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The Art of Snuffing

MattheFoxMattheFox Member
edited December 2012 in Snufftaking
"Enjoy Your Snuff"

Tapping the box
To get it just right
The top to make it fluff
The bottom makes it tight

Open it up
Your ready to start
I know your excited
But be still your heart

Some say a pinch
Others a line
To tell you the truth
Either is fine

With a whiff, sniff or a snort
Even insufflate, one might retort
Even a beginner
Can Snuff like the Pro's
Learning how to get it
Inside your nose

Enjoy your Snuff
and laugh at my rhyme
They both make you smile
That's worth the time




  • Snuff in the morning
    snuff at night
    anytime of the day, is alright

    Snuff on the toilet
    Snuff with tea
    take a big pinch and snuff with me

    Grab a pipe and pack it tight
    give it a lite and smoke all night
    Need for more nic
    stretch out your lip
    and fill it with dip

    Tired of dip
    and if you choose
    break out the los
    and have a snus

    I could rhyme
    till the end of time
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Wonderful rhymes
    Of tobacco pastimes,
    Snuff and snus and the pipes that we poke....
    With a grin on my face,
    I clear out some space
    In my nose for a big pinch of Toque.
  • Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    I want some snuff.
  • you can have some too
  • MattheFoxMattheFox Member
    edited December 2012 PM
    I knew this place is filled with fun people
  • People like you and people like me
    get along, it's easy to see
    We're here at snuff house just passing some time
    then mat the fox start a rhyme

    Fun he claim we are all about
    As I raise my snuff and fill my snout
    I am a snuffing fool have no doubt
    Cool calm and relaxed no desire to shout.

    Where else you going to go
    Where people understand
    the pleasure we get
    from a twenty five gram can.

    So when your out in the world and feel rejected
    Just log in to snuffhouse where you are excepted
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • in a Triple-tec
    Abraxas Dragun snuff
    firey sunlight
  • Roses are red,
    Green is the grass
    If you take away my snuff
    I'll stick my foot up your ass!
  • First -- take your box
    Give it a shake
    Gotta' make those big clumps break!
  • The roses are withered,
    The violets are dead,
    The snuff is all lumpy
    And so is your head!
  • Enticing snuffbox
    Inviting a yerning nose,
    Explosive embrace.

    (That's haiku... still life poetry in either a 5-7-5 or a 3-5-3 meter.)
  • India
    Meets my anxious nose
    It's Kailash!

  • enchanted snuffbox
    my head is filled with these and
    for the life of me
  • gone camellepord
    untill another time as
    I can regain snuff
  • Oh where oh where are you tonight
    Why did you leave me here all alone?
    I searched the world over and
    thought I found true love
    But you met another and
    you were gone!
  • Lovin' the Haiku! :)
  • it's a fun thread! snaps everyone B-)
  • howdydavehowdydave Member
    edited December 2012 PM
    Lovin' the Haiku! :)
    I don't think nosemboss has gotten the hang of it quite yet... #-o
  • @Juxtaposer

    Isn't it painful to poke yourself in the eye with your thumb like that?
  • That is a picture of what was my eye... silly.
  • Indian buffet
    Pinch of Kailash for dessert
    Whole new sensation!

    (Due to the lingering aftertaste of Indian spices in your mouth. Did it for lunch today.)
  • Indoors alas.
    Wind is whipping.
    Snuff in my nose.
    Enjoy the dripping.
  • Santa was a snuffer
    Have no doubt
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • My wooden snuffbox
    Nobody knows what it is...
    Let's leave them guessing!
  • your wooden snuffbox
    someone has recognized
    now you must flourish
  • What makes us human?
    The concept of: "This is MINE!"
    (Hoarding side effects...)
  • "This is mine" haiku
    Bad thought while dressing for church!
    Well... what can I say?
  • Snuff and deadly sins
    A thought for Sunday morning...
    Greed and gluttony!
  • Off my soapbox now..
    Pinch, sniff and be merry for
    Tomorrow we sneeze!
  • greed and gluttony
    tempt regardless of the gift
    hold steady the way
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