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Snuffhouse Marketplace (Members please post your Buy - Sell - Trade requests here!)

cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
edited June 2013 in The Snuffhouse Bazaar
Welcome to the Snuffhouse Marketplace where you can buy, sell, or trade with other members of Snuffhouse.

The ground rules:

1. Buying, selling, or trading is done at your own risk; know who you are dealing with.
2. Posts over 60 days old will be deleted by a Moderator.
3. Please update original posts with pertinent information (please edit the post to keep things tidy)
4. Please private message (please do not whisper or post a response on this thread) the member that you are interested in dealing with.
5. Postings that are updated with: traded, gone, found a good home, etc. will be deleted
6. Please limit multiple postings, try to consolidate postings together to keep things neat and tidy, the oldest post will be deleted.
7. Happy buying, selling, or trading!


  • I have an unopened 1.15 oz canister of Tube Rose Sweet Scotch snuff for trade within the US... looking for something from Taxi, 6photo, English or German snuffs not heavily mentholated. Thanks!
  • WTB Stok Charlotte
  • If anyone has access to American scotches and would like to trade some that would be awesome. Specifically looking for Honey Bee, Navy Sweet, Peach Sweet and strawberry. I can only get Garrett (plain or sweet) and dental mild around me. I'd be willing to trade those or basically any other tobacco product you want.
  • @Azfishin, no interest in the Tube Rose I posted?
  • @snuffandsympathy actually yes I would be interested
  • Feel free to send me a private message!
  • SlideSlide Member
    edited December 2019 PM
    Hello all,

    Slide here, long time member who has been diverted from forums by life.

    In any case, I am currently working in Cincinnati and my snuff stash is in Louisiana. I got here in September and was supposed to be home before now, but they keep asking me to stay longer....If this continues I may have to tell them I need a couple days off to go get some snuff.

    If anyone has some Fubar Grunt they would be willing to part with I would gladly reimburse you above Mr. Snuff price to offset some of your original shipping, and of course pay shipping to me.

    Other snuffs that would do in a pinch...

    Viking Dark
    Viking Brown
    Thor's Hammer
    Elmo's Reserve

    and I would like to try WOS Africa but I can solve that issue after the holidays

    I have a Toque order coming to me, hopefully it arrives before I run completely out.

    Also - if anyone has a email for Snuffbrant drop him a line for me and tell him to check his PM's here. A computer crash a few years ago taught me a lesson about backing up address books..

  • DE6B7786-A1D7-4572-AE1E-BE674F0C872D

    I am looking for a snuff box in this style, if anybody has one they would like to trade let me know. I have several snuffs I can trade, but I also make and sell custom quality slingshots, if the box is off exceptional quality I would be willing to trade one of my builds for it.

    If anybody is interested in seeing one of my builds, as well as some can killing, check out my YouTube link and let me know what you think.
  • edited December 2019 PM
    I wrote something long but apparently didn
  • Please dont use the apostrophe, it cuts your posts. Avoid some other special characters like currency symbols, too. Welcome to the forum, @TatuajeSnuffer!
  • Ok haha thank you @volounge

    I was saying Im looking for a trade. I do not have much in terms of snuff but have a large cigar collection if anyone is interested in that

    I have some specific snuffs in mind but mostly just want to try whatever
  • @tatuajesnuffer PM sent
  • jsmk69jsmk69 Member
    edited December 2019 PM
    I realized I like the Toque menthols much more than the normal ones. I bought the 6 can 25g special Lavender NaturalToast Pomegranate Bourbon and 2 menthols which I will keep. Obviously the first 4 have been opened maybe 3 or 4 very small hits at most. If anyone would like to trade I would like raspberry blueberry cherry menthols by Toque or another company.
  • @jsmk69 if you do not find someone for trade and want to sell them let me know. The menthol blueberry is great btw.
  • @snuffandsympathy- If I cant get a trade they are yours. No biggie. Just cover the shipping.
  • @jsmk69 thanks and good luck!
  • I know this is a stretch but I wanted to see of anyone still had any Abraxas St.Casura in someone's vault that they would be willing to trade for.
  • 3/4 tin of Viking Dark opened two weeks ago for trade...anything Toque etc.
  • expersexpers Member
    edited December 2019 PM
    CANADIAN ONLY - to Trade/Sell

    150grams 6 Photo Super Kailash, 4 months old, sealed and stored in freezer.
    150grans 6 Photo Special, 4 months old, sealed and stored in freezer

    Toast Mix:  20g Irish 22, 20g HDT, 10g Toque Lime Toast, 10g Toque Almond Toast, 10g Toque Bourbon, 5g Toque W&H, these are approximates but there's far more than 50g total there, sealed and stored in fridge, few months.

