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"You know you're a snuff enthusiast when...."

I posted a "You know you're a pipe smoker when..." video on YouTube earlier today, and replies are amusing and accurate! I thought "I'd love to do this on Snuffhouse..."

Join in on the fun....

You know you're a snuff taker when:

- What may seems like a simple small box to others is a work of art to you.

- You feel naked without your snuff boxes.

- The word "toast" means more to you than heated bread.

-When you eat small finger foods, you have to remind yourself to put it in your mouth instead of your nose.

Please add your own! I'm curious to see how long we can make this list. :D


  • JuxtaposerJuxtaposer Member
    edited December 2012 PM
    - when you are laying on the floor sniffing up a small spill.
    - when you confidently snuff black pepper as a parlor trick.
  • @Juxtaposer. That's what I *should* have done when I dropped my tin of Dragun the other day. :)
  • When you dream about snuff!!!

    Your thread is perfectly timed as just last night I actually had a dream that partially involved snuff. I don't know whether to laugh about it or be concerned that I am becoming obsessed.
  • @Chris I had a dream that partially revolved around snuff too! I don't remember exactly what it was about, but I remember turning over in the middle of the night and thinking "Bayern Prise", although I've never tried it (yet). :)
  • FaustFaust Member
    edited December 2012 PM
    - when boxcar has nothing to do with trains.
    - when you hear/read the word Viking and you think Dark, Brown or Blond, instead of history.
    - when the hallway towel closet, becomes your snuff closet.
  • - When you select the new cabinet for your bedroom considering if it´s big enough to store all your stash and clothes, ... part of the clothes had to be pulled off :D
  • I've had multiple snuff dreams, but it's a bummer when you wake up and realize that those snuffs don't exist...

    Maybe when you're getting used to the Hitler-esque upper lip stache in the mirror...
  • When all your small white hand towels mysteriously disappear and were replaced by light brown ones
    When it feels like mrsnuff garnishes a percent of all your paychecks but in a good way
    When you tell the wife "I'm gunna go see what the boys are up to" then sign into snuffhouse
  • When you have so many, you scroll through the "What's in your nose?" thread to help decide which one to take.
  • - When you understand the .true. definition of a brown noser.
    - When your olfactory bulb becomes your favorite sensory organ
    - When you are always thinking ways youcan mix smells to get something that smells even better
    - When you like it when your nose burns and your eyes water
    - When you double and triple check to be sure you have a handkerchief
  • -When your daily morning grooming routine includes a Neti pot or bulb syringe to rinse out your nose for a day's worth of snuff.

    -When you take a big pinch of a snuff tjat makes your nose run, just so you can blow out old snuff to make room for more.
  • So LOL LOL
    "you know your a snuff enthusiast when...
    -you have done most what's been said so far::
  • When you double and triple check you have enough snuff when you leave the house only to get to the car and realize you didn't grab your keys or wallet.
  • when you're on this site.
  • When you hope to find snuffs in your stocking x-mas morning
  • TobaccyLassyTobaccyLassy Member
    edited December 2012 PM
    -When you want to wear a toque that has "Don't smoke, snuff Toque" embroidered on it. :)

    -When you get ready for a night out, having a hard time deciding which "dress box" to take that matches your outfit. (oh wait... Is that just a lady thing?) lol!
  • Lol I never worried about matching a snuff box to an outfit but snuffing has changed the clothes I buy to shirts with pockets and cargo pants/shorts to accommodate snuffboxes,tins,and vials.
  • you feel sorry for cigarette smokers.
    it took you an hour to figure out why everything smells so great today.
  • You spend most of your free time, talking about,reading about and writing reviews about snuff while enjoying snuff, watching videos on snuff making even in foreign language ,researching history about snuff. Obsessing over solid gold jewel encrusted snuff boxes and checking e-bay daily for that perfect snuff box for your collection. Not to mention collecting antique snuffs that haven't been opened.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • -You read about snuff and/or peruse on your phone while you're eating in a restaurant...

    That's me... Right here-right now. :D
  • You refer to your snuff as an 'investment'
    When you sit at work constantly refreshing the conversations page when you're bored. (Seriously...all day long sometimes)
    When your boss asks you what the website is that you constantly have opened, and you tell him it's an art forum
  • Awesome additions to the list, folks! Keep 'em coming! :)
  • ..when your pajamas and pillow are spotty with snuff..when your dog knows how Toque tastes and when your first morning thought is.."oh..another beautiful day is here"..with snuff of course..
  • ...when you consider snuff with your coffee to be a good breakfast.
  • ....after taking a pinch you lick the remaining snuff from your fingers to add to the taste experience.
  • When you have a drawer full of brown handkerchiefs and you never wear white shirts any more.
  • When you have more snuff stashed than you may ever use and you still buy more, just in case.....)
  • -when it's quite peculiar to you to have a series of sneezes not brought on by sniffing snuff
  • You know you're sick because your nose is running or clogged and when you blow there isn't any snuff in it.
  • When people call you a "brown-noser" you take it as a compliment ;)
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