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  • Thanks! That was getting tedious lol
  • SnuffSaidSnuffSaid Member
    edited May 21 PM
  • FeernotFeernot Member
    edited May 21 PM
    I have two boxes of ten (20 total) of Packard Club Snuff that arrived from Germany. Anyone want to take these off my hands for the $150 I paid? Free shipping to US only.
  • ar47ar47 Member
    @Feernot why?
  • FeernotFeernot Member
    @ar47 like most I suffer from acquisition disorder and these are not my favorite. Just seeing if it is worth to anyone to take these off my hands
  • Marc1000Marc1000 Member
    I have tons of English and aroma
    tic tobacco to trade for snuff. Pm me if you re interested.
  • Marc1000Marc1000 Member
    A collection of 3 pipes for sale on eBay.3 day auction....
  • IcepickIcepick Member
    Looking for bulk Toque USA Whiskey and Honey.

    I will trade out of bulk Toque Spanish Gem and/or Natural Toast, which I've been storing in full jars, good climate.
    Have smaller amount of SP extra and Lime Toast.

    If you want anything chances are I have it, including Schmalzlers, many Lowenprise, many Wilson's in jars and some oldish sealed tins. Also have some McClelland 5100 to trade.

    Trade for Toque whisky H USA only

    US/Canada only please.
  • epok67epok67 Member
    edited May 27 PM
    Hey guys!

    New here, but I have been in the snus game a very long time!

    Currently selling Epok extra strong mint.
    Sleeve of five cans for
  • volungevolunge Member
    Hi! Please don't use currency signs, apostrophes and other special characters, or your post will be automatically truncated.
  • epok67epok67 Member
    Apologies I am trying to edit my post above however it is not letting me?

    5 cans of Epok extra strong mint shipped within the UK (1st class rec) is
  • epok67epok67 Member
    Apologies, I am not a spammer. I have just had some trouble trying to post on here Volunge has kindly advised me on what I have been doing wrong.

    I have sleeves of epok extra strong mint (5 cans) for 55 GBP shipped withing the UK (1st class rec). Or I can ship 1 can for 15 GBP (inc 1st class rec shipping) any additional cans will be 10 GBP no further shipping charges.

    However if you are abroad please ask for a shipping quote! :)

    Much apprciated!
  • Hawaiian_RyanHawaiian_Ryan Member, Moderator

    Due to my some health problems I gotta thin out my stash(snuff).
    I'm selling from all the Old Mill that I can let go.just ask me and I probably have it. Not only Old Mill but I have a boat load of different snuffs like Bernard, all the SWS(most unopen) ,Sternecker,Toque(1st batch Ambrosia)USA snuffs such as Honey bee, tube rose, and more and Samuel Gawith's snuffs.OSP snuffs(1,2,3,4)
    Just ask me and I should have it.

    Peace and Thanks,

  • Looking for as much well preserved Bernard Zweifacher as possible. Can pay or trade. @Hawaiian_Ryan any chance you have any Zweifacher?
  • ar47ar47 Member
    Looking to acquire at least a sample of Buzz Bubble Gum.  I'm in the USA.  Thanks!
  • Looking to buy a Patrick Collins triple tech snuff box . If some knows of where I can purchase one new or used but in good condition please let me know . Thanks .
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