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What got you into snuff?

About 5 months ago, I got back into pipe smoking as an attempt to cut down on cigarettes. (started in college but stopped about 6 months later because I was worried that people thought it weird that a lady smoked a pipe. I was young and dumb). And, now at 46, I don't give a rat's ass what people think :). Snuff had always intrigued me, and a few months ago started with snuff as well.... As an exploration into smokeless tobacco.

I'm loving snuff, and find that lately it hits the spot a bit more than cigarettes. Like pipe tobacco, the different grinds, flavors, and nuances of snuff has really been enjoyable.

So, dear snuffers, out of curiosity, what got you interested in snuff?


  • Lt. Aldo Raine

    I mean, I wanted to stop smoking but it was Pitt's character in Inglourious Basterds that got me poking around and found out what snuff was. I had an idea of it since I was a kid, but didn't think it even existed these days. Turns out I as so very happily wrong.
  • Aha - little blue tins, that's what it was for me.
    Here in the UK (I'm assuming a lot of you are from other places) back when I was a teenager in the late 1970's at the bottom of the cigarette display behind the counter you would always see little blue tins of J&H Wilson's SP No1 and Medicated No.99.

    I've never smoked, but was fascinated by those tins, and one day bought one of each, and found I loved it. The SP scent in my nose was wonderful, and I even enjoyed the No.99 (though I find any menthol snuff too much these days). Since then I've drifted in and out of snuffing over the years - so much for the "is addictive" warning - and am currently enjoying it more than ever now there's so much available online to try!
  • I made sand candles back in 1971,Sold them on consignment at a hippy shop, they had coke snuff brand snuff, like poschl ozona but with all wonderful scents.small tins 2 for a quarter. Not tobacco but got me using snuff.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • An aquaintence (sp) in junior high school had a tin of Ozona Raspberry and I thought "cool!", then had a chance to try it.
  • Went through a period when I was too broke to buy cigarettes and ran across snuff on the dark corners of YouTube. Made a quick batch with some pipe tobaccy I had laying around and was hooked on the first pinch.
  • @Scurvy I made some of my first snuff with a pipe house blend from a local tobacconist. "42nd Street" snuff is still in one of my screw tins. Smells just like the moment before I light my pipe.....but with a slight tingle in the nose. :)
  • TomStrasbourgTomStrasbourg Member
    edited November 2012 PM
    I was re-enacting the American Revolution and before the battles our corporal passed around a tin of WoS Crumbs of Comfort. Called it Krieg Krank since it's a German unit. I was hooked after one pinch and couldn't wait for battle just to take another!
  • I got here from snus. I found snus trying to quit cigs. Toque offered samples on the forum I was involved with at the time. That first little baggie of Pomegranate changed me into a snuff taker.
  • nosembossnosemboss Member
    edited November 2012 PM
    For me it was not wanting to damage further my lungs. Dip wasn't quite it for me. Snuff definitely was/is.
  • Curiosity...

    "What's this hillbilly snuff stuff anyway?"
  • Well I had used just about every other form of tobacco out there, and was wandering around Youtube one day and came across Mrmichaelsnuff. It looked interesting, I had known what snuff was but never tried it. I regret my first purchase was one very small tin of McChrystals O and G from mrsnuff. Needless to say it didnt last long, and the wait for the next shipment was ENDLESS.
  • Peer Pressure. I was maybe 11. Same kid that got me to smoke my first cigarette when we were 10. We would hang out at the shopping mall. He mentioned snuff, I was clueless. He then went in the tobacco store while I waited outside (those were the days that if someone bothered to question a kids age you would just say it was for a parent, and it worked as long as they didn't see your buddy waiting for you). He came out with Poschl Apricot (the container looked the same in 1980 by the way). I was suspicious it was a prank when he said you sniff it.
    20+yrs later, during an attempt to quit smoking, I looked it up on the internet. I was almost afraid I just "thought" I remembered sniffing tobacco. Then I saw the Poschl Apricot at Mars and it was like seeing an old long lost friend. So I ordered that and a bunch of others for good measure.
    Poschl, and menthols, aren't my favorite but I still like to have the Apricot once in a while and even ordered some in my latest mrsnuff order. Funny thing is every time I introduce snuff to someone they end up wanting my Apricot snuff!
  • @onefortheroad, I remember those days, where you could buy smokes for "your dad" and the cashier gave it to you. My first intro to tobacco was when I was around the same age... About 10 or 11...With Copenhagen snuff. Being stupid and thinking it was the type of chewing tobacco you *actually* chewed, I put some in my mouth and actually tried to chew it . Then I actually involuntarily swallowed some. Made me absolutely sick! Hahaha! To this day if I even see the words "Copenhagen" and "snuff" together, my stomach turns.

