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AbraxasAbraxas Member
edited August 2012 in Types of Snuff
My previous experience with toque was with some runners up samples kindly sent after the strap line competition last year. I liked them but wasn't tempted away from my long allegiance to Sharrow snuffs. However, I thought I'd try the new natural flavour as I like that type in general. My order arrived today.

The natural is superb and I can see it being one of my everyday snuffs from now on. I got one of the new tins and when you open it you get that usual new snuff ammonia tang but this dissapears quickly and is not part of the flavour in the nose. The colour is a rich brown and the grind smooth and even. There's a fantastic, deep flavour of good tobacco and a decent nicotine hit. It clears the head like a good SP or even menthol and the flavour lasts in the nose. Ive been dipping into this all day now and liking it more and more. Its incredible that this is just pure tobacco as it has such an interesting flavour, so all respect to the blender who must be a master indeed

I also got a tin of original and this really benefits from this type of packaging. When I used this snuff before in one of the bullets I never realised how good it was and I used it really just as a discreet and quick nicotine hit. The bullets might arguably suit some markets but I think the plastic used - or the fact that its injected straight into the nose - really kills the character of the snuff. Liberated from the plastic this snuff reveals itself as another superb piece of blending along the lines of maybe a J and H Wilson SP. Two really excellent snuffs, if you've not tried them yet you will not be dissapointed.


  • I received my sample of Toque Expresso, and they had incuded a sample of the natural. I have throughly enjoyed the Expresso, and the natural. What I like about the natural is the idea that I could take some, and scent it however I wanted. I'm going to look forward to my first order from Toque, most likely a bullet of Expresso, and a tin of natural. GREAT products guys!
  • I just got my tin of Toque Natural and I am a big fan... This is a superb natural snuff, in fact I'd say it competes with many of the American dry snuffs. For European snuff users who dislike the especially fine grind of American snuffs and possibly even the smokiness (barbecue scent) but appreciate the natural tobacco scent, Toque natural is a perfect fit. Toque's grind is slightly more course making it easier to sniff and the scent is that of pure tobacco. For those that already enjoy Toque snuffs you will certainly be familiar with this scent as the base to all of Toque's other scents, but the simplicity of this snuff allows you to truly appreciate the quality of blend that exists as the base to all of Toque's products. This is easily an all day snuff!
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