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What snuffs are in your rotation today?

We all have stuff we never leave home without.......cell phone, keys, wallet etc.

However, we snuffers don't leave home without our snuff either, some with more that one snuffbox....

So..... what's in your rotation today? I always carry 1 menthol and 2 to 3 non menthols. Today its: Edel Frucht, WoS Rum & Raisin, Qsnuff Irish Coffee and Dragun. Variety is the spice of life, right? :)

What about you?


  • Creme de Figue, Abraxas Cerise, M&W Covent Cafe Royale and SG Grousemoor
  • I'm off this week and have only made a couple of quick trips out of the house. For those quickie trips, I usually grab a Toque. My current work snuffs are Alpina, Hedges 260, De Kralingse AO 1860, Lowen-Prise and Navy Plain. This can vary depending on anticipated work conditions.
  • my shop is across the lawn from home and there's lots of snuff in both places, but I carry a Collins box at all times anyway; What if a tree falls on me and I am trapped for hours, lol....
  • 6P66, Honest Scotch,Cafe 11,Black Coffee,Snafu,Medic,cola champagne
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • When I go to work in the morning I usually take 1 that I already like and 1 that I am trying to warm up to. That way I spend some time with one I might not give much attention to if I had my whole collection in front of me, and I have a fallback.

    Today it was Gawith SP Scotch (love it) and Mandarin (still not sure).
  • The past few days I have been tearing up a lot of Quit and also taking along a box of Dragun Menthol and a flip box of Lowen-Prise.
    There is just something so refreshing about taking a big snoot real early in the morning when it is frigid outside.
  • @willc I love a nose full of menthol (especially President or Löwen Prise) when its cold out. Breathing in scented mentholated air feels awesome. :)
  • @TobbacoLassy now that it is cold out my morning snuff is usually a nice strong menthol.
    I like most Poschl snuff but Red Bull is my favorite menthol of theirs.
    6P No. 666, WoS Dynamite,SG B Menthol, and Snafu are some of the snuffs in my current menthol rotation.
    One of my most relaxing times for a good menthol blast is around 5AM when I am waiting on the train.
    Pure bliss.
  • Today: J&H Wilson Top Mill No. 1, Toque Grapefruit, Ozona raspberry, and WoS Rum & Raisin. I think this all counts as my daily recommended serving of fruit, right? :)
  • Toque Peanut Butter, Wos Prime Minister, Stok Peach, Abraxas Cafe 11 and SGBlack Coffee.... Oh Yeah
  • WE Garrett, Toque Christmas Pudding, and a 50/50 mix of Toque Quit and WoS Princes.
  • McC Mild Lemon, Dragun, Toque Lime Toast (never leave the house without it!) and Doppleferment.
  • SnuffySnuffSnuffySnuff Member
    edited December 2012 PM
    Lime Toast, Whisky & Honey, Black Rappee, O&G, Blast Brandy Maple, Wow Roasted Nuts, FUBAR R&R, HDT.
  • Navy,Tube Rose & Superior keeps my nose working
  • In the pockets today are, Toque Almond Toast, Pöschl Edel Frucht, Qsnuff Irish coffee, and Pöschl Doppelaroma
  • Six Photo Kailash and Anarkali. I don't understand how, but my taste totally changed (I've been a huge fan of plains and toasts). Now I can't take anything than Kailash and Anarkali.
  • Today it's square, Wos lemon lime and, a mix of dwhite and tiger guarana for that afternoon pick me up. Also have a small smashbox with all the leftovers and odds and ends in it, which has turned out quite interesting..kinda puts an image into my mind of a starbucks in the middle of winter with no heat
  • For New Years Eve out on the town, i'll be carrying J&H Wilson Top Mill No. 1, Viking Dark and F & T HDT. I think all will be going in screw top tins just in case the revelry results in tins falling out of jacket pockets. If I lost my good boxes I'd cry. Lol! :)
  • Going to a Quaker New Year's Eve get-together, pot luck, and meeting for worship. Should be home by 8pm. As the token sinner I'll be bringing a pipe and some SG SP Scotch.
  • As the token sinner I'll be bringing a pipe and some SG SP Scotch.
    LOL! :D
  • Toque Lime Toast and SG Elmo's Reserve today, left my Dhol Swiss choc at my parents where we stayed over Christmas NOOOOOO!!
  • Today I have on me some F&T Macouba, HDT, and some Wilsons SM Blue, which is like Hedges, I think I like them both equally.
  • As I'm drinking red wine and beer tonight, I'm snuffing black rappee with the wine and McCs Hops with the lager. Great combos.
  • For the 1st day of 2013, I'm going to carry McChrystals Raspberry, Pöschl Gletscher Prise, Toque Coke, and Viking Dark.
  • Started out with Navy, moved on the Peach and when I start this project will probably switch to Superior for the wake up call
  • Skell18Skell18 Moderator
    F&T French Carotte, HDT and Toque Lime Toast today.
  • Navy Sweet and Buttercup
  • SG Blue Crest Scented and Toque Natural at work.
  • Dragun menthol, Gawith Apricot and Dholakia Plumcake in the pockets today.
  • Viking Brown, Bernard's Virginie and F&T HDT
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