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cstokes4cstokes4 Administrator
edited June 2013 in The Snuffhouse Bazaar
Welcome to the Snuffhouse Marketplace where you can buy, sell, or trade with other members of Snuffhouse.

The ground rules:

1. Buying, selling, or trading is done at your own risk; know who you are dealing with.
2. Posts over 60 days old will be deleted by a Moderator.
3. Please update original posts with pertinent information (please edit the post to keep things tidy)
4. Please private message (please do not whisper or post a response on this thread) the member that you are interested in dealing with.
5. Postings that are updated with: traded, gone, found a good home, etc. will be deleted
6. Please limit multiple postings, try to consolidate postings together to keep things neat and tidy, the oldest post will be deleted.
7. Happy buying, selling, or trading!


  • miamimarkmiamimark Moderator

  • @miamimark what snuff do you want to trade for your dog?
  • Lol.... not for all the snuff in the world!
  • I have some A. Fuente Hemmingway cigars to trade for snuff, snuff bullets, pigtail, twist, or tobacco bits. Also have some extra menthol crystals.Within U.S. only please.
  • Looking for some pipe tobacco. I was looking to try some Esoterica Penzance or Dunbar. Have a bunch of cigars or snuff to trade.
  • Samuel Gawith, Scotch snuff

    Want to get rid of this, just need some BTC for stamps.
  • I live in Lynchburg TN and will trade locally available WE Garrett (regular and sweet) Bruton, Tops, and Red Seal.

    I would like to trade for exotic, high nicotine, non mentholated, subtle flavors. I will consider other snuffs to try. 

  • 20 gram container of de Kralingse Mississippi for trade. Unopened. I have another one I can add that has been opened and about half a dozen pinches used. Will trade for similar amount of snuff, it doesn't matter what it is. 
  • Im looking to buy snuff with someone within canada for shipping and payment reasons, thanks :)
  • MrBrookeMrBrooke Member
    edited January 11 PM
    I can acquire these snuffs locally:

    In 1.15 oz cans:
    • American Snuff Co.'s Peach Sweet Snuff
    • Society Sweet
    • Navy Sweet Scotch
    • Superior Scotch
    • Railroad Mills Sweet
    • Square
    In  4.65 oz cans:
    • Bruton of Nashville Bruton Scotch Snuff
    • Navy Sweet Scotch
    • Lorillard Sweet
    • Dental Mild Scotch
    • Honey Bee Sweet Scotch
    • Dental Sweet Snuff
    • Tube Rose Sweet
    I'd be willing to pick up some to trade for snuffs or, until I acquire one, for a snuff box. I'd also be willing to more directly purchase snuff from someone in the US, especially anyone that has some of the "Ambrosia", as I just read that it seems like it will be a long time before I have mine from the group-buy.
  • Thai Red. 3 unopened bottles. From factory mid 2015 production. Barter or sell outright. State side only, thanks.
  • What's Thai red like?
  • Got an assortment of cigars (2-5 dollar per stick range in terms of retail; mid range stuff) I'd love to trade for snuff and pipe tobacco. I just don't have the nic tolerance for stogies. PM me for list and discuss.
  • Anyone need any testing ;) 
  • Is anyone looking to go in half on a case of TPS? Amazingly, I've gone through mine.
  • TPS?
  • He is speaking of the TPS Madras @ Hookah1 , you have to buy by the case from them either 10 or 12 to a case can't remember for sure. They also have the NC Madras.
    If It Ain't Broke Don't Fix It!
  • I'd be interested in a pkg. of the NC if anyone is up for group purchase.
  • TShaqTShaq Member
    edited January 29 PM
    Hey All,

    Hope everyone had a fantastic holiday season! As part of a new year resolution and also getting married in June I promised my soon to be wife that I would kick the nicotine habit once and for all (except for some snus here and there). It's been an enjoyable experience learning about the wonderful world of snuff, but sadly I am here to sell my remaining snuff. The list below is what I have (everything was purchased in October 2016 or after) and either decanted or left in the tin unopened. I would love to sell it all as one big package, but can pick it apart as well. I'll give it until Wednesday for someone to make me an offer on the one big package and then I will begin to pick and part. It has been a pleasure getting to know you guys and I'll be back to the forum once in a while to chat! The only item on this list that could be 'questionable' is the last one "Old Mill Dreamcatcher". It's been refrigerated and still has all the great qualities, but I can't guarantee how old it is as I received it in a trade. I wish you all great health and happiness and please PM me with offers! List in next post. There will also be plenty of tapbox freebies and other samples.


    • Updated list below: (thanks for fixing @yisraeldov)
    • 1x Samuel Gawith SG Extra Menthol 25G decanted
    • 1x Samuel Gawith Toffee 25G decanted
    • 1x De Kralingse Gingerbread 17.5G decanted
    • 1x De Kralingse Gingerbread 17.5G decanted,
    • 1x De Kralingse A/P Snuiff 30G decanted
    • 1x Samuel Gawith Elmos Reserve 25G unopened tin
    • 1x Sir Walter Scotts Lundy Foot Snuff 15G opened, 1 pinch gone, refrigerated
    • 3x Wilsons Irish High Toast 22 25g 50G decanted and 1 25G unopened tin
    • 1x Wilsons Winter Warmer 25G unopened tin
    • 3x Wilsons Grand Cairo 25G 50G decanted and 1 25G unopened tin
    • 1x Fribourg and Treyer High Dry Toast 50G decanted
    • 1x Toque Rustica 50G decanted
    • 1x Toque Natural Toast decanted,
    • 1x Toque Whiskey & Honey 25G unopened tin
    • 2x Toque Lime Toast 25G unopened ins
    • 2x Spanish Gem 25G unopened tins
    • 1x Wilsons Crumbs of Comfort 25G decanted
    • 3x Poschl Red Bull Strong 21G decanted
    • 1x White Elephant 20G 90% left
    • 1x T.P.S. Thangam Madras Snuff No.1 50G unopened tin
    • 1x Railroad Mills Sweet Scotch Dry Snuff 1.15oz unopened tin
    • 1x Dragun Menthol Snuff (got in trade, full bottle, not sure size) opened, 1 pinch gone, refrigerated
  • Looking to trade some snuff I have for the following:
    Dholakia Madras
    Dholakia White
    NB Madras
    McCrystal's Chocolate

    PM me in USA only Thnx
  • Dunno if anyone would be interested but if any of you get those graze boxes (healthy food stuff, they're quite nice) I have
  • 10GBP worth of graze  vouchers if anyone would like to swap some snuff haha!

    any offer will be considered
  • @TShaq

    PM sent bro.
  • @TSaq, I've PM'd you a couple of times, are you still selling?
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  • OregonOregon Member
    edited February 3 PM
    Looking to trade for Fribourg & Treyer High Dry Toast. I've never tried it, and I have to see what the fuss is about.

    I have the following snuff for trade:

    Toque Ambrosia (Spanish Gem custom)
    McCrystals Original & Genuine
    WoS Assorted Medicated (5g tins unopened)

    Note: The Toque and McCrystals are in bulk and would be weighed out using a clean dry snuff container and confirmed on a scale before shipping.

    US traders only please.
  • @mecompco, reaching out now, sorry!
  • Does anyone have any amount of dip/plug/chew or snus they're willing to sell?
    Am in UK and so determined to try it! i would honestly buy just a lip full or just one thing of snus if thats what's available! 

  • Looking for a tube of Rooster USA snuff. I live in the southwest and can't find this anywhere. All we have locally is Garret sweet n' scotch. I have 8 tap boxes of poschl presdient up for trade at the moment. Willing to $.
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