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How to sniff snuff, technique and advice.

Hi Guys and Girls, I have been snuffing for the past week and half now and trying to get a technique down. I am just wondering what works for you. I have read many comments on here and other forums on snuff taking technique. They all range from: not snuffing into the sinuses, people like snuffing into the sinuses because of the burn, get the snuff to land in the middle of the nose, get the snuff to land in the entrance/ or around. Seems like everyone likes snuff in different parts of the nose and there is no right or wrong.

I am also getting quite congested, could be because its winter, and/or because I am sniffing snuff too much into my sinuses. What do you guys think. Please share your experiences.


  • Sometimes what you snuffing is as much a factor in congestion as how. Also the grind has a lot to do with where I carry it in the nose. Finer ones I like to keep low and coarse and moist I sniff higher so it doesn't fall out as easy.
  • nosembossnosemboss Member
    edited January 2013 PM
    I've been snuffing for 4 months, and it's crazy how much technique matters. So, to get it up there nicely, and have less mucus you have to make a boxcar, it's where you make a little pocket by wraping your index over your thumb, and sprinkle snuff over the thumbnail. It's frekin amazing. Boxcar! Woop! Woop!
  • Depending on the snuff you need to regulate the suction pressure. Boxcar works for most snuffs, heavy snuffs may require a spoon. pinch method for very dry snuffs.If your going for effect snuff quick, sometimes referred as a bump. A larger dose are easier then small with the same suction. Pinching just inhale ever so lightly to coat the nose lining. If blocked up use a medicated snuff or stop using the snuff that block you up. No need to rush your technique take your time it will come natural just like breathing does now. It is here to enjoy and satisfy
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Listen to basement_shaman what he said is spot on. Especialy larger pinches and that snuff technique comes with time. Only thing I would add is that the body adjusts to being a snuffer with time. When I started snuffing I sneezed constantily got clogged up regularly and would get through only a few grams of snuff before not being able to use more. Now I almost never sneeze and get less clogged up then I did before I ever used snuff.
  • I prefer the boxcar method.

    Wrap your index finger around the end of your thumb leaving a little depression between the top of your thumbnail and your index finger.

    One can take an enormous amount of snuff using this method.
    Another benefit is that it provides a windbreak if you are outside!

    Our physics lesson for the day:
    The force of the suction is a function of the square of the distance between your thumbnail and your nostril.

    If you sniff with a constant force, you can regulate the suction merely by changing how far your thumb is from your nose...

    But where's the fun in consistancy?

  • Okay thanks I'm finding alpina is blocking me up more which is mentholated. I found I like the boxcar method to snuff the porchl in the tap containers and pinch everything else in screw lids, I'm going to be ordering some wos snuffs and Viking dark soon I'll have to experiment more. @bob seems I will just have to ride out this stuffiness then. And thanks everyone and @basement_shaman for the great advice.
  • @bensnuff, I am one of those people who can almost be guaranteed of getting stuffed up if I use a mentholated snuff. Alpina would certainly do the trick to me. As has been mentioned above, try other varieties, styles and hang in there..... I am slowly getting more able to tolerate the menthols, but has taken a very long time.....
  • I honestily don't think it's the menthol in the poschl snuffs that stuffes me up. Since other mentholated snuffs don't but poschels willsometimes clog me up like cement.
    Not all of them. In fact the aplina is a favorite of mine.
  • I do really like alpina, and it smells real nice but I'm forever wiping my nose, and 10 min after sniffing I'm clogged up like cement, I'll get some wos menthol and see if it was just the poschl.
  • Skell18Skell18 Moderator
    A method I use, may not be for everyone, but I find it effective for toasts and most Poschls is to put the snuff right up to your nostril, then take a very very short but sharp sniff, its hard to explain it but it works for me, make sure its not a snort though, I can't really describe it in words its one of those things you need to show in person or on a video things.

    Another one is I take a pinch with my thumb and middle finger, put both right up to each nostril at the same time and inhale so your nostrils almost close around your finger and thumb (like you are trying to block out a bad smell and so you can't breath through your nose) remove and lightly inhale and the scent comes out. I use this one when I have taken a pinch and have some left on my finger and thumb. Other than that I am just a pinch and release person for everything.
  • As far as "no right or wrong" I disagree. Snuff in the sinuses is wrong. Snuff in they eyes is wrong too, but yet some people like it. :-O
  • @nosemboss

    Thanks for the tip about the boxcar. I'm new and my trouble is sniffing too hard or abruptly and getting snuff into my sinuses or throat. Boxcar worked great to solve that issue!
  • SnuffySnuffSnuffySnuff Member
    edited January 2013 PM
    Edit: misread thread. Oops!
  • As far as "no right or wrong" I disagree. Snuff in the sinuses is wrong. Snuff in they eyes is wrong too, but yet some people like it. :-O
    Yeah, i agree. Although, I have said in the past, hammering one up there, very occasionally, is a good time. I now resind that comment on the grounds i was drinking(my reason for most internet mishaps). Its painful, probably harmful, and really does not give much more nicotine IMO.

    I will add that i use the opposite of advise given above. Coarse/Medium grind i pinch; i have more control at the rate of release- slowly opening my pinched fingers as i sniff. The fine i use a "snorter"; i have never been able to pinch a fine w/out becoming a coughing, gagging mess. I do preffer my snuff quite far up in my nose, about where the cartilage ends and the bone begins.

    Also note worthy, sometimes i "prime" my nose. By this i mean: i get a very small amount of snuff on the tip of my finger, just enough to have a thin coat, and insnuffilate it. Repeat, wait a few seconds. This seems to prepare my nose a bit by, forgive this, geting the juices flowing; then a full pinch/line has "something" to grab onto as i sniff.

    PS(almost done i swear)- I have completely abandoned one nostril. No matter the method i try-Bam!- straight to the brain. My left side, not that it matters, only sees action when its buddy is cement. :ar!
  • getting snuff in the sinuses doesn't increase absorption. Though the pain can have a placebo effect. It wouldn't be very good if your sinuses where good at absorbing chemicals into the bloodstream.
  • Shorter comment- snuffing is very personal; what works for one, may work for another, or may not. All we can do is gleam advise on different techniques and try them out with different grinds, mositures, and consistencies. Everyones nose is not the same.
  • Thanks for the summing up @PotPoe that's what I meant by there is no right or wrong.
  • little hint for pinchers. Hold the pinch for a few seconds before snuffing. I think it lets the snuff sweat out some oils making it stickier.
  • I am new but have been using the pinch method. Do you guys sit back, relax and inhale the pinch over a longer period of time or is it basically trying to get it all in one shot. I have been sitting back and slowly inhaling switching back and forth between nostrils until the pinch is gone. Does this sound right?
  • Skell18Skell18 Moderator
    @fbones24 if that works for you then great, I do that sometimes, other times I do it all in one go, do whatever works best for you, no right or wrong way to do it.
  • @fbones24 (is that face bones?) that's how I usualy do it. Except with really fine snuffs. Which I "hop" into my nose.
  • @fbones24 I can rarely snuff a big pinch in one without getting some to the back of the throat and the majority into the nose. I usually sniff a pinch in 2 or 4 sniffs. Also random question but I am loving WOS chocolate orange but it doesn't last long in the nose anyone know of any choc orange that lasts longer in the nose ?
  • Hi @bensnuff, I'm slowly trying more WoS snuffs and like you I love the WoS ones I've tried so far but find the scent doesn't last long. But your idea of chocolate orange makes me want to mix some of my Dholakia Swiss Chocolate and Ozona orange together and see what that's like. :) Thanks for prompting the idea!
  • Skell18Skell18 Moderator
    @TobaccyLassy the menthol in the ozona ruins the chocolatey greatness of the dhol its not (to me) a good combo, try mixing it with SG Mandarin, now they DO work well together!
  • @TobaccyLassy still loving it as a desert snuff can't beat choc orange, using Viking Brown as my daily and just got some Mullins and Westley (made by WOS) jocks choice, and Kendal brown
  • @skell18. Yep, well I tried mixing the ozona raspberry and Dhol swiss choco....and the menthol raspberry is overpowering to the choco. I think it smells great at first, but the menthol just kills the choco in 2 minutes. Drat. I do like the ozona raspberry though....but its good on its own. I'll have to try the SG mandarin in the my next order. :)
  • Skell18Skell18 Moderator
    @TobaccyLassy it is a shame as the fruityness of the ozona is nice. WoS do a chocolate orange snuff if you can't be bothered mixing, but IMO its nowhere near as good as a mix of dhol swiss choc and SG mandarin though, one of my better accidental discoveries lol
  • @Skell18 I'm kind bummed that I already placed my MrSnuff order shortly before you suggested SG Mandarin....I would've added it to my cart for sure! :) I'm loving what SG snuffs I've tried so far. ....So I'm going to put it in my cart for next month. :)
  • @TobaccyLassy Dholakia already makes an orange chocolate it's called Temptation orange chocolate
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • I thought about getting some of the Temptation OC a few orders ago... So many great snuffs!
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