    Any other word together with "snuff", however, and I get all giddy. :)
  • FaustFaust Member
    edited November 2012 PM
    @TobaccyLassy I laughed when I read your post, since I did the same thing long ago. I'm certain I actually turned the proverbial green when I swallowed that stuff. My first nasal use of snuff was during my senior year in high school (1977). I had a can of Navy Plain I was using orally. A friend saw me pull the can out one day and asked if he could have a pinch. I was surprised when he sniffed it, and tried it that way myself. I've been sniffing on and off ever since then. I was a bit self conscious about it in high school and college, so I was very private about it. After college, I found a tobacco store in North Carolina that carried Dean Swift, Poschl, Count Murari (no longer a available) and McChrystal's Original, and I thought I found heaven. I say I'm an on and off snuffer. In truth, my only off times came about due to a loss of suppliers. Thanks to the Internet, I don't think I'll have to worry about that too much any more. My latest order from MrSnuff includes a can of Navy Plain. I just happen to be in a nostalgic mood this week and decided I wanted to revisit my old scotch snuff.
  • nosembossnosemboss Member
    edited December 2012 PM
    ...I dunno, but the Internet had alot to do with it.
  • Rebellion.
    As a youngster i would do mostly anything if i thought it would piss off the adults around me. Some things from that period stuck, even though i am pretty sure i am not trying to rebel now, about twenty years later.
  • I've always enjoyed different kinds of tobaccos and my boss mentioned that his buddy used to use some powdered for that he put in his nose. I was just too curious at that point. I had to try it.
  • A work colleague introduced me to it many years ago. I got into it for a while but it didn't work with my then lifestyle. I got off cigs 6 years ago and got back into pipes 5 years ago. Then a few months ago for no real reason I just suddenly fancied some snuff. Looked on the web and found this forum and have not looked back since.
  • @tobaccylassy said "Any other word together with "snuff", however, and I get all giddy."
    ...Hopefully not words like film or movie!
  • @onefortheroad, Lol, NO snuff films. Gaah I can't believe it's actually a film genre.
  • @bigmick and @snuffbrant got me into snuff

    They deserve all the credit. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
  • Well after spending some time with the good folks at, @snuffbrant and @slide got me into snuff.
    Now it seems @mouse and @basement_shaman got me into pipe smoking. :-c
  • Blame me if you like, I always was a bad influence! Some charactor defects I will never give up
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • It wouldn't be the first time that I learned something new and extremely satisfying by not falling in line with the regular crowd.
  • What got me started was extreme nicotine deprivation after giving up smoking.
  • I saw a news segment when I was about 10 years old about snuff as a healthier alternative to cigarettes--that was about 25 years ago. I also read a lot of Nokolai Gogol in my early 20s, and he wrote about snuff a lot, being a fairly heavy user himself. I fell in love with tobacco when I started smoking, and when a new tobacco shop opened in Winnipeg in the early 1990s they sold snuff. The little tins of McChrystal's looked so wonderfully archaic I just had to try it. I liked the scent, though I snorted it far too hard and consequently didn't use it much. I really wanted to try one without menthol, and eventually I discovered you could order snuff online. After my first snuffstore order came without my having to pay any duty, I was well and truly hooked.
  • SnuffySnuffSnuffySnuff Member
    edited November 2012 PM
    I snuffed for a while as a kid, and enjoyed it (those little blue Wilson's tins).

    returned to it by accident when I was 40 by buying some Ozona Raspberry, then saw it's potential as a giving up smoking aid, which I succeeded in doing. snuff may well have saved my life and I enjoy it so much more than cigs.

    cigs are enslavement. snuff is a wonderful hobby.
  • Christmas 2009, my father in law went into a a tobacconists to get some cigars for New Year's and came out with a little tin of J&H Wilsons Medicated which he'd bought on a whim. We tried some and I quite liked it, but didn't pursue it further.

    Fast forward to three months ago, I gave up cigarettes with the help of e-cigarettes. They were ok, but too fiddly and a bit hit and miss, so I stopped using those too. After two months without any nicotine products I was missing having 'something' so decided to give snuff a proper go. I was amazed at the range of flavours available
  • I too was at the tobacconist a few years ago. At that time they carried several varieties of snuff..... Bought a mini of McChrystals Original and Genuine, then came back the next day and bought Poschls Packard Club....Loved it. Over the next few months picked up several others. Then WHAMMO.... No snuff of any type or description and they simply were not going to order any more. Bummer, Oh disconsolate one. So tried to just forget about it. Then, fortuitously discovered Mr. Snuff and now have a lifetime supply with more on the way because I just can't face the alternative!!!!
  • honestly... cigarette prices..... im in NY :-$
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