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  • GilliatGilliat Member
    edited February 5 PM
    Looking for a mint condition french style fliptop wooden snuffbox, suitable for everyday use:

    Something like these would be ideal :

    Lots of snuffs to trade , but I could also paypal some cash. UK only. Thanks.
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  • @Gunmedic, it looks like MrSnuff has plenty in stock if you don't find any here.  
  • lemanleman Member
    edited February 6 PM
    I want to trade for Samuel Gawith Cob Gold.  I have just about any snuff you could want to trade in exchange.

    It's one of my all time favorites, and I don't really want to go to the trouble of making an order just for one tin.
  • nicmizernicmizer Member
    edited February 6 PM
    Still looking for members to go in on order of TPS Madras case. Three of us so far. Come on its really cheap if we get a few more to go in on the case. 12ea. @ 50g. Per case.

    I only care to have 2- 50g. Tub. I didn't bring this up but willing to participate Thanks @Hitsuzen
  • I'm looking for 25 to 50g of the Toque Coarse grind Plain that you can buy in 400g bulk from Toque. I cannot buy 400g due to geological differences though would love to try some of this if anybody has excess bulk.
  • @nicmizer, where are you ordering the TPS from?
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  • I think Hookah1 is the only dealer. 29..00  a case + shipping puts it close to 50 bux but that's still pretty cheap per can, actually a little less than 5 bux for 50 gram tin.
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  • Hookah1 is not taking orders now. Check it out. $50.00 is cheap, I'd planned to order a case of TPS and a case of NC (and maybe some Swastik, though I've not tried it yet). 
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  • @mecompco That was the idea. I did notice the Hooka1 was temporarily disabled as of January 31st. Any other vendors that are able to fill such orders that you know of?? Maybe one of our members from India may have an idea.
  • Sorry, I don't. I tried to get ahold of the folks that make NB Madras, but I never heard back (perhaps there are no English reading people there). Indian snuff is dirt cheap over there--I'm amazed no one has set up to export it. I'd be right in line for a kilo of WE, NB Madras, etc.
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  • @mecompco I have ordered from Hookah1 before , actually ordered some NC Madras & the Rose snuff , I had no trouble with anything, They should be back in operation soon. G'Day
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  • Sorry @nicmizer and @SeanOCDPx I failed to notice the note at the main page. I've had them bookmarked since the last time I ordered, so it just took me straight to the tobacco. I hope they're alright.
  • Fingers x'ed and keep xing in on the site I guess.
  • I have a brand new unopened Toque Coltsfoot 10g  tin i'd love to swap with someone if anyone would like it ! Cheers :) 
  • I have 2 ounces (minus one small cob) of Daughters and Ryan Picayune pipe tobacco. Its very dry naturally so the 2 ounce bag is about the size of your average 4 ounce bag. The strength is good but its just not for me. I'd like pipe tobacco in return, I'll try anything thats not too earthy and with a decent kick. Just send me a message if you are interested and I'll reply as soon as I can if I want to take you up on it. Thanks :)
  • i have about 40 grams or more of fubar grunt circa 2015, been opened a few times but still seems very fresh. it is in the original container and i've stored the whole container in a glass jar the whole time i've had it. open to all north american trades, just want something i like or haven't tried.
  • Looking to get some Dholakia Madras Toast. A 25g or up. Without putting in a order to MS for just that. Anybody have some for sale or trade? Thanks guys.
  • OSP Snuff still available, with a special offer for SH members. PM me for details. Offer limited to now through Wednesday. Salud!
  • BadikerBadiker Member
    edited February 13 PM
    Hi All

    New to snuff and trying a lot, so have some snuff to trade.
    Here is the list (a tin of each all missing just few pinches):

    5 Irish D     Gawith Hoggarth 10g Tap Box
    6 Royal Poschil 7g Tap Box
    7 Magic Moments Bernard 10g Tap Box
    8 Fresco Brazil Bernard 10g Tap Box
    9 Gold Label Willsons of Sharrow 5g Small Tin
    10 Morlaix Willsons of Sharrow 10g Tin

  • I am looking to trade for any of these -
    McChrystal's - O&G
    Wilson's - Thyme & Lemon
    Wilson's - Strasborg
    Samuel Gawith - Lavender Gold
    Samuel Gawith - Cob Gold

    I have the following in bulk.  I would trade these 3:1.  Give me 5 grams, and I'll give you 15.
    Wilson's - Royal George
    Wilson's - Jasmine
    Samuel Gawith - Apple
    Samuel Gawith - Gold Mull
    Samuel Gawith - Golden Glow
    Samuel Gawith - Dr. Verey's Full
    McChrystal's - Clove
    Toque - Toast & Marmalade

    I also have a ridiculous amount of snuff in tins.  If you want it, I probably have it.  Even trade for them.

  • I have 2x Toque Coltsfoot 10g  and 1x Toque Berwick Brown up for trade.
    Can not stand them and would rather not waste them! 
    Am in the UK 
  • Will consider any offers at all
  • Hawaiian_RyanHawaiian_Ryan Member
    edited February 17 PM
    I'm looking for Abraxas~Prince Regent
    I know it's a hard one to get/try.But I hope some can help me out.I'm looking for at least a nice sample.
    Send me a message so we can work out something.Thanks for your time.

    Peace and Alohas,

    Ryan O.

    My email is:

  • I am also looking for Toque Coarse plain.
    I cannot afford to buy 400g due to Australian Customs restrictions. If someone has 25-50g they can spare to trade or buy that would be greatly appreciated.
  • if anybody has a surplus of molens snuff in the UK and fancys a trade let me know and i'll see what ive got you like! 
  • Would you like any of those? All tins missing only a pinch or two.

    Toque Natural Toast 10g Tin
    Toque SP Extra 10g Tin
    Toque Spanish Gem 10g Tin
    Toque Original 10g Tin
    Toque Limited Edition - Crazy George 10g Tin
    Toque Limited Edition Spanish Gem "Ambrosia"

    Irish D     Gawith Hoggarth 10g Tap Box
    Royal Poschil 7g Tap Box
    Magic Moments Bernard 10g Tap Box
    Fresco Brazil Bernard 10g Tap Box
    Gold Label Willsons of Sharrow 5g Small Tin
    Morlaix Willsons of Sharrow 10g Tin
  • Are you in the UK? i'd buy all of them if you give me two weeks until my pay day!!!
  • Can someone have access to a large Swisher~Honey bee bottle and a large Tube Rose bottle.I'm willing to pay or trade or work out something for it.message me if u can help me out.I really appreciate your help.Thanks.
  • @Hawaiian_Ryan I have never seen Honey Bee or Tube Rose in a bottle , always been in can, or are you just looking for a large amount of the two snuffs? G'Day
    If It Ain't Broke Don't Fix It!
  • Im looking for large cans 4.65oz ~large Honey :bz and a large can of Tub
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