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Essential snuffs, that everyone should try

xsysxsys Member
edited February 2008 in Types of Snuff
Maybe it's a silly idea, but I think we could make a list of fundamental snuff types, which nobody should miss. Just post your tips and I will add them to this list in first topic.

+ Bespoke / Gin & Tonic
+ Bespoke / Christmas Joy
+ Bespoke / Stephan's Tipple
+ DeKralingse / Latakia 1860
+ DeKralingse / Latakia AP
+ DeKralingse / Latakia Oramge
+ DeKralingse / Latakia Peppermint
+ Dholakia / Ganga
+ Dholakia / Kamal
+ Dholakia / Manjul
+ Dholakia / Sparrow Green
+ Frederick Tranters / Regency
+ Fribourg &Treyer / High Dry Toast
+ Fribourg &Treyer / Irish High Toast
+ Fribourg &Treyer / Kendal Brown
+ Hedges / L260
+ J. & H. Wilsons's / Medicated 99
+ J. & H. Wilsons's / S.P. No. 1
+ J. & H. Wilsons's / Top mill No. 1
+ Leonard Dingler / Magnet Peach
+ McChrystals / Original and Genuine
+ McChrystals / Raspberry
+ McChrystals / S.P.
+ Poeschl / Alpina
+ Poeschl / Gawith Apricot
+ Poeschl / Gletscherprise, Gletcherprise Extra
+ Poeschl / Kloster Andechs
+ Poeschl / Ozona Cherry
+ Poeschl / Ozona President
+ Poeschl / Ozona Raspberry
+ Poeschl / Packards Club
+ Rooster
+ Sant Antonio
+ Smith and Sons / Cafe Royale
+ Smith and Sons / Irish High Toast
+ Spanish Jewel
+ Square
+ Toque / Espresso
+ Toque / Chocolate
+ Toque / Original
+ Toque / Snus Ice
+ Tube Rose
+ W.E. Garrett / Scotch
+ W.E. Garrett / Rappee
+ Wilsons of Sharrow / Best SP
+ Wilsons of Sharrow / Crumbs of Comfort
+ Wilsons of Sharrow / Cherry Menthol
+ Wilsons of Sharrow / Irish High Toast No. 22
+ Wilsons of Sharrow / Kendal Brown
+ Wilsons of Sharrow / Royal George
+ Wilsons of Sharrow / Strawberry
+ Wilsons of Sharrow / Tom Buck


  • edited February 2008 PM
    McChrystals Original and Genuine
    DeKralingse Latakia 1860, Latakia Orange, Latakia AP and Peppermint (yes I love the latakia tobacco)
    Spanish Jewel
    F&T HDT
    Toque Chocolate
    Ozona Cherry

    These are my fav's at the moment.
  • TroutstrokerTroutstroker Member
    edited February 2008 PM
    Levi Garrett Scotch & Rappee
    Spanish Jewel
    Stoker's Plain
    Gletscherprise & Gletscherprise Extra
    Toque Espresso
    Toque Chocolate
    Wilsons Strawberry
    McChrystals Raspberry
    Poschl Alpina
    Poschl Kloster Andechs
    Frederick Tranters Regency
    Magnet Peach
    Bespoke Gin & Tonic
  • Spanish Jewel

    mc chrystal o&g

    packards club

    bespoke gin and tonic

    toque espresso

    toque snus ice

    toque is just good in general and so is bespoke from what i hear i've only had the gin and tonic but it is real good
  • all of them!
  • Wilsons: Tom Buck, Best SP, Irish High Toast No 22, Royal George
    Smiths - Cafe Royale, Irish High Toast
    Fribourg and Treyer, Irish High Toast
    J and H Wilson Top Mill No 1, SP
    Hedges L260
    Toque original, Espresso

