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I have received plenty emails from US folks wondering if we will stock snuff boxes etc in the US to cut down on shipping costs. This we have done in our revamped amazon web store called There is a link on the left.

Here we will try to keep in stock all non-tobacco snuff related items and a few other items of interest. If you live in the US then shipping is significantly cheaper and automatically comes with a tracking number.

If there is anything else you want me to stock let me know and I'll see what I can do.



  • edited September 2012 PM
    Great! yes I am one of those e-mailer, I thought they would been on e-bay by now. I check all the time.the last newly listed was march 26 and it doesn't say what year. I will check this club snuff out.

    Sometimes you just need one item and can't wait for when it time to reorder. Wait a darn tooten, I recollect some promise of boxes being shipped over to this side of the pond. Well I am sure they will be available shortly.
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  • I would love to see the snuffhouse and rococo snuff boxes too. Just a thought but is it possible to sell the us toques through there too?
  • @MrSnuff O I am so so so mad , I have been waiting for the Mr,Snuff logo teak wood snuff box to be back in stock so I could buy another one for a long time . And come to find out I could have had one at any time . Why dosn't anyone tell me these things. Anyway I ordered one from , And now I forgive you. The chrome plastic snuff boxes are getting closer to reality . And I still LOVE YOU MAN !
  • @distaind I think we have snuffhouse boxes but they are not listed. i will check and list them if we do.

    @kurtsnose: so sorry. I wasn't even aware we were out of those on mrsnuff. Better order more. So clubsnuff works! That's a relief. Thank for testing it, and not being too mad!
  • @mrsnuff are those snuffhouse boxes still a possibility? I need more and was going to wait till they showed up at club snuff.
  • @distaind: yes we have them at clubsnuff. I will get them on this week.
  • Awesome, I'll be picking ordering a few of them. Thanks.
  • I need to buy a couple more snuffhouse and rococo snuff boxes. Are these going to be available at club snuff? @mrsnuff. not to pester you I just want a few more really bad :D
  • @distained you mean the wooden Rococo boxes?
  • @mrsnuff no the plastic mrsnuff boxes they say rococo on them. At least the one I ordered from your site did.
  • @MrSnuff If there is anything else you want me to stock let me know and I'll see what I can do.
    How about some classy larger ones for the desk or fireplace mantle?
  • @MrSnuff I don't have that much class. And a $450. ram horn wouldn't fit in with the mounted heads of tax collectors I have.
    When I type in 'snuff box' at Amazon, I get mostly the smaller ones, and larger ones are lined w/ felt, of all things. I could remove the felt, of course, but there is no gaurantee that it closes tightly. I would prefer to buy a proper, one-hand operated, one from you.
  • Will you be stocking the Large Snuff Spoon - Large Silver Steel Nasal Snuff Tool at
  • I would like to see pöschl blue plastic flasks and mr snuff plastic snuff box on clubsnuff.
    also maybe some of bernards porcelain flasks unless they're full then i understand that they can not be stocked. As well as the shipping fixed ;)
  • Dave, any chance to combine shipping on some of these items?

    For example, snuff boxes have $4.49 shipping per unit
  • @MajorMajor: unfortunately Amazon sets the shipping and as far as I am aware we cannot combine. However what we generally do is advise customers from snuffhouse to email Andrea and tell her you are about to place an order for multiple items and would like a discount on shipping. She will then charge shipping on the first item and $1 per item after that and refund you the difference via the Amazon interface.

  • many thanks Dave
  • spyderspyder Member
    Just poking around and tried checking out this site sponsor. The link goes to Amazon, but with no results. These folks still in business?
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