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toque blueberry

shaggyshaggy Member
edited May 2012 in Types of Snuff
sorry this took so long roderick the blueberry is a fine grind semi moist i just took a pinch i has hint of blueberry taste but the tartness of citrus kinda a sweet tart like lemon it does not have an over powering aroma to it its a peacefull snuff i'll have my snuff bro zeph kick you a review to hope this did the blueberry justice i'm not the most articulate person out there but i would definitely recommend it as a good nite snuff or good with herbal tea it's a chill around the house snuff thank you again roderick
love peace and chicken grease i'm out


  • Am I the only one that has such a burning sensation when taking this. More so then any other snuff I have tried.
  • TroutstrokerTroutstroker Member
    edited March 2008 PM
    I really don't feel any burning at all with this snuff, just a very slight tingle but thats about it. I really love this snuff. But as mentioned before, every nose is different. There is only one snuff to this day that makes me sneeze uncontrollably no matter how I take it. That snuff is Wilson's Raspberry. I like the scent but I don't use it because it gives me about 5-10 good sneezes and the sneezing causes my nose to run and I have to blow it, wasting the snuff. Don't know what it is but it triggers something in my nose. This is the only snuff I sneeze with.
  • I think the bullet may have something to do with it. Did anyone else notice more of a burn using the bullets? I had some leftover Magnet Menthol as a free sample from Mars. I put that into the bullet and it to burned my nose. Magnet Menthol usually does but not as bad as it did when coming from the bullet. I think I am getting the snuff to far past my nostrils because the way I snuff from a bullet.
  • Yeah if you sniff to hard with the bullet it can bite, just like sniffing to hard of the back of hand!
  • RoamRoam Member
    Well you're not the first that got blown away from Toque.
  • dajawudajawu Member
    Damn this makes me want to try the blueberry again. Mabey I will get an econ bag.
  • I just read through this thread, and will probably add a tin of this to my order this weekend, my sample is long gone and it is an excellent snuff.

    I'm with you trout, Wilson's Raspberry is the sneeziest of snuffs, but I still like it every now and then.
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