    My must try is Tom Buck
  • I am going out for beer right now, so I will update it later. I'm just afraid, that it would be better idea to make a list of those you should never try. This one is getting quite long.
  • Have one for me
  • Well if you make a list of ones never to try, I would have to say Chief Bull!!! BLEEEEEHHHH ;~{
  • both of which I like the rum and blackberry much more. Cheif bull is great in a crappy fake kind of way.
  • I've only had one tin of the rum and blackberry and I got a very clear blackberry scent with the slightiest hint of rum which seemed to catalyze the berry scent. It actualy reminded me very much of eating wild blackberries when I was a kid. Then I also found that if I did not sniff very lightly I couldn't really smell much of the scent with it. Though it's been a long time since I have had that one over a year.
  • Dont mean to be crude but this smells like...well, vomit, to me. I am Wilsons fan but this one I find very weird. After I take a pinch I just get that aforementioned aroma at the back of the flavour. Maybe I got a bad tin or something but this is now one of the unused cans in my collection
  • Poo-DiddyPoo-Diddy Member
    edited February 2008 PM
    I agree, The Wilson's Rum & Blackberry is one of the worst I've tried. It very well may be that I got an old tin, but it was horrible to me. I'm also not a fan of the Dean Swift offerings. Same thing though, I think the product I bought was most likely old, but it completely turned me off, and the 5 flavors of Dean Swift I purchased remain the only 5 tins i have ever thrown away.
  • I've not tried Dean Swift, I heard more than once that no one knows where its made!
  • The wilsons rum and blackberry is alright, but it's pretty burney in the nose, and the drip tastes like rum.
  • All the Dean Swifts I've tried have been fairly good.

    I do like the GH Whiskey, Sandalwood & Dry Orange.

    And the Wilsons R & B I do take on occasion. Not one I would use everyday but I do come back to it.
  • I hate the deans snuffs except for maybe inch kenneth and deans own. I love wilsons Vanilla though it's tin aroma is terrible I don't know how it works it smells like poop in the tin and like creamy rich vanilla in the nose. I love the wilsons apricot I didn't think I would love that one but I certainly do. As far as Dean S.P. which is as far as I can tell just clove smells great but I don't trust snuffs that make my nose bleed.
  • I dont usually do menthol, but my son bought me some lowenprise whilst in Germany with his school. It has a great aniseed (or liqourice?) kick to it with a hint of menthol. Despite previous reservations, I find I like the odd pinch as I love aniseed - I used to buy aniseed balls (candy) when I was a kid and this is like inhaling one.

    Never thought I'd say this about a poschl but a must try snuff
  • I have to say that I love aniseed a lot too. and have wanted to try lowenprise since I heard of it.
  • Country Doctor by Frederick Tranter's is a really nice aniseed snuff. I've got about 1/4lb left if anybody wants to try it, just give me a whisper.
  • Aniseed is my favourite when it comes to floral scents.
  • I've just always loved Aniseed.
  • Its all power of suggestion BrianC. Everyone says its good, so you believe its good! LOL
  • Just a pic and description of the snuff that Lukin brought up. Picture and description from Rajek's.

    This blend consists of specially selected Virginia and Burley tobaccos.
    A strong menthol snuff refined with essential oils.

  • No one mentioned Zwiefetcher or how ever it's spelled? The Bernard one with the two people dancing on front is an awesome snuff. I think a lot of it has to do with how hard it is for us americans to get ahold of these great snuffs. Though brasil we can get and is awesome.
  • boobah204, you can still get the Napoleon Snuff Here It is for a box of 20 though. Also up until a few weeks ago you could get it at but it seems they are out now. I'm sure with some more searching you can find other sources.
  • bryanbryan Member
    Here are the snuffs that I HAVE to have stock no particular order (but I have probably 20 or more snuffs...I should count them)

    Tom Buck or Best SP (I'm hoping that the Toque Original is even better and that may replace this), Lakatia 1860, Wilson's Jockey Club, President, Garrett Scotch, F&T HDT, and it's questionable to put Royal George on this list...I'm still getting a grip on it.

    I just got some Bespoke G&T and I am also trying to get a grasp of it, as may go on the list, too...tastes JUST like a good Gin and Tonic...unbelievable...really taste the herbs and Lemon- but it tastes like a good Gin...not one with too much herb.
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