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Aecht Altbayrischer Schmalzler

XanderXander Member
edited September 2012 in Types of Snuff
"Aecht," I have researched is an antiquated German/Bavarian word for "genuine" or "real". Its almost the equivalent of saying "Ye Olde" in English. "Altbayerischer" means "Old Bavarian". So you get the general idea, its the real old fashioned Bavarian schmalzler.

I find it to be sweeter and less smokey than the Brasil types from Bernard. It has deep rich notes of maple syrup and dried figs and dates as others have mentioned. It is also got a higher degree of grit to its grind, meaning it will dissolve in your nose into a runny mess. I try to avoid blowing as long as possible, so I often have this driping on my face while enjoying it. Not for heavy use in public places! Excellent with a hot cup of strong tea. Nice nicotine buzz. My only complaint is the small (10g) sizes its sold in. They work well enough, but empty too quickly.

Style: traditional Bavarian Schmalzler
Rating: 5/5
Grind: Gros
Moisture: moist


  • Compared to Doppelt Fermentiert. Less full and complex of flavor. More nicotine. To me this is the number two schmalzler on the planet.
  • Lovely introduction to the world of schmalzers for a newcomer like me. strong tobacco aroma, like other comments say, this is a coarse and potentially messy customer and one that deserves your full attention in a cosy environment ~O)
  • Only just tried it and loved it. I'll be sure to order a refill of this and a few extra new ones to keep exploring the world of Schmalzlers.
  • @Kaboom this is one of my favorite Bernard schmalzlers.... there are so many good ones from Bernard, look into Sternecker as well-not as fruity but incredible and high quality
  • I really like the Bernards 275 Jabre better but same nasal conditions occur.
  • Very similar to the Brasil Fresco, but it lacks the sour scent (which is also present in the Klostermischung). I find that sourness to be off-putting or charming (depending on the mood), so Aecht Alt is at the top of my Bernard list. Simply delectable.
  • This is the Bernard Schmalzler which traveled best. So if I chose a Bernard Schmalzler this would be it.
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