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Nettie Pots?

MattheFoxMattheFox Member
edited December 2012 in General
I heard a lot of folks mention these in different threads so I looked it up to see what this was. With the exception of the device, it seems to me to be just a saline solution AKA eye wash that costs a small chunk and is disturbing to look at.
The more I thought about this the more I wanted to test a theory. At work I have small vials of disposable eye wash (less than a ounce) I took one of these over to a sink and tested a flush of both nostrils with just one small vial.
The vials can be bought at Walgreens were you would have 6 washs for a $1.00 each
Also, you could take these anywhere, just in case{adtype}&Kpid=prod6037457&sst=3e0859f7-2058-86a8-8a3d-000062d79c41

Please keep in mind that I have never used a nettie pot in my life and I am only assuming while doing a test that I forced water into one nostril while blowing out the other.
Either way my nose is clean lol


  • SirSnuffSirSnuff Member
    edited December 2012 PM
    distilled water and 1/8th to a quater teaspoon (per cup h20) of seasalt is pretty much saline , cost $1.20 a gallon
  • You'll want to use more than an ounce of water as well. More like four to six. Netties are great, though I haven't used mine in some bit. You also don't want to force the water out of the other nostril, rather than let it flow and make sure to breathe through your mouth during the process.
  • Thanks guy's I brought it up not for myself but for those that use them. I thought the price was out there for just water & salt.
  • its sterile , so i guess thats what ur paying for , piece of mind.... tap water is not a safe option , since nettie pots where link to a few deaths from introducing bacteria basically right in to the brain
  • eye was saline also contains enzymes to "eat" the protiens left on the contacts at the end of the day ... i believe ... i forgot exactly
  • I read about that too. I don't think it really sounds fair to repackage eye wash to sell at a higher price because its being used for something different
  • It puts the saline in its eye or else it gets the hose again.
  • Nah, the salt is cheap. A big jar of Netti salt is less then $10, or use non-iodized salt for a cheaper option. I mix a 1/8 tsp or a bit more to tap water into the pot. I have a good filter on my house, so I think my water is pretty clean. I suppose I could start distilling it just to be on the safe side. Is simply boiled water distilled water, or do I actually have to run it through a still?
  • I use a mixture of 1-1/2 tsp pickling/canning salt to 1/2 tsp baking soda in 16 oz of water. I microwave 1/3 cup for 15-20 seconds, and irrigate using a baby nasal aspirator. This prevents crusting, rids the nose of gunk, and shrinks the mucous membranes. The water goes through the nasal passages and out your mouth. It's VERY inexpensive as you would expect, can be done multiple times a day, and after you get the hang of it the relief is so great you'll wonder why you hadn't been doing it your entire life.
  • SirSnuffSirSnuff Member
    edited December 2012 PM
    im not here to fear monger , im in new york , and we had a similar outbreak way upstate and michigan not long ago, believe as well i use nettie pots all the time , but i use them because i put a hurting on my nose , which greatly increases the chance of something getting infected, not necessarily even as serious as this
  • @Xander, yes, boiled water becomes distilled as you're boiling out the bacteria, chlorine, fluoride and the like. Let it cool way down before use as you'll singe your nose. When I first started, testing out good temperatures took some practice and learned a little the hard way.
  • Having just sprayed my keyboard with tea I thought I would post a link to the source of the mirth...

    First definition...

  • There's all kinds of gunk under my keys, including tea, snuff, hair...
    I take it apart and clean it thoroughly about once a year.
    I've had this keyboard since 1998, and although a few keys give me trouble, I intend to make it last.
  • @ermtony That almost made me spray coffee. It's the same reason I find the term 'pinch' so funny. We used pinch as a term for crap as long as i can remember. So 'take a bigger pinch' and 'put a pinch in your nose' still make me laugh after all this time. Another reason this board is so awesome.
  • It actually should be pointed out at this time that "Neti Pot" is the correct spelling. Its not a toilet.
  • MattheFoxMattheFox Member
    edited December 2012 PM
    lol wouldn't it be the same... a device to flush crap out
    You got to love humor in the spelling
  • And our world keeps getting better, a electronic nose flushing system. ..
  • Distilled water is only 1 buck a gallon at your local dollar store & sea salt is cheap as well , you can't get any safer that Distilled Water. G'Day
    If It Ain't Broke Don't Fix It!
  • That's what fubar bohica is for.
  • AntonAnton Member
    edited November 2017 PM
    Haven't tried bohica, but i tried raw chile powder. It's painful, helps to clean nose to some extent, but that's not really close to saline solution lavage :)

    Regarding solutions - to be 100% safe one can use solutions made for infusions. Not as cheap as distilled water, but must be much cheaper than eye wash.
    There are isotonic solutions of sodium chloride or mixes of salts (e.g. Ringer's solution). Can be made hypertonic if needed by adding salt. Saline solution is about 40 euro cents per litre where i live.

  • I haven't tried raw chili powder, but I w0ould assume bohica is less painful then the chili powder. After a good session of bohica, my nose is clearer than anything else I've tried. You gotta commit to it though.
    Stateside we have saline nasal spray such as simply saline. Bohica works better than that for me. Stateside, IV saline is expensive compared to everywhere else.
  • Dholakia Green works well for me in that sense, but still sometimes i feel like nose is in need of shower, after Schmaltzler in particular :)
    Saline spray is quite different to lavage (neti pot or anything similar). Though i'm far from advocating frequent use of neti pot, it can be helpful.
  • For me the best solution is to let the nose rest for a while and drink plenty of water...
  • I'm with you @tobaccobob sometimes just giving it a rest works best
  • LloLlo Member
    edited November 2017 PM
    I was taking a drink of water the other day. I swallowed it wrong and it came out my nose when I coughed. Cleaned my nose right out. Not sure how to make myself swallow it wrong when I need a good cleaning. Maybe a funny joke while Im drinking?
  • I've been jamming my nose into a palmful of water while bent over the sink and inhaling sharply. You get that "jumped into the pool wrong" feeling for a couple seconds but it goes away by the next time you hork some water right up your nose, and you get used to it pretty quick.

    I've actually done it for years before I recently discovered snuff when I was clogged up or working in the yard and ending up with a tablespoon of dirt and plant matter jammed in there. It works great.

    Some of it ends up in your mouth but most of runs out of your nose in an awful nearly-black stream into the sink. Three palmfuls at most and I'm working with what feels like a brand new nose. After that I'm finding I like a big fat pinch of W.E. Garret scotch or Toque natural toast as a base layer to begin another round of snuffing.
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