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Favorite De Kralingse



  • I wrote previously that Limburger and Miss. are my new faves. I have to amend that comment. I like them all equally. They are in their own category, IMO, as they are all are very different than any other brand. The AP is sort of similar to other smokey latakia types, like Bernard's G( can't spell it), the one in the yellow box, tile ground, but there the similarity stops. I find that I like Molen's by themselves: meaning that when I take them, I use them exclusively and don't mix others in until after I have "cleansed the palate"( blown it all out w/ water). I like the sweetness of the drip on the Mississippi especially, whereas I don't like the drip on some of the others. I don't carry them around w/ me in a snuffbox when I go out. I like them at home because they require a huge, gooey blow about 20 minutes after I use them.
  • A/P and latakia. I do love a good sawdusty snort of macouba though.
  • willcwillc Member
    I seem to neglect my assortment of Molens snuffs much too often.
    Gingerbread and Choco were the first ones I tried by them and still every time I snuff one of these it is a divine experience.

    The flavors are quite sublime.
    The Peppermint is one of my faves also.
  • @adamsnuff you should give Dholakia Herbal a try... very unique for a nontobacco snuff...
  • I recently had to quit smoking a pipe this past year. My first order came with 1860 AO, Latakia, and second order with A/P. I loved each of these, but my fav was the AO 1860 (incredible) and latakia. Latakia has a real dark smoky flavour that feels incredible and very tasty snuff. I tried the Limburger and St. Omer n.#1. These are incredible historical snuffs! Limburger is a powerful and great snuff. When I take a pinch, it's a powerful nic-hit and strong flavour. St.Omer no.1 is more light and has flavour to it, bergamot? i think. Recently, (this past week) I have tried Mentholin, Macuba, Prins Regent, Hermbstedts Brasil and Hollandse snuff. suffice it to say de Kralingse has some real historical snuff from old recipes. Prins Regent and Macuba are both great snuffs. I would love to try the Mississipi. I have to say Mentholin is pretty incredible - it's non-tobacco snuff that's menthol.

  • St Omer no 1
  • I wish that I could give better reviews of these great snuffs so I will try. My sinus has kind of been a little off as this week is very cold. I have to say the FCV 250 & 400 are absolutely incredible snuffs! Reminiscent of the Hollandse snuff. Very strong tobacco snuffs that just blew me away. I believe the 250 & 400 refer to the filter used so therefore the coarseness/fineness of the snuff grind. Back when I started taking de Kralingse snuffs I thought their snuff grind was quite coarse (particularly on the Limburger tabak). I thought I should grind it further. That has since been dispelled - the coarse snuff is perfect as is. I in fact love the coarse snuff feeling. After all, de Kralingse is historically ground by actual windmills in Holland! That is another great reason to love de Kralingse. the Hollandse snuif and Hermbstedt's brasil are awesome snuffs. Anyways I love de kralingse snuffs.....

  • St Omer no.1.My favourite in general.
    I wish someone would reproduce it...
  • AO 1860 has to be my favorite but all the others have to be noted as most excellent also.
  • Hawaiian_RyanHawaiian_Ryan Member, Moderator
    Same here I like all of the de Kralingse snuffs but if I gotta pick one it would be

    St.Omer No.1(krotton method)


    Jeep Bes.
  • Prins Regent...without question.  Oranje is great too, but Prins is just out of this world.  I'll also say that their herbal snuff blend #1 was very, very good.  I do take a pinch from time to time and always glad that I did.
  • Pompadour.

    I am very sad indeed that it will no longer be made.

    Musinotabac is very good.

    Today, I mailed what Mississippi I had to a fellow snuffhouse member.
  • Pompadour and St Omer #1, Tabak de Paris a la Robillard! Almost forgot Prins Regent too. It's really sad that Jaap was forced to quit snuff-making, a loss to everyone. I stocked up with 100g tubs of about 8 of his snuffs. I don't use them often, but when I do, I really enjoy them.
  • Hawaiian_RyanHawaiian_Ryan Member, Moderator
    St. Omer No.1-100gram
    Prins Regent-100gram
    Bon Bon-100gram

    Basically I have stocked up with everyone (all)of the De Kralingse snuffs before it was no more.
  • dawood84dawood84 Member
    edited July 2017 PM
    ok, de Kralingse, incredible historical Dutch Snuff
    honors to Jaap Bes, master Snuffmaker

    favourites... st. Omer no.1,
    Flue Cured Virginias 250/400,
    Latakia (Ao 1860),
    Prins Regent

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