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Whatcha Chewin, Dippin, Snussin?



  • El Chimo Dark Cocoa, G'Day
    If It Ain't Broke Don't Fix It!
  • Hard to find for me, but when I do I get a few tins.

    Gold River Western Cut

  • Copenhagen Extra Long Cut Natural
  • Nothing at all right now, been using snuff for my nicotine fix since the gas station I bought my last snus from evidently has stopped bothering to stock their General's cooler... I'm hoping that the station I go to this afternoon, which is on the General's site as stocking snus, will have a nice cool can of white portion.
  • Stockers LC Natural
  • General Extra Strong Loose
  • Copenhagen Extra Long Cut Natural
  • Copenhagen southern blend is now available nationwide and its delicious. got a can last night and now i want to buy a roll.  its sweet but its not like a straight dip, like butterscotch maybe. it also reminds of sweet tea in a way. its the type of sweetness that southern tea has. it has a great tobacco base that sort of tastes and smells like a natural dip. its dark in color and real juicy. its got a medium cut to it. longer cut than LC but a medium cut still. i get a good buzz off it and there is a little burn. not something i could dip all the time but i don't dip very often in the first place. if you like dip, southern blend is worth trying for at least how unique its flavor is. it really does remind me of the south.
  • Grizzly Long Cut Wintergreen
  • Copenhagen
  • General Extra Strong Loose
  • Grizzly Dark Select
    Not one I'd get again. Hope when I do get a hold of a can of the Copenhagen southern blend its not at all the same!
  • i tried the "general cut chewing bags"for the first time snus/chewing bags
    its nice! pleasant taste like an SP snuff plus black tea
    this one has 18mg nicotine but not sure about that
    i could feel it and did not want to use snuff tobacco for about half an hour but maybe the stronger ones wont hurt either i feel sniffing all that thunder ruined my nicotine tolerance a bit :D
    what i am missing over snuff is that instant hit but the chewing bags are great to give the nose short breaks!
    i also have double mint,frosted,melon and lemon chewing bags to check out
  • Haven't tried these chewing bags yet. If you like them, you can try real snus as well. has good selection of portion snus, some loose (I would recommend Skruf and Odens), free shipping even for a single can and there's that buy 10 get 12 thing on many items.
  • @volunge thanks! looks great the selection and no shipping costs. where are they shipping from to europe ?
  • volungevolunge Member
    edited March 2018 PM
    @SunnyDay Israel. They declare packages as kosher goods. Shipping may take up to 40 days, be patient and don't panic if you place an order there.

    And there's another new Europe-based snus vendor with even better prices and free shipping as well:
    Unfortunately, their range is modest, but these guys offer tracked shipping option for EUR 5 and they carry good loose. Rolls only, though. They ship from Andorra. By the way, they got best tobacco prices in Western Europe, but I haven't noticed snuff there.
  • Good information but very limited variety.
  • SunnyDaySunnyDay Member
    edited March 2018 PM
    general cut <- sp/earl grey, seems to be easy on gums of the 3 i tried
    thunder mel oh! <- stronger than general cut and well melon
    odens lemon <- tastes like sweppes bitter lemon and gave me quite the buzz despite beeing the lowest nicotine of them

  • i tested the *breathes in deeply* "thunder frosted slim dry white chewing bags" *pant* *pant*

    i like the slim format and it was even more "dry white" than the odens, no need to spit
    not so much the menthol for the first mentholated i tried its probably nice outside but inside with tea and coffee in reach it can get in the way
  • oh my i think the snus/chewing bags got me! i am still snuffing a little less butenjoy both at the same time even more
    waiting for more "odens lemon dry white portion" and some others to try
    i been enoying the lemon as just some mild bitter lemon taste in the back great for tea and with the portion beeing a "white dry" it does not generate saliva much i can go without even spitting once

    the "odens extreme double mint slim white dry chewing bags" :D  should have more nicotine than the odens lemon but i find the lemon has something extra it feels a bit more head heavy to me
    the double mint is a bit stronger menthol than "thunder frosted slim white dry chewing bags" but both are close

    "general cut" is on second place right now (earl grey,sp) but its not a white dry portion and i might want to try the higher nicotine (titanium) version

    "thunder mel oh! chewing bags" is alright once in a while but very sweet and artificial melon
    its not a white dry and therefor more juicy than the odens white dry for comparison
    i can imagine this one fitting into a summer day

    those are all "eu-chew" cant wait to try real snus but im set with odens lemon as my favorite for now.
    snus and chew bags may be triple the price you would get from a snuff box so very expensive and im happy i like the odens lemon because its ~3.30 euro

    bye bye money flying away, lurking for the deliveryguy everyday
    together with snus too much snuff will get dry
    singing this'll be the day the wallet died
    this'll be the day that snuff dries

    F :)>-
  • My experience tells to steer clear of strong/super strong/extra strong/extreme/extreme strong etc. snus. It ruins tolerance really fast. Better stay by regular strength (8-9 mg/g). Besides, proper regular snus is delicious, whereas anything over 14 mg/g is bitter.

    By the way, nicotine figures could be deceptive, best strength indicator is pH. No strong/extreme snus come close to Makla in terms of nicotine adventure.

    I almost forgot snuff in the years of active snusing.

  • Tried many of the cross the county-pond snus. Only a few I'd purchase again as loose is my preference and the ones here state side are all pouch.
    Very satisfied with American oral tobacco as that is what I've been using for years. Before next winter I may splurge for a box of some more Swedish snus tho.
    Definitely not a tea bag guy but do enjoy tea made from a bag. Red Rose cold or hot plain and dry with additives occasionally is my go too.

  • chewb

    my easter order came this is going to last for a while /:)

  • im putting in a snus order next month. its strange because in the states, we do it the opposite way, we have to do everything by the law. the shipping to the U.S. on all the major sites starts at 30 bucks but the snus is significantly cheaper. that 30 bucks pays for the delivery person to require a signature of an adult for delivery.
  • A  small pinch of General Extra Strong right before bed
  • General Extra Strong Portion
  • Grizzly Wintergreen LC
  • Copenhagen Wintergreen
  • Extra Strong Lenny White
  • Stockers FC Natural
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