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TroutstrokerTroutstroker Member
edited September 2012 in Types of Snuff
As per Poo-Diddy's request this is my quick take on the Dutch Windmills Chocolate that Mars is sampling. And to put simply its a dry, medium grind snuff. The color is a medium brown. The tin aroma smells just like when you pop the top off of a container of Nesquik and causes a little of the chocolate dust to be thrown in the air. The initial scent you get after snuffing is a quick blast of a truffle rolled in cocoa powder with a slight backdrop of earthiness that quickly flashes to a light milk chocolate. Imagine the scent that lingers in your nose 30 seconds or so after you let a hershey kiss melt in your mouth and washed it down with chocolate liqueur. Within a few seconds, you get the sense that your rolling around in a pile of dry leaves mixed with a little hay and peat with the scent of chocolate still within reach and playing well with each other. Its not an overpowering chocolate, the good Dutch Windmills tobacco still pulls through pretty good. Its not a long lasting scent. It holds on pretty good for about 2 minutes and then lightly lingers for about another 3 minutes or so. I did not experience any negative or nose turning scents. Everything was pleasantly toned. It seems to be fairly easy on the nose, I did not sense any burning just a light tingle. It seems to be pretty solid in the nose with no running. My only complaints are that I would have liked a finer grind with this dry snuff and for the scent to hold on a little longer. I don't mind medium grinds if they are at least slightly moist. But for a dry snuff I prefer a fine grind. But that is just my opinion, it may be perfect for some of you. This could have started as a slightly moist snuff, I don't know? But at the time I received the snuff, it is a dry snuff. So if your looking for a lighter chocolate snuff with a good earthy tobacco tone pulling through, give this one a try.
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