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What is/was on your Christmas feast table?

I'm of Filipino descent, and holidays are a wonderful time for food coma.

Share your cultural table, your favorite food traditions, etc.

Here's this year's meal... Complete with traditional Filipino Lechon... Whole roasted pig.


  • Prime Rib roast last night. Went to my in-laws today, they are from southern France and really know how to eat! I am still stuffed 6 hours later. Going to my parent's tomorrow for another Christmas meal.
  • MouseMouse Member
    edited December 2012 PM
    we had Chinese takeout--it's just my wife and me, the rest of our families have all passed on and we have no kids.
  • Big italian family so it was lasagna, meatballs, garlic bread, and spiraled Ham.
  • A rib roast on the eve, and turkey with all the usual suspects this evening (to me it's still Xmas Tuesday)....
  • @Mouse, all the Chinese restaurants here in Seattle's Chinatown have the coolest banquet menus on Christmas and thanksgiving. :)
  • I roast two ducks and a honey/clove glazed ham every Xmas. The sides and desserts vary, but the ducks and ham are always there.
  • It was duck for me - but only one of them.
  • I have no idea why, but my wife's family tradition is to have oyster stew. So we brought my Mother in Law over and you guessed it, Oyster Stew for Christmas dinner. She has Alzheimer's and were hoping to stir some memories. Good, but certainly not anything like what I grew up with...
  • @stogie, here's a writeup about the origin of oyster stew on Christmas eve:
  • Thanks @Mouse!!!
  • Chinese food for lunch, Jack-In-The-Box for dinner. It's my favorite holiday tradition.
  • There were nine adults and my two year old for Christmas dinner, so we had a selection
    of meats: turkey, gammon, duck, haggis and the obligatory Pigs In Blankets.
  • Roast beef and chicken, and Stilton, lots of red wine, port and some cognac.
  • These all sound scrumptious... Even the jack in the box! (i have a weakness for sourdough jacks) :)
  • There were nine adults and my two year old for Christmas dinner, so we had a selection
    of meats: turkey, gammon, duck, haggis and the obligatory Pigs In Blankets.
    that took me aback till I finished reading the sentence, lol.
  • Pardon my ignorance. What is gammon?
  • I looked up gammon....... Sounds so tasty!
  • We always cook a gammon on Christmas eve, glazed with mustard, dark sugar and whole cloves. We have that for tea with egg and chips. Then Christmas day its stollen and bucks fizz for breakfast with a roast turkey, pigs in blankets and all the usual trimmings for lunch with Christmas pudding and rum sauce. Later on if we can manage it its cold turkey and stuffing sandwiches with bread sauce. I love Christmas food...especially all the leftovers.
  • Chilli was in the cauldron. I dined alone. Just another day in the life
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Had the full works; pickled herring, gravad lax and smoked salmon with red cabbage and mushroom sallad for starter; goose, ham, roasted spuds and mash with carrots, sprouts as mains and Christmas pudding with brandy butter and cheeses for dessert with port&sherry. Later some Green Spot whiskey with Polish&Belgian chocolates.

    Even later boiling everything in goose fat and/or making sandwiches and snacking on fruits. Total food&drink mayhem!
  • @basement_shaman....I bet your chili is the best!!! :)

    @AllanH , OMG, your post made me hungry. Makes me wish Christmas was everyday until January 1st! :)
  • @TobaccyLassy

    It makes me hungry too, even I thought I could be never hungry again! Menu was a mix of traditional Anglo-Irish fare and Scandinavian/Northeast European Christmas food. Actually had some fancy patees as well like duck liver with venison, but kind of forgot them and going to have them at new year's eve!
  • deKralingse Mettaijer
  • I wanted a pheasant, but got outvoted by about 5 to one (with 3 abstentions), so.....roast beast (ho-hum). Next year i'm getting my own damn pheasant and will not share it!
  • Pheasant is yummy!
  • I've never had pheasant. Now I'm curious about it.
  • @Mr_O If you were here we would still have been outvoted, but we could have split one between us.
  • I've never had pheasant. Now I'm curious about it.
    Pheasant is a very nice dry bird to eat and those shotgun pellets makes it kind of manly eat!
  • We raised pheasants when I was a kid, had hundreds of them, sold them to folks who got skunked hunting to bring home, lol. My dad would make me dress up in my cub scout uniform and stand out by the side of Rte. 1 holding one up to the passing cars, lol. Ate a lot of them, mostly between paychecks.
  • Just saw this thread today as I was rummaging through past posts.

    I spent Christmas at the monastery.
    Our feast was:

    GIANT scallops,
    3" thick tuna steaks
    Grilled salmon,
    Calamari (squid,)
    a gread diversity of wonderful veggies and salads.

    Some of the brothers were in the restaurant business before they decided to become monks.
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