    Prv Msg to make an offer.  Prefer not to split the lot.

  • SammyD13SammyD13 Unconfirmed
    Looking for OSP Batch #4.

    Also looking for Filt snus paper or snus portion bag materials.

    I have snuff to trade or can buy. Thank you!
  • Looking to trade some 6 Photo Super Chetak. Realized I have more than I really need, lol. Really looking to try some Fribourg and Treyers:

    -Kendal Brown
    -Old Paris
    -Santo Domingo

    Also possibly open to other British Snuffs; just let me know what you have. 
  • edited January 6 PM
    If anyone in the US has some German or UK snuffs they want to get rid of please let me know before I place an order (on a budget for the next couple months)...
  • DeezDeez Member
    I'm looking for Wilson's Lavender and also on the lookout for some American Scotches.  I don't really have anything to trade but will gladly pay you.  
  • I am still interested in trading some cigars for a sampler of different snuffs if anyone is up for it. Particularly old mills like bananas foster. Open to anything
  • dasrdasr Member
    Since Northerner has stopped shipping to EU can someone sell me Red Man?
  • Dyson_noseDyson_nose Member
    edited January 25 PM
    UK sell/trade

    With a heavy heart I have decide to part with some of my Abraxas jars. I have premium coarse, cerise connoisseur and cerise fire cured.
    Couple of weeks ago I revised my snuff cellar and I can assure you that all jars are in perfect condition, never opened and stored in a cold place well packaged since I have received them couple of years ago. I am currently enjoying newly opened premium coarse and I have to say it is fresh and yummy like the first jar I ever opened.
    I prefer to deal in person so the buyer can inspect the items, but can also post within the UK. All is glass jars so shipping will be too pricey for posting abroad I am afraid.
    I am looking to sell at 5GBP per jar plus p&p (4.50GBP up to 2kg parcel) and have few spare jars of each - premium, cerise and fire cure cerise.
    Also I have a drum of WoS Irish#22 never opened and properly stored for just over a year and 500g tub of Viking brown. (Looking for 10 pounds each plus postage).
    Open for trades too, I need an icetool snus can or other quality snus container/tools/accessories.
    Reason for selling is the amount of snuff I have, last thing I want is to see them going dry or mouldy before I am able to enjoy them. Any questions are welcomed please messenger me directly if you are interested.
  • Sg - Kendal - KB Original
    Sg- Kendal - Red Crest
    Viking- Thors Hammer
    Toque- Citrus, SP xtra x2 , Berwick Brown, Vanilla, Toffee
    All snuffs were tried, couple 2 - 3 pinches each with a tool, not my fingers. Sp extra is not touched though. Just did the ol try it and didn't like it routine with them.

    Silver posh bullet - loaded once with Tom buck. Not for me. Didnt particularly care for it. Maybe someone who likes smaller toots and dryer snuff.

    Im looking for American snuff mostly. Ill entertain any offer. Including the cigars Tatuajesnuffer. Are you THE Tatuaje? Anyways, looking for we Garrett and other American snuffs. I live in America myself but Im up in Oregon where there isnt snuff anywhere around me. No one even knows what it is.

    As far as other snuffs go, my favorite is Tom Buck. Runners up are Wilsons best sp and mChristals sp. I dont care for the stronger floral or whatever that is that you get in toque so extra or grand Cairo. Gold label is tolerable. If you have any sp that fits what I described suiting me, let me know. Im glad I FINALLY was able to join. Tried making an acct about 100 times. Name is Nate. Take care fellas happy sniffing.
  • colubridcolubrid Member
    edited February 1 PM
    I have 50+ containers of nicotine pouches here. ZYN, ON!, DRYFT. Am I allowed to sell them here. My posts keep getting cut off. Please contact me if interested
  • Hi All,

    Newbie snuffer here from Mumbai - India. Had developed a craze of snuff and snuff storage boxes and have some surplus to trade/ sell.

    All 50gms

    1. 1)     
      5 Photo Himalya
    2. 2)     
    3. 3)     
      HorseBrand Joshi
    4. 4)     
      Karnataka Snuff
    5. 5)     
      Mangalore Snuff
    6. 6)     
      Sugansagar Rose Blend
    7. 7)     
      N. Boopathy Sons
    8. 8)     
      SVS Madras Snuff
    9. 9)     
      NVS Madras Snuff



    Snuff Storage

    Stainless steel tins

    Plastic holders

    Menthol Crystals ? 10 gms vials

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