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First 100 customers get free White Fox snus!

The Cheap B@$+@rd's Guide to Snuff Containment



  • This thread is WINNING!
  • md363md363 Member
    @Johnny_Dingo thanks for the guide, I found 12 2 Dram glass vials looking just like the ones you posted on for $5.00 shipped.
  • These tins work pretty good for a snuff box. If you or someone you know buys these get or save the tin. I left mine open to air it out and cleaned it with soap and water. It also has a rubber seal on the inside of the top lid. You can see it in the pictures as the "fresh seal". I filled it damn near full and used it till empty before I posted. It kept surprisingly fresh. It holds probably more than double any snuff box I've used. Definitely worth a try if you can het one free or keep from throwing one out.
  • MingsMings Member
    You rule dude! When you getting your butt back to Detroit? heh
  • I have this on other discussions under DIY, but this is really cheap. The spoon is free as I made it out of an ice cream stick and the plastic box is realllly cheap! Like INR 5-8 per box (Thats around 10 cents - in US dollar terms) . It keeps my snuff fresh since it has got a lid with threads, and best for carrying in your pocket. Holds 3-4 grams of snuff.

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