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Hello, Tom Buck and Burgundy

AbraxasAbraxas Member
edited February 2008 in Types of Snuff
Hi everyone, this is my second time of joining this forum and I'm really pleased to be back, and personal thanks and salutations to Alex - thanks.

Over the last few months I have become devoted to Tom Buck so thought I would post a little review, plus I have also dioscovered Burgundy snuff.

I tried Tom Buck having heard about it on several sites and then seeing the re-vamped Wilsons site where they give a free sample on request. I got a small tin, free, and this led to me buying a half pound drum very quickly. Tom Buck is just fantastic. Its billed as 'extra strong sp'. I don't get anymore of a nicotine hit with this but the flavour is superb. Upon trying a pinch of the snuff straight from the drum - airtight and keeps the bulk supply perfectly - the first thing you get is a whiff of ammonia (why is this used in the tobacco world?) However, this is not unpleasant and goes in a second or two, and this only happens when you take the freshest pinch, when its been in a snuff box for a few hours that side of it seems to dissapear. You then get a perfect blast of the traditional SP flavour, which as an SP loverI find wonderful. I would call this an 'enhanced' SP rather than extra stromg - all of the flavours are the same but in some way far more dominant. It took one pinch for me to get completely addicted to this stuff and its now pretty much my exclusive snuff. Another thing about TB - if you leave it in a snuff box for a few days it does not become unpalatable like most snuffs but seems to develop in some way, despite drying out as you would expect. This is great snuff and also clears the head as effectively as any menthol - good for me as I dont like menthol and suffer from stuffy hooter syndrome.

Another great snuff I have found- which I got as another free sample today from Wilsons - is Burgundy. This is a true and genuine old fashioned English snuff. The flavour is complex and rich, a sort of spicy oriental tang. I immediately felt as though I should be in some Victorian gentlemen's club. I will definately be ordering this snuff very soon.

I recommend using Wilsons free sample service as its turned me on to two great smuffs.

Peace, good health and joy to all

Snuffster (AKA Nigel)


  • Yes the Wilsons is one of a couple companies that give samples. I received the Strawberry a while back and glad I did. The ammonia is not something that is added, it occurs during the production of the snuff with the fermentation of the tobacco.
  • I once heard that marlboro's had ammonia added to gett he nicotine into the blood quicker, true or false?
  • edited February 2008 PM
    First off, welcome back to the forum!

    I really need to order some more of the Tom Buck, my wife washed my last can when I left it my jeans pocket. The cans definitely are not water proof. She was not a happy camper, she had to rewash the whole load. It is indeed a very good snuff.
  • Thanks for the welcome BigSnoot. Its a tragedy when snuff is lost, I have also lost snuff due to wifely washing, my problem is having snuff all over the place. I just sold a car to an old friend and today he handed me a bag with half a dozen tins in it that he had found in various nooks and crannies in the car!
  • I'm gonna have to try this. It sounds good to me.
  • Go for it Merdock, if you like SP I guarentee you will not be disapointed. For me it was just one of those moments whenI got my first sample tin and thought 'wow, Ive found it'. That was before Christmas and its stillmy favourite - ehich is unusual as I am usualy very fickle! Use their free sample offer then you donr lose out if you don't like it
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  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • Theyl send a second, they did with me
  • great review.
  • They've suspended all free samples until their "incredible" demanded back log subsides. Sorry guys...
  • Thanks Mcosta. Not sure how suspending the service makes good business sense, its basically turning potential custom down. The first sample I got was a full tin, the second, some weeks later, was in a sachet. Maybe a lot of existing snuffers got a tin first and then thought they were onto a good thing!
  • I got a sample not too long ago of brunswick it came in a cool little tin. Reminds me of Princes by F&T but a little more citrusy.
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  • It definately seems very old fashioned. It's very coarse for a Wilsons and black as night very sticky not really moist as much as sticky. Feels like it has honey crstals in it. A fuller reveiw will come soon.
  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • It is good stuff, probably my all time favourite now. The thing I like is that its pretty head clearing, has a nioce falvour and a good nicotine hit. Just good plain stuff really, meat and spuds snuff.
  • I'll have to try the Tom Buck.
  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • Glad you like it snuffolly, Wilsons do make some great snuff. Im just waiting for an order of Burgundy and French carotte, so I hope they are in the same league
  • They do make some good snuff, not tried the lemon grove one yet. The only one I really disliked was blackberry and rum (or something like that) That was disgusting
  • JavaJava Member
    Here's a big Thank You to Snuffster. I hadn't had any Tom Buck in a long time, and this thread convinced me to try it again. I had forgotten how much I love this stuff! I've been in sort of a menthol frenzy the last year or so, and I've been neglecting my non-menthol snuff. Reading this thread late one night last week, I dug out my TB to remind me what you were talking about. Now it's all gone and I've got to fire off another Mars order!

  • thanks man, i think wilsons owe me
  • Ive not tried Queens as Ive heard its almost identical, if not the same but with a different name. SP best was my favourite before Tom. You are right - a nice bedtime snuff.
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  • having discovered the original I would certainly say they are equally as good. I had to use the toque in tins before I realised how good they are - the bullets don't do the snuff any favours
  • I thought of Tom Buck immediately upon trying Toque original for the first time. Very similar, but I like the tobacco presence more in the Toque. TB is not a weak snuff, but the Toque seems to me at least to have more nicotine effect.
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