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scent recipes

i will not talk about snuff making but the scents you use.
Mine favourite at the moment is 1x vanilla (base note) 2x rose (middle note) and 1x rum (top note)
What are yours?


  • my favorite scents are bergamot, tangerine, and citrus flower
  • Tonka, fig, licorice root, vanilla bean, nutmeg, coriander, woodruff, honey, Perique juice, and rum are a few off the top of my head.

    Lately a snuff made with a mixture of tobaccos including some fire cured laced with Perique juice topped with a tonka bean has finally matured into something very special.
  • I like spearmint & honey. I am working on trying orange & lime
  • rose, jasmin and some citrus.
    Rose and jasmin have gone and something like sweat like raspberry with a hint of citrus came.
  • Inspired by "Behind The Bow Windows" description of Asthoroth I have created a mix of Penzanze and WOS Jasmine. My first thoughts are "outstanding", "superb", and "amazing". I am surprised at how much the character of the Latakia has changed with such a simple addition of scent. I was doubtful that I would ever finish my small tin of Jasmine but now certain I will not have enough.Considering how wonderful Jasmine works with Latakia I would imagine other powerful florals like Rose or Violet, perhaps even Neroli would make a good companion for Latakia. I have also been pondering making a Latakia scented snuff. This would be a smoke particle free snuff scented with mastic essential oil or mastic gum. Myrtle and stone pine essential oils may also be involved as a scent ingredient at 4% each with mastic covering 90% the remainder should be cypress. I believe the mastic alone will be enough but this remains to be seen. This idea was brought about by reading threads at Fairtradetobacco regarding Latakia and the woods it is fired with. This recipe would be for Syrian Latakia. The Cyprian Latakia also has carob and oak involved as well. Though the main difference between the two is the special fermentation after smoke curing that the Syrian Latakia goes through that the Cyprian does not.
  • how do you disolve mastic?
  • @linguist As far as I know, resins like that require some sort of solvent like alcohol. I use rubbing alcohol to dissolve frankincense, myrrh or copal.
  • urk, doesn't rubbing alcohol have a nausea-inducing agent added to it???
  • If one is using mastic essential oil the dissolving has already been done.
  • I would want that it give me a mastic headache. @Mouse using isopropyl alcohol triggers cancer cell to activate. SO all the hand sanitize-rs and the wipes at the super market for the cart handles and rubbing alcohol will expose people to risk worse then the common cold .

    Favorite scenting roasted coffee
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Toque Apricot + HDT. Smokey, reminds me of the pork rosts I used to smoke with apricot wood we trimmed the year before. It and sugar-maple always gave such a mellow flavor if the smoke was kept cool.

