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Finished a Can Of W. E. Garrett Scotch Snuff!

dinodino Member
edited August 2012 in Types of Snuff
I'm new to snuff.
Bought a can at the local grocery store.
I coughed, gaged, choked, and had the stuff run down my throat.
I've had the wife nag me. I've had stains on my nose. My head has spun when I drink too much while doing snuff.
Got the stuff in my eye a few times. I keep a roll of toilet paper under my desk.
While cleaning my nose I've blown water all over my shirt.

But, I did it. I finished the can! There has to be some right of passage to that.

My technique is improving and I love this stuff. I've got a snuff box and a can of F&T High Toast on order.
I hope it comes in today because I have precious little left.

So, in conclusion. Here's to snuff! What a great way to enjoy tobacco.
And thank you all for your hints and advice on this site!


  • Congrats dear fellow snuffer!!!...Really snuff is a great pleasure...and also the most traditional way to take tobacco. Wellcome and cheers from Spain.

  • I started with a tin of WEG S&M myself I made it about 1/4th the way down before ordering different stuff, but I still enjoy them. I've went through half a tube of Rooster in the past week, and just ordered one of the 5oz Levi Garretts.

    If you can handle the dry americans, you can handle them all :)
  • Thanks for the warm welcome.
    The High Dry Toast did come in just in time from Mars Cigars. They even through in a smash can.
    I love the flavor. Very nice. It still has a good initial kick, but smooths out quickly.
    I've been using the space on my wrist between two tendons that stick up when I put my thumb up. I think it's called the anatomical snuff box.
    I'd like to try and get the pinch technique down, but I get more on my fingers than in my nose.
    Either way, I'm really enjoying this. And practice makes perfect.
  • I hope you didn't do it the same way this guys did!

  • oh boy. what a video Satyr, lol what a fool !
  • YouTube is FULL of interesting snuff clips these days. That one looked the most painful by far.
  • Oh man that was funny. And he's snorting Garrett to boot. I love the way he curls his arms right after the
    I know the feeling oh too well. Nothing like getting punished for bad technique to help you improve.
  • Fixin2,

    English snuff is very different. The closest thing are the dry toast style, but they aren't as strong and smoky. I love american snuffs. They all kick ass on nicotine. A good thing in my opinion. I have a some WEG open from last year, but it's not my only snuff, of course. I like Dental Sweet and Dental Scotch, Square, Tube Rose, Levi Garrett, Stokers - actually they are all good in their own way. I even like to dip the sweet ones from time to time. Never saw the half oz cans though. Must be a regional thing.
  • I use the WE pretty regularly. I kind of like the Levi Garrett a little more. half oz cans?? Can you tell us what brands/varieties they carry? Maybe some of the hard to find Swisher/Helme products like Wild Cherry, Strawberry, High Toast, Checkerberry? Been wanting to try any of those if someone can get me some. I'd especially like to hear what they carry in the 12 oz glass containers (and prices). I've got a sister in Murphreesboro and thought about sending my brother-in-law on a mission to see what the stores out there carry but haven't asked yet.
  • The w.e garrett is the only one I've ever found in the tiny can. The acrylic containers make good iced tea glasses. Lil Brown carries a few in the acrylic cups but only the 5.58 & 6 oz size. Sounds like you made a good find there having a local store that carries a variety.
  • I'm one of the thumbnailers, but only for very fine dry snuffs. It helps that my thumb is double jointed for leveraging a "pinch" out of the can.
  • Congrats Dino. Good stuff.
  • I still haven't completely finished a can, but my usage has increased dramatically in the last few weeks. I'm getting close to finishing a tin of Ozona Raspberry. I think I'll have to hold on to the empty as a trophy of sorts.
  • Gotta try Rooster and Railroad. I just got some from (tom) and they are both excellent and I like them much better than WE Garrett, now. Of course it's the "new snuff" effect, also- but they're just plain strong and good. I'd like to try more American snuffs. Still never tried Levi Garett and really want to try some.
  • The Garrett Scotch snuff was my first can, too. About 1/3rd of the way through with it after over a month, maybe two. I purchased Garrett sweet last week and it's about half the kick. I like the scotch, more.
  • yikes, ancient thread alert!
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    Ha, only 1 member from the thread is still active. Ancient indeed.
  • I been working on emptying swisher wild cherry .And I swear this stuff grows every time I fill a box it looks to be at the same level. Must be spring loaded. Any way I am getting my money worth!
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • I hope you didn't do it the same way this guys did!

    What a dumb ass; The lame hair cut confirms it. I'm pretty sure that went into his lungs. "I'm gonna be a bad ass and snort it like they snort coke in the films."

    Sidebar: Do any experienced snuffers actually use the snoot tubes?

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