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Al-Capone Powder Vanilla

AlexAlex Member
edited January 2007 in Types of Snuff
The Al-Capone Powder Vanilla is produced by Joseph & Henry Wilson in England. This is what the box says. I assume this is a brand of Imperial Tobacco who is also producing Kensington. If anybody knows more about it, please let me know.

Some years ago I smoked the Al-Capone Sweets Cigarillos once in a while. They had a sweet taste (at least the cognac-dipped ones) and a nice scent of vanilla. After trying out some snuffs, I heard there is a Al-Capone snuff available. Browsing through the Internet I read at a German Yahoo snuff group that this snuff is no longer being produced. Disappointed I gave up my search. Some years later, Christmas 2006, I was walking through a small town in the South of Switzerland while spending my holidays there. I entered a small tobacco shop on the search for the Swiss snuff Nazionale. The seller didn't even know the brand but could offer me something else: the Al-Capone Powder Vanilla. It seems like the production hasn't stop, just the selling in Germany did. With a 'merci vielmals' on my lips I left the shop and finally got it.

The Al-Capone comes in a handy plastic box, just like the Kensington does (which fuels up my assumption of the same producer from above). The snuff has a light brown colour, is medium-fine and medium moist. It immediately smells like vanilla after opening the box. Easy to snuff it also has a clear taste of vanilla. The ones who don't like that scent may feel insulted by it, I like it. Reminding me of the Cigarillos it is a nice and easy to handle snuff. The nicotine content seems to be medium. Not an all day snuff as the vanilla scent is quite strong and the natural tobacco scent is covered up by it, but maybe you want to give it a try. One last thing: I heard the ladies like it.


  • AlexAlex Member
    edited January 2007 PM
    Did you enjoy the product you bought?

    Yes I did. I am sorry for not making that clear above. I like it, but wouldn't use it every day, as I actually prefer the taste of tobacco when it comes to snuff.

    And does it have any menthol in it?

    No, it does not contain any menthol.
  • Sorry to bring up an old post, but I would be very interested in getting some of this. Does anyone know where I can order some, or do any of you have some of this in excess that you could send/sell me. I would really appreciate it!
  • It is (was?) produced here: .. they also have a online shop..
  • I don't see it on there. Doesn't seem to have a section for snuffs. Only cigars and cigarillos.
    I would really like to get a tin of it. The Al Capone cigarillos are very good, IMO, and I think a snuff made by them could be quite good.
  • didi878didi878 Member
    edited January 2009 PM
    Dannemann is a german company, but I ditnt see that snuff anywhere in germany. You could try to contact them, or maybe
    Alex could help you if this snuff is still available anywhere. I also ditnt see that snuff mentioned in any german snuff forum.
  • That's what I was thinking, lxskllr. I have a grinder on the way from Snuff Store and a pack of Al Capone Sweets in my car, so I might have to give that a shot.
    I would like to try the version they put out though. I think that it's mad cool that they actually made snuff.
  • Last time I have been to Switzerland, I bought some packs and sent them to interested ones in Germany. Next time I'll get some more. Will take a while though.
  • Alex,
    Do you happen to know any websites in Switzerland that might sell it? Let me know.
    Thanks alot.
  • No, sorry. I always bought in in super small shops and didn't find a website myself. Sorry.
  • It's all good. Thanks for lookin' out. If you could let me know the next time you come across some, or even pick me up a tin or two, and I will send you the money for them.
    I would appreciate it. Thanks alot, Alex.
  • Z_2KZ_2K Member
    I'm anxiously awaiting the Keith Richards Wild Turkey Toast.
  • AlexAlex Member
    I will be in Switzerland in May this year and see if I can find some Al Capone Vanilla. If so, I will buy it in bulk. :-)
  • If so, Alex, I would love to get a tin of it from you. Please let me know.
  • for sure i'd be down for some of the Al copone snuff :)
  • AlexAlex Member
    Doesn't look good here. I am in Switzerland right now, St. Gallen. After visiting three tobacco stores, they all tell me it's not being produced any more. I contacted the potential former producer and will look out for it at other tobacco shops.
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    Yet another snuff has bit the dust (no pun intended). Let us know what you learn. Have fun!
  • AlexAlex Member
    It's official now. Imperial Tobacco Ltd has let me know, that this snuff is no longer produced. Reemtsma in Hamburg affirmed that. The only chance is to find some remainder in the Swiss. I will be there again in August, trying my best.
  • Sad news. I was hoping you'd find something.
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