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Sherwood Savinelli

Can anyone tell me anything about this pipe? I've found an estate one for sale for $25 and am considering it for my first pipe... Thanks!


  • Rock Briar 984 KS
  • get it unless you'll cry over the 25 dollars (I've been at that point so)
  • Savinelli's are good made pipes. The things you think about with an estate pipe are wear (dings, chips & bite marks)
    You look for burnt bowls and you look for fills. If you like a design & bowl size a $25.00 estate is right regardless of imperfections caused by misuse or over use
  • stogiestogie Member
    edited January 2013 PM
    I have several Savinelli's and consider them to be 'workhorses'. Maybe not always the most beautiful, but well made and if you mess up, well, your not out too terrible much. Good luck and ENJOY!!!
  • Love my Savienelli Short Bent Pot. First pipe i bought new, and for $60, i am nothing but happy with it. It takes the 6mm balsa filter, and i have never have "juice" go into my mouth. My next pipe will probably also be Savinelli as well.
  • MattheFoxMattheFox Member
    edited January 2013 PM
    I found this... I think the "KS" means that it is a larger version of the pipe design (King Size)
  • Well, here it is and it is mine! Thank you all for your advice! Now, could some one direct me to a pipe smoking guide for dummies? Also, any recommendations on mild, not overpowering pipe tobacco? ;)
  • MattheFoxMattheFox Member
    edited January 2013 PM
    Very nice purchase.
    A straight Virginia blend is light & sweet with no bite
  • n9inchnailsn9inchnails Moderator
    edited January 2013 PM
    Very nice purchase.
    A straight Virginia blend is light & sweet with no bite
    I don't know what VAs your smoking but straight Virginia's are notorious for biting. Novices should steer clear of straight VA unless you like a scorched mouth. It takes experience to smoke most straight VAs without getting biten. I would recommend Burley blends for novices, they maybe a little strong but Burleys generally don't bite easily.
  • When I first started I was given a mild Virginia tobacco. It was light in color and very sweet. I found it to be very nice but it might be the fact that I was comparing it to Marlboro Red's.
    Just wanting to be helpful, I found this guide:
  • You guys are awesome!
  • @scottofsku If you are very patient with yourself and your new pipe, you will find smoking them very enjoyable
  • @MattheFox I didn't mean to be rude or anything but novices should be warned about VAs. Its the high sugar content that makes them bite so easily. Sugars burn hot and hot smoke can burn your tongue, especially if you puff too fast and hard as novices tend to do.
  • As with snuff, I intend to take it slow and easy...
  • @n9inchnails I'm with you 100% . The pipe experience is a completely different world of tobacco. What smells great in a package can be like fire. Even the draw method can can bring a bitter experience. I remember a friend gave me a bag of vanilla saying it was great but it bit me like a pack of wild dogs.
  • Where do you guys buy your pipe tobacco?
  • I go to a "Faders" tobacco shop. Costs more but it is close and I can really examine what I am buying. You can even try your hand at creating your own blend right in the store (understanding that once it is in the bag, it is yours)
  • is where I get most of my pipe smoking supplies, they have a huge selection and fair prices
  • the number one rule with pipes is that you're here to enjoy it so that means that the majority of "rules" pipe smokers talk about are very helpfull suggestions. Definatily worth paying attention to and trying and seeing what ultimatily works out for you. Some of these suggestions are a lot more fast and loose and some more hard and immutable. So don't be confused when you read rules that contradict each other. Enjoy and enjoy. Oh yeah and a pipe is not a hammer.
  • Nor is it a incense machine, Enjoy the lingering smells not recreate them every second (Don't over smoke)
    The bowl isn't a pot on the stove that needs to be constantly stirred. poked and prodded (lol)
  • And remember that it is the journey. Take it nice and slow. Trying to puff hard or fast WILL result in tongue bite.... basically burning your tongue. Don't worry, it heals quick and we have all done it. The mantra is 'slow and easy wins a great experience'.
  • also a pipe tool is good if your a wimp and your fingers don't make good tamps.
  • Don't forget to pick up pipe cleaners :)
  • Thankfully I have thick callouses on my fingers from playing guitar so I figure they'll work for tamping...
    I'm starting to get excited! Hope UPS gets here quick!
    However, I did want to clarify a couple things to ensure that I understand the process of packing and lighting a pipe correctly.
    As I understand it, you pack 1/3 of the bowl loosely. Then add another 1/3 and pack it slightly harder. Finally, pack the remaining 1/3 tightly causing the bowl to be packed up to about a mm or two from the rim.
    You then take a match and light evenly. Once lit for the first time (without drawing) you let the bowl go out and then tamp it down before lighting again.
    Is this correct?
    Oh, will I need to change the filter (is this pipe even likely to have a filter?) when I receive the pipe?
    Thanks again, guys!
  • Packing of the bowl if thought of being done with horizontal force can make a big difference. The Frank Method uses this idea. You can google it when you are ready. The charring light IS done with drawing. Rarely some tobaccos will be able to be lit on the first match but normally most will not take. This is probably why the charring light is a standard. It's just because a pipe simply does not light well on the first match. Don't hesitate to give it a third match either. The filter, throw away and the stinger if there is one, pull out. Perhaps after smoking a few bowls some of this will make more sense. Enjoy!
  • n9inchnailsn9inchnails Moderator
    edited January 2013 PM
    The idea behind the charred light is to char the top of the bowl then use a tamper to crush the char into dust and spread it evenly across the top of the bowl, the char dust then takes a light instantly burning the entire surface of the bowl allowing it to burn evenly. It may take several lights to get enough char to crush to dust but when you get enough char dust on top of the bowl even the wetter tobaccos should burn easily.
  • Bliss! Received said pipe on Saturday, which prompted a visit to the tobacconist on Sunday. Picked up some matches, pipe cleaners, and 3 bags of tobacco. Regarding the tobacco, two were store blends (i.e., Pure Comfort and 14-Karat) and one was from a bulk container of Mac Baren's Vintage Syrian. The Pure Comfort is very much an aromatic, I'm assuming, as it smells and tastes similar to black and mild cigars (Black Cavendish?) I have no idea what the 14-Karat is but it tastes like a more complex version of Prince Albert. Finally, the Vintage Syrian (which I really like) starts off with some sweetness and a very complex flavor before beginning to tastes like a smooth, but strong, cigar around mid-bowl.

    I'm definitely hooked on the pipe! It has been taking me 2 sitings to get through a bowl, and I definitely drag it out just slowly puffing away for 10 minutes or so at a time. Much to my amazement, I don't find the nicotine overpowering...

    Thanks gang! You're an awesome bad influence on me! ;)
  • @scottofksu So how are you making out with your pipe?
  • VERY well! I finally figured how to correctly pack a bowl... I was packing it WAY too tight at first. Here I am piping through the countryside of rural Kansas!
  • Ok, any idea how I rotate the picture... :D
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