    It's the only kind of smoking I refuse to give up.
  • JuxtaposerJuxtaposer Member
    edited January 2013 PM
    I think the mastic gum can simply be used whole. Put a piece in a tin with some snuff and wait for the scent to transfer. I do not have any and it may be some time before I do so perhaps you @linguist would like to be the first to experiment.
  • mastic gum is sold almost everywhere here. I will try.
    I want to ask you a question about the safety of the scents. You know they are synthetic and diluted to safety limits (4%-12%). Do you think they are safe to use whole day?
  • This discussion has got me interested in mastic as well. I read everything they have on it in wikipedia. Who knew its where "masticate" came from? I wish I knew about it when I was in Izmir years ago, I would have tried to visit the place the article mentions. Now i'm quite curious, but maybe my local co-op carries it. They were able to get me tonka beans and most other odd things I thiink of.
    Is it's flavor like incense? Or like pine?
  • Just to be clear, the percentages I discussed were percentages of the total scenting "liquid". This mixed scented "liquid" would then be used to scent the tobacco. @Xander Mastic is said to have a resinous type of scent. I suspect it may have enough pineyness to it to be able to forsake the other scents for a Latakia type scent. I personally do not know. @linguist Generally speaking most essential oils are risky to have in direct contact with the skin, but some are quite safe. The indirect method of scenting is recommended where only the scent components are transferred as opposed to the chemical compounds in their entirety. Fresh mastic I believe is safe enough, after all it has been consumed orally for centuries.
  • I'd never heard of mastic before so I googled it. It gave me the idea to maybe give pine gum a try. I just have to walk into my back yard to get some. I can see the possibility of it being overpowering but it might work out if done lightly. Now I have to add a plain snuff to my shopping cart.
  • mastic smells like plain chewing gum but stronger of course.
    The safety i am talking about is for the loungs not for the skin so i think there is no problem because the snuffs i made are the most easiest ones on my nose.
    I livd in Cappadocia in Turkey and i am looking for tonka beans but i couldn't find any. Xander you were in Izmir maybe you heard of Altin Damla (golden drop) fragrance which was invented in Izmir on 1920. mostly known and sold as cologne because of the cheaper price than its essential oil. Now i use it for snuff scenting as well as i use it as my daily parfume.
  • @linguist I hadn't heard of Altin Damla, but I will look into it. Its been about 20 years since I was over there and I did not have the same interests then as I do now. Tonka beans I don't think you will find them easily, but you can order some from here:
    I assume they will ship to Turkey. Maybe you will find a closer place in Europe or somewhere.
  • Scenting may become important if the law makers decide you can't buy scented tobacco. While it is available I will support the manufactures. Making my own has it satisfaction. but snuff is inexpensive I don't plan on getting in business. I prefer natural scenting over synthetic by osmosis. Fresh fruit rinds, fresh roasted coffee beans,roasted nuts, liquid smoke , liquor, Altoids, If it give off a scent I enjoy I can use it to scent snuff and or hydrate at the same time.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • ^^ which is why I recommend rehydrating dry tonka beans first. When you put a juicy bean in your box you transfer both its scent and moisture to the snuff.
  • Scenting may become important if the law makers decide you can't buy scented tobacco. While it is available I will support the manufactures. Making my own has it satisfaction. but snuff is inexpensive I don't plan on getting in business. I prefer natural scenting over synthetic by osmosis. Fresh fruit rinds, fresh roasted coffee beans,roasted nuts, liquid smoke , liquor, Altoids, If it give off a scent I enjoy I can use it to scent snuff and or hydrate at the same time.
    I agree. Snuff is cheaper than my homemade snuffs but ordering them makes me stressed sometimes because of the customs regulations. Anyway i grind and scent them as a hobby beside the commercial snuff consumption.
  • my last snuff has just matured. Linguist' peach. Wonderful single scented snuff.
    A friend of mine will send me some pure fragrance: sandalwood chedar pinus vetiver melon banana raspberry and artificial tonka comaroun (something like that) i will try them share the results here.
  • MattheFoxMattheFox Member
    edited January 2013 PM
    I have been experimenting with american scotches but haven't thought about using oils. I think it would develop into a whole different process of drying without losing anything.
    I do think that experimenting gives you a better blend. I also haven't seen a list of ingredients on flavored snuff to say if they are natural or not. Does make me wonder
  • only Toque claims that they use only natural flavors i think. Of course every manufacturer has used only naturel ingredients before the synthetic scents were invented in 1888.
  • I would almost think that artificial flavors would have you absorbing something not so... I'm searching for the right word because I do not want to say its bad because I honestly would not know. I do know from my experience so far that natural ingredients allow you to collect some of the benefits they provide
  • @linguist I feel for you ,customs are an annoyance. One time I had got some 80 + year old cigarettes that were in original tins of fifty and they opened one tin. I was steaming mad but there is no fighting with them, So I smoked them and share with my friends I am half tempted to open the last tin they were outstandingly good.

    I may try my hand at home grown rustica ,this coming season and thinking of spray curing with Italian dark roasted coffee while the plants are hanging. And separating stems and leaf stock then toasting before grinding then mix and sit for a long fermenting period
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • When I was a kid I used to buy Spruce Gum to chew, haven't seen it in decades.
  • i received the samples and tried them last week. Parchuli is wonderful. Also cedarwood sandalwood and vetiver are awesome. Pinus is like de kralinsge A/P i feel like i am in a pine forest. Fruity once smell lighter but i can not dedect any banana, melon or raspberry. I mixed the snuffs which i don't like altogather added some water and re-dried in microwave oven. Most of the scent has gone. I will use it after i scent it with other oils.
  • i found this on internet:
    Chemical content It contains 3.5 g tobacco, making up 63% of its weight, 19% is moisture,
    11% paraffin as moisturiser, 4% potassium
    carbonate to regulate pH, and 3% flavour.
    And below link you can see at the bottom of the page some european snuff contents.
  • today i bought one pound/0,5kilogram loose tobacco. I dried and ground it. This time i only added natural scent: 100% pure natural rose water. It has only 1% natural rose oil. But the scent of the snuff is wonderful. This encouraged me to use other kind of natural waters like eucalyptus, lavender and some others which i saw at the attar shop.
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