Member
    I am looking for OM Dreamcatcher? Anyone?
  • aguineapigaguineapig Member
    edited July 11 PM
    Interested in trading for a few cans of los snus. Not too fussy as to variety.
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