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  • trotrotrotro Member
    If you come to Bourgas i can give you some first class toque as spanish gem, whiskey and honey, quit or rustica and many more. Just give me call.
  • RemjobRemjob Member
    Igrow Rustica and make Rustica snuff but I've been wanting to try Torx Rustica give me a price on a 25 gram canister and do you like cigars perhaps you'd like to trade?
  • RemjobRemjob Member
    OOps my bad...So like anybody that wants to sell or trade snuff for Cigar's or cash hit me up.I'am In the snuff department looking for any super mentholated snuff's or and Dolhkia white snuff and in the Cigar department anything that's decent to smoke I love trying new Cigar's out.Oh and I'v made it into the fair and honest forum here at snuffhouse just saying.that and I make some sublime snuff's which has been mentioned here as well that I'll trade or sell my specialty is Rustica.
  • @Officialbenstein have some
  • ar47ar47 Member
    Still looking for Stok snuffs. Charlotte in particular. Old, partially used stock is Just Fine!
  • @Bizzle @Officialbenstein Unfortunately, is a ghost website.
  • @volunge oh no!! They were showing Wilson's bubble gum in stock. I thought I'd finally find some
  • ar47ar47 Member
    @Bizzle if you find some let me know!
  • KayeCKayeC Member
    edited August 26 PM
    Trying to find certain flavors of Bernard, but seem to have no luck. Is that because they are not available to ship to US? Specifically Klostermischung and Jubilaums,
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited August 26 PM
    @KayeC Jubilaums, Klostermischung and many more available at
    If you don't live in Arkansas, Arizona, Georgia, Iowa, Maryland, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Vermont, Washington or Wisconsin, go ahead and place an order. Reasonable shipping there.

    In case you can not use services, please scroll down for @SunnyDay's posts in this thread: - you will find great info there on Jubilaums equivalents (both available at
  • KayeCKayeC Member
    Thanks @volunge, great info but I think you answered my question. I'm in Georgia.....Dang!  I will look for the equivalents (awesome, thanks again) or ship to my brother in Colorado.
  • I recently acquired a few bulk orders and am looking for anyone in Canada or the US That would like to trade some snuffs. I Am willing to trade swastik, nc madras as well as some toque rustica. The rustica is good for pepping up some of the weaker blends but it's pretty harsh on its own. Any I'm located in central Canada if anyone is interested in trading for new/slightly pinched, but not old snuffs.
  • Still looking for Samuel Gawith Banana Snuff any size ! I don't even care if it's old enough to be labeled Monkey Snuff which would be very old !
  • Does anyone in Canada want to trade or buy some of my 6 photo swastik?
  • I live in Colorado and need to stock up on American Scotches.  I like those big cans (4.65oz or larger).  Railroad Mills Plain, Square, Three Thistles & Superior are my faves.  Can anyone from Tobacco Country or the South help me out